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Final Thoughts: Live Action Death Note 2015

Before going into my final thoughts about the series, I thought I’d share some exciting news. There will be a new Death Note coming out in 2016. This one will be using the Six-Note rule that was found in the manga.

One interesting note is that L and Light will not be a part of this sequel. Instead, it will be their successors who have their DNA. And cyber terrorism will be a major theme in the movie. so I’m kind of interested in seeing what kind of story this will have. Ryuk will be back, so that’s good. The movie will also deal with cyber terrorism, which could be interesting.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the 2015 live action drama that recently finished.

– expect spoilers

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Death Note Live Action ep 8 & 9

First, I apologize for not keeping up to date with this. I also apologize, because this blog post will mostly be about episode 9. I have to say though that I find it weird how this version of Light is so transparent when it comes to his emotions. Was he always written this way? Maybe…I think it’s because this version is meant to be a good guy, while the original wasn’t.

Here’s just a quick recap of episode 8, only instead of five lines I’ll do one in three for it.

1. Mikami gets a thug to attack Misa so he can steal the red Death Note, which is a huge change to the story, but one that I’m excited to see play out.

2. Light and L fight each other, all because L starts to write Light’s name in the Death Note., which is another change.

3. Light writes down L’s name in the Death Note, but surprisingly L doesn’t die.

Unlike the previous episode that followed the manga’s story-line fairly loosely, this one changed a lot. Not that this is a bad thigng though. I kind of like that Mikami took matters into his own hands and got the book. I also like the L is still suspicious, even though he told everyone that he isn’t. I think Light is acting a bit cray cray though, which is kind of an awkward transition, but whatever.

Alright, with that out of the way let’s go into episode nine!
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Death Note Live Action ep 7 – Light becomes Gollum

Death Note ep 7

This was meant to be out last week, but life got in the way. And by life, I mean I got hooked on playing a game on my tablet…It’s funny when things like that happens. In any case, sorry for the delay.

5–Line Recap:

1. L still suspects Light, since there’s no definite proof that he isn’t Kira.

Say what you will, but L is still smart even though he doesn’t fully understand what is truly going on. Since he’s still not certain if Light is Kira or not, he uses a failsafe plan. He handcuffs Light to himself. Whether this will prove it to him or strengthen their bonds of friendship isn’t certain yet, but it is funny.

With that out of the way, the Kira Investigation Unit can deal with the current Kira; some high ranking executive who is working with the Yotsuba Japan Group.

Light now wants to catch Kira, so L unties him and they shake hands once again.

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Death Note Live Action ep 6 – Yagami teaches us how to be a good parent

This episode deals with one of my favourite parts in the anime/manga, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the live action version is just as good.

5-Line Recap

1. L continues his interrogation of Misa, while Ryuk taunts Light by saying that Misa will reveal everything.

Light calls his dad in an effort to figure out what to do, but since his dad suspects Light already it doesn’t go as planned. L keeps pushing Misa over and over again, but she doesn’t budge. She knows that Light could kill her and she just accepts it. Instead of waiting, she renounces her possession of the Death Note and thus lost all of her memories about it.

Despite being somewhat annoying and short-sighted, Misa does have a strong mental state. She’ll do anything for the sake of saving Light, who she loves, and that love allowed her to not play into L’s hands.

This does seem like a win for Light, since he no longer has to worry about getting caught. Unfortunately for him Rem actually cares about Misa and threatens Light. If he doesn’t try to save her, then she’ll kill him.

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5 Line Recap: Death Note Live Action 2015 episode 5

Episode four started to take steps to the right direction. Unlike the first three episodes, the last one was quite good. So how was episode 5?

5-Line Recap time!

1. Misa wonders if Kira is the herbivore type.

This made me chuckle and it’s definitely something that’s relevant to 2015. Herbivore men, if you haven’t heard of the term, are the type of guy who doesn’t make the first move. He’s sweet, kind, but takes too long to do anything and isn’t assertive. Since Misa’s first impression of Light is that he’s an herbivore, it kind of makes sense why she’s so forward when it comes to him.

She’s a bit of an idiot though and can’t read the mood, so she keeps blabbing about this and that while Light tries his best to not look suspicious. It’s not working, because L sees and hears everything that’s happening between the two and will put two and two together. It’s kind of funny how much of a reaction she’s getting from him.

She keeps pushing and pushing him, so he kisses her to get her to shut up. Does she take the hint? Nope, she just views him as a carnivore type. (If herbivores are passive, then carnivores are the opposite.)

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5 Line Recap: Death Note Live Action 2015 episode 4

So, before I start the recap I have to say that the first three episodes were just okay. Since Light is just a normal dude, he’s not going to be super smart right from the getgo, so I can forgive him for not thinking two steps ahead. The show did state that he’s smart, but not ambitious, so hopefully he’ll start using his brain more now that he’s starting to get a god complex.

That being said, if L and the cops still don’t suspect Light then they’re stupid. They know Raye was blackmailed by someone who knew the name of his fiancée. The only one with that information is Light. For them to say, “It’s definitely one of the people we already suspect” makes me sad, so hopefully they start focusing more on Light in this episode.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s the 5 line recap of Death Note 2015:

1. Rem mentions that those who have death notes start to get paranoid and tries to reason with Misa, but Misa doesn’t want to since she doesn’t know what paranoid means.

Light starts getting more paranoid once he finds out about the new Kira. This paranoia actually works for him, because it helps prepare him for when the police set up cameras in his room. He even starts using little traps in his room to find out if people have been in there or not.

The police do seem incompetent, mainly due to their loyalty towards Yagami, so it’s good that Misa’s Kira revealed herself now instead of later. That way, Light can plan ahead. If she waited, then he’d be dead, but if he wasn’t then he’d continue on like normal.

As for L, he’s now narrowed it down to two houses and starts spying in both. He mainly suspects Light though, so I’m happy to hear that!

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