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First Impressions: Defendant

Synopsis: Park Jung-Woo is a prosecutor at Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. One day, he wakes up and finds himself in locked up at the police station. He has temporary amnesia. Park Jung-Woo is falsely accused and is sentenced to death. He must struggle to prove his innocence.
Episode: 16

What I was expecting: I’m slightly nervous, because kdramas tend to let me down more often than I’d like them to. Even if they do wow me in the beginning, they tend to lose steam once the romance aspect comes in or near the end of the series. (Yong Pal is a good example of this. I loved it in the beginning, but it got stupid fast and the ending was annoying)

But at the same time, this doesn’t seem to have a romance angle to it, since Ji Sung’s character is trying to figure out the mystery about why he’s in death row, so I’m happy about that. This is a mystery thriller, which is one of my favourite genres, so I’m anxiously optimistic that this will be okay.

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5-Line Recap: Yong Pal ep 14 – Revenge!

This is late, because Steven Universe has taken up most of my time. The good news, I’m almost caught up. The bad news, I’m almost caught up 😦

Anyways, let’s see what happens in episode 14 of Yong Pal:

5-Line Recap:
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5-Line Recap: Yong Pal ep 13 – Yeo Jin is revenge crazy

Let’s get straight into it!

5-Line Recap:

1. Tae Hyun arrives at the funeral and tells everyone that he’s now the legal guardian of Yeo Jin.

The 3 minute mark would have been the best way to end the last episode. Oh well. Once Tae Hyun interrupts the ceremony of Yeo Jin leaving, her plan finally goes into motion and Do Joon loses everything. He gets arrested, loses the secretary, and gets embarrassed in front of all those high ranking officials at the funeral.

President Go also gets arrested as well. Also Kim Young Mi, the female worker who committed suicide and then had her identity taken for a bit by Yeo Jin, was honoured at the funeral.

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Yong Pal ep 12 – Chae Young is still awesome!

Last time, Yeo Jin learned that Sung Hoon was a jerk and that Tae Hyun is the only guy for her….bleh. She also got a USB that will help her in the fight against her brother.

It’s finally time for Yeo Jin to break away from her princess title and become a warrior. She won’t be Snowpunzel anymore, she’ll become Snowpunzelan? Mulanowpunzel? Mulunzelite? Hmmm. I’ll figure something now so that doesn’t sound like a Sailor Moon villain. I just need more time to properly hash that out….

5-Line Recap:

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Yong Pal ep 11 – Less Kisses more Business

The last episode ended with a good cliffhanger and one that I was excited to see play out. With Yeo Jin getting up, she’ll finally start her revenge plan. More than anything, I want to see Yeo Jin do something crazy.

5-Line Recap:

1. Yeo Jin acts like she has amnesia, but once alone with Tae Hyun she hugs him and tells him that she has a weapon to use against the Chairman.

Is this weapon herself? She says it’s to save Tae Hyun and since they can’t avoid a fight, she might as well go all out. YES! Yeo Jin. YES! I’m glad she’s finally taking charge of her life, especially since she’s been held captive for three years. Since the Chairman is planning to kill Yeo Jin for good and prepare a funeral and arbitrary, he has Tae Hyun head over to the locked tower and announce Yeo Jin’s time of death.
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Yong Pal ep 10 – Jealousy saved a life

So…this is late, but let’s just ignore that at the moment because episode 9, while interesting, had some major flaws. The romance felt really forced on both sides. Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin do look good together and have chemistry, but their newfound love for one another still doesn’t ring true to me. Episode 9 was meant to show how these two lovebirds could be if they had no enemies, so I did get what the writer was doing here. But it still doesn’t feel natural. Maybe I’m just being weird though. In any case, I have high hopes for episode 10 so here’s its

5-Line Recap:

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Yong Pal ep 9 – Everyone is dead

I was disappointed with the last episode and the introduction of the romance that came out of nowhere. I was surprised that I wasn’t in the minority with this view, but I can move past that because I do like everything else on the show.

I’m expecting more romance, because this is a kdrama, but hopefully that doesn’t deter from the other more interesting plot lines in Yong Pal.

5 – Line Recaps:

1. Chief Lee and Chae Young both learn of my beautifully creepy Nurse Gothel Hwang’s death.

I wonder if this will give Chief Lee the means to kick-start his redemption arc. We’ve seen the difference between him and the Chairman in how they’ve dealt with the grief from killing Yeo Jin. The Chairman got drunk, made a fool out of himself, and, more importantly, placed the blame on Tae Hyun and Chief Lee. Even though he ordered the crime, he’s already removed himself from the situation by convincing himself that they are at fault.

With Chief Lee, he’s still reeling from what he’s done. He can’t sleep and is getting more and more paranoid. This means he has a chance to redeem himself, so I’m kind of hoping that happens for him. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, but he’s stuck and feels like no matter what he does he’ll get screwed over. Which is true. Even if he doesn’t get redeemed his paranoia is enough to provide a lot of entertainment value. Since Nurse Hwang was murdered, he feels like anyone of them can be killed next. This will lead to his downfall, but in what way? Will he have a good ending or a bad one? I think he’ll die, but hopefully he’ll have a smile on his face.

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Yong Pal ep 8 – Mixed Feelings

For the first time this season, I’m actually nervous about watching this episode because I’m afraid that I won’t like it. I’m really enjoying the show, but now that the romance portion is starting to pick up I’m feeling slightly apprehensive about it. The pacing for the episodes were always fast paced, but they still moved in a good speed. You understood the motivations from the characters and the plot developed nicely. The same can’t be sad about the romance, which feels like it came out of nowhere and is happening way too fast. I’m not saying that Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin can’t like each other, but the word love was thrown in the last episode which kind of gave me whiplash.

So as I hit play I’m nervous, but hopefully Yong Pal continues to surprise me (in a good way) and puts my mind at ease.

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5-Line Recap: Yong Pal ep 7 – What a Juliet!

I just finished the latest episode of Virtual Bride and wow did it get me angry. The way the mother-in-laws behave on this show is just unbelievable. I’m not married, but I seriously pray that I don’t have to deal with mother-in-law drama when it eventually happens. The frustrated part about this is that the mother-in-laws complained about how their in-laws treated them, but instead of stopping the cycle they continue it.

Anyways, Virtual Bride it’s a fun show, but right now it’s Yong Pal time and I’m sure that once I finish watching episode seven my spirits will go up. I’m really interested in seeing how the hospital theme will continue considering everything that’s happened. Guess we’ll see.

5 – Line Recap:

1. Tae Hyun slowly makes his way to the OR to revive Snowpunzel, since this isn’t a fairy tale and true love’s kiss doesn’t work here.

The body used for surgery still doesn’t look good, but at least it’s not super yellow like before. After using the same injection that he gave the gangster back in episode 2. It’s only a temporary fix though, because he’s losing blood fast and stupidly takes on another surgery even though he really shouldn’t.

I know that nurse respects Tae Hyun a lot, but she should have read the room and noticed the pool of blood forming on his shirt before asking him to do an X-Ray.

As for Snsowpunzel, considering how she’s original a Juliet character she probably won’t come out of her ‘death spell’ until Tae Hyun is at the brink of death. That’s the type of person Juliet is. She waits till her prince is dead or almost dead before coming back to life. Tae Hyun keeps trying to resuscitate her, but I’m left wondering how much damage that is causing to his injury and hers s as well. I mean, her neck is still cut open and he’s applying a lot of pressure to her chest.

yong pal 2

Just as I predicted, Tae Hyun passes out due to blood loss and then, and only then, does our Snowpunzel’s vitals kick in. Tsk, what a Juliet!

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5-Line Recap: Yong Pal ep 6 – The theme is suicide

Is anyone else wondering about what happened to the police officers from the first two episodes? Even though one got transferred, I would think that they’re still looking for Yong Pal and the gangsters, but it’s clear that they’ve given up on it.

Sad. It seems like the only way to solve crimes on kdramas is by using criminals who look good in black suits. OCN, please give us a second season of Bad Guys!

5-Line Recap:

1. Um…this episode started off with a suicide to show how workers, who were unfairly laid off at some electric company, are handling the bad news…they’re not handling it well.

Wow. I do understand that it’s horrible when you get laid off. A few years back, my dad got laid off of his job and he felt like it was the end of the world. Unfortunately, I’m a cold hearted person and can’t sympathize with those who decide to kill themselves due to a company’s bad handling of affairs.

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, but killing yourself means that you’re selling yourself short. There’s more to life than working. You still have your health, your family, and the whole world waiting for you. Anyways, she didn’t die. In fact, she’s the newest client for our Tae Hyun. Once he gets to the site, he goes into Yong Pal mode and deals with the situation at hand.

Ah! I get it now. By dealing with a real life suicide, Tae Hyun is now facing a different kind of suicide due to President Go’s talk with him. We know from the last episode that President Go isn’t someone you should mess with, because he’ll try to kill you. Since Tae Hyun doesn’t have any power, President Go would probably take everything from his life and then kill him.

We also learn that Cynthia is working with President Go and he’s the one who lured Tae Hyun to the restricted area so that he can try to manipulate him later on. Wow, he’s trapped on all sides. I wonder if this is how Chief Lee felt like all this time.

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