Year of Dramas


A list of dramas that I’ve watched during the year. I suspect this won’t be as big as the anime one, but I suppose that doesn’t matter. It will be interesting to see if I actually watch more jdramas than kdramas. I know that I do, but kdramas seem to be stepping up their game as of late so who knows.



Blood (kdrama)
Dakara Koya (jdrama) – Based on a book by Natsuo Kirino and I have to say, it was quite tame compared to what I’ve read from her. I liked it though.
Gakkou no Kaidan (jdrama)


Misaengmul (kdrama) – 5.5 – a decent parody of Misaeng, but it could have done more
Valid Love (kdrama) – 7.5 – not bad, but not amazing either


Ryusei Wagon (jdrama) – it’s okay, but not all that interesting.
Seonam Girls High School Investigators (kdrama) – sadly, I couldn’t make it past the first 10 minutes


Angry Mom – 7.5 – Not bad. I thought more could be done, but I do appreciate that this told a decent story without resorting to romance.

Sensory Couple – 6 – It started off strong and I actually enjoyed the romance here, but the last few episodes dumbed down everyone and felt rushed.

I’m Home – awesome!

Mom Games – Like it





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