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Anime 2014: The Surprises

So after naming my favourite animes I needed an excuse to mention a few more that I really liked I thought it would be a fun idea to mention the animes that surprised me. In a good way.

The Surprises:



D-Frag! is a show about games? You know what, this show doesn’t really have a plot but what makes it excellent is the characters and how over the top they are. It always made me laugh, in ways that were expected and in ways that weren’t.

After finishing the series, I was disappointed that it took me awhile to actually watch this. I’ve seen the manga a few times, but it looked like a typical club room romcom, so I thought that it would start out okay but then get annoying as the harem starts to come together. Now that I know how awesome it is, I feel like I should have looked this up right from the beginning.

At least I know now.

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

It’s a tender rain!

I think Soredemo is a shoujo done right. The characters fall for each other, but it’s done at a natural pace. There are a few ehh? moments, but it’s a cute love story. It’s my first time watching a shota anime and sometimes I wasn’t sure if Liv was meant to be eight or 15, but it was cute. Like sports animes, shoujos are actually hard for me to finish. I’ll watch a bit while it’s airing, but then stop watching it for one reason or another. If I remember it, then I’ll come back and finish it off but it’s a struggle. Not here though. Somehow I was able to remain on pace with this and finish it along with everyone.

I think that’s a testament to the story though. Even though this is a love story, it doesn’t feel forced or annoying. Just cute, which is what a shoujo is suppose to make you feel.



This isn’t actually much of a surprise since I like the manga….but I’m going to include it here, because I was actually worried about this adaptation. I thought that it would be a short anime, like four minutes or something, but it was 24. That surprised me…..

…I loved the anime. I just couldn’t decide what to take out for the hits to include this so I put it here. Plus two animes where Ono Daisuke is the lead voice seems unfair, so that’s why it’s here. Surprise!

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Um…this one isn’t a surprise either since I like the manga as well, but I did think it was also going to be a short anime…can I use that excuse again?

Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul

I think this series benefited from me not reading the manga before hand. I did read a few chapters, but not enough to remember the story. Since I didn’t know much, I really enjoyed this and was surprised because I didn’t think I would. I didn’t watch it when it first came out, so I never had a problem with censorship or anything like that. Plus, I didn’t get to hear how bad it was until Terra Formars came out.

It’s not the greatest thing ever and I can definitely understand the frustrations viewers had of it. The plot is a bit weak and some of the characters get forgotten about, but I still had a great time watching it. Plus, it gave me motivation to read the manga. I’ve since finished it, which makes me worried for the second season because I know how the studio messed up the first one. I still liked it though.

Nobunaga Concerto

nobunaga concerto

Unlike Karen Senki, the CGI here isn’t something to write home about. The character’s have no facial expression, so a lot of the times you’re going by the seiyuu’s voice to properly convey the theme. The backgrounds were lovely though, but I do wish more effort went into the characters more. That being said, I had such a blast while watching it. It took some time for it grow on me, but I was surprised by how quickly I got hooked on the story.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei


This anime was so cute and another love story that was done properly. I did get annoyed Mashiro at first, but grew to love her and all of the characters by the end of it, especially Hakuya. A man of few words, but lovely nonetheless. Like Soredemo, the love story here doesn’t feel forced and happens gradually. I suppose the situations are the same since both couples are engaged, but still. It was just so darn cute.

Wake Up, Girls!

wake up girls

I don’t watch idol animes, mainly because I don’t think I’d like it all that much. I don’t know what convinced me to watch Wake Up Girls, but I took the plunge and was surprised by how realistic it was. The way the girls got picked, the fact that some can’t sing, their struggles, and their hardships seemed real. The top girl band thing seems overly restrictive and I’m not sure if that’s how it is in real life, but in terms of the WUG crew, I feel like it gave a fairly realistic portrayal of a budding idol group.

Honourable Mentions:

Samurai Flamenco

samurai flamenco


For the most part, when it comes to animes reading the synopsis or watching a few episodes is enough to tell you what the story is about. Not here though. One moment this seems like Kick-Ass, the next it’s like Power Rangers, then there’s aliens, and it ends with a villain that no one can see but the hero.

It’s strange, but I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it. Other than the the scenes of the idols (I hated them, especially Mari worse character ever!) I couldn’t get enough of this anime. I just wanted to know what happens next. Plus, I love the bromance between Gotou and Masayoshi and the ending involving the cellphone.


…I’m going to have to think up a different method to doing this for next year.

Nobunaga Concerto episode 11 (jdrama) – What a dirty cliffhanger!

Final episode!

The episode starts with Tsuneoki telling Saburo to leave the Oda clan and blah blah blah I’m someone who is so into order that I can’t seem to see reason. Anyways, before Saburo can reply back, he gets word that Asakura and Azai have teamed up once again to attack the Oda clan.

nobunaga concerto3

With that, Saburo heads over to the retainers and suggests suggests that they try to make peace and stop the endless war between them, but Hideyoshi is really pushing for war. It’s fine if they make peace with Asakura, but Azai should pay for betraying Nobunaga. Plus, if a peace treaty happens, then Hideyoshi’s treacherous ways would be exposed. Hanbei asks if he can go speak with Azai, but Hideyoshi quickly suggests that they send a letter instead. Saburo agrees, but this move rouses Hanbei’s suspicion of Hideyoshi even more than before. Our little detective better work fast in figuring out the truth, because Hideyoshi is planning on being the one to kill Hisamasa.

Saburo promises to leave after this situation between Asakura and Azai is over and Tsuneoki is fine with this arrangement. Once he leaves, Micchi will be able to be Oda Nobunaga again. Tsuneoki wants this and the old man who is always with Micchi wants this as well. Even if Saburo is Nobunaga now, this is Micchi’s birthright. Only, Micchi is aware of the harsh realities that is waiting for him. He knows that the retainers love and admire Saburo, so if he takes over then a lot of them will turn away. He may want his position back, but he also knows how important Saburo is to the Oda clan.

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Nobunaga Concerto episode 10 (jdrama) – Baka is as Baka does and Baka is Tsuneoki!!!!

nobunaga concerto5

It seems like its open season and everyone is figuring out the truth behind Micchi and Saburo. Tsune-chan just found out and contracted Micchi about it. Considering how loyal he is to Nobunaga, I don’t see this ending well for him. And just like that Tsune-chan is upset about following a fake person and angry that the real one ran away on his duty. But he seems even more annoyed that Kichou doesn’t know the truth.

Meanwhile, Hanbei is investigating Hideyoshi and Kichou and Saburo try to set up Toshiie and Yuki together. Toshiie agrees to ask her out on a date, but not before exposing Saburo’s pervy magazine and Ieyasu’s change after he received it.

Poor Saburo, it seems like Hideyoshi and Tsune-chan are working against him now, while Micchi is thinking about taking back his position. I get why Tsune-chan is distant now, but he should also realize that Saburo has done a lot for the clan. Without him, Oda wouldn’t have been as prosperous. He’s conflicted though. Serving a fake doesn’t make sense and serving someone who ran away is difficult as well. Micchi does tell him to stay by Saburo’s side, but Tsune-chan still seems conflicted by knowing the truth. I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid.

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Day 18 – Favourite Live Action version of an Anime/Manga

I’ve read my fair share of mangas and I’ve watched my fair share of animes. But for some reason or another, I haven’t watched a lot of dramas that are based on the mangas/animes that I’m familiar with. And I haven’t read or seen a lot of the source material that some of the dramas are based on.

Man, this challenge is really making me realize that I haven’t watched a lot of dramas.

From those I’ve seen, I guess Dragonball Evolution and Speed Racer would be my top choices…I kid I kid, even though I think that Speed Racer was fun to look at.

Liar Game and LIFE would be an easy pick and Sailor Moon was pretty good, once you got over the campy feel of the story.

But for the sake of this question, I’m going to go with Nobunaga Concerto!


I absolutely adore this anime and after steamrolling through it, I learned of a drama so I decided to watch it. With the anime, I was taken aback by the animation choice. With the drama, I thought Oguri Shun looked too old to be a high schooler. But after I got over both, I loved every minute of them. The drama isn’t like the anime/manga though, but then again I don’t think I’ve every watched a live action version that didn’t change things around.

The changes here are a bit more than normal, but it adds to the story instead of hindering it. One of the problems with the anime is that we didn’t get to see Saburo struggle with his new life. One moment he’s a high schooler, then next he’s riding horses and taking names on the battlefield. The drama adds some much needed background info and gives more time on the emotional aspect of the story instead of just a series of events.

Even though this isn’t part of the question, there is a live action movie that I personally found disappointing. Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit.

Ikigami was one of the first mangas that I’ve ever read so it holds a special place in my heart. I don’t think this could ever work as an anime just because of the subject matter, so when I heard that there was a movie out and it starred Matsuda Shota, the level of excitement that I felt was through the roof.

Then I watched it and was left feeling pretty dejected. While the story itself isn’t bad, I just found it lacking that special something that made Ikigami so dear to me. Maybe if this was a drama and fleshed out the stories a bit, I might have liked it more. And even though Matsuda Shota did a good job acting, he never felt like Fujimoto Kengo to me.

Nobunaga Concerto episode 9 (jdrama) – Saburo’s reputation goes up in flames

nobunaga concerto5

The Oda clan is visited by some white dude who is speaking Spanish to the men. I don’t really know Spanish, but some words are easy enough to guess. I think he said something about coming from Europe and how he has some items and if they’d like they could please have them. He looks religious, so I’m assuming he’s there to spread Christianity to the people. It doesn’t really matter though, because all of the retainers, sans Hideyoshi, are terrified.

Toshiie gets volunteered to speak to him, but once he stands up he just starts laughing then quickly sits down. He’s somewhat terrified because the man has blue eyes. After hearing this Tsune-chan starts covering his eyes in order to shield himself from the monster.

This kind of reminds me of a story my mom told me of back home in Africa. Once upon a time, some white people came to my part of the country. The people in the village were hospitable, because that’s part of our culture, but after they would use a plate the villagers would break it right after. White people were kind of like devils to them. I’m glad we have diversity and multiculturalism now, but I’m not going to lie. I’d love to have seen the reactions from people when they first saw someone from a different race.

Anyways, the scene is funny. Saburo knows what’s up though and starts speaking to him in English, which might seem weird since the man is from Spain, but back then more people knew multiple languages so it makes perfect sense why he would go this route. The man then surprises everyone by speaking Japanese. I think he just wanted to mess with the retainers for fun before getting down to business and spreading his message.

Snap, he wasn’t from Spain at all. But Portugal…sorry to any Portuguese readers out there I didn’t know.

Micchi isn’t happy about Saburo letting the man spread his message, because that would anger the Enryaku-ji monks. Since Christianity will be famous in Japan, Saburo doesn’t see a problem with it. He should though, because those Enryaku-ji monks already went against him and will use this to actually go all out. Then the fires will start….all of those fires.

Ieyasu really likes that adult magazine.

nobunaga concerto4

Takeda wants to defeat Nobunaga and will be coming to crush Oda. They’re a strong clan, so everyone is rightly nervous about the upcoming battle.

Ieyasu wants to repay Saburo for the magazine though, so he plans to fight them at Hamamatsu. The power of a dirty mag. He rushes out, but he’s quickly defeated. He not only retreated, but shat himself in the process. His magazine is still safe in his hands though.

Saburo decides to use guns and thanks to Yuki and giving dango to the kids, he gets a great idea on how to use the guns and account for the time it takes reload. Even though it’s a good idea, Takeda and his army will be at Oda by tomorrow morning. That won’t give Saburo enough time to get all the rifles ready.

So what can they do but face the enemy head on? Saburo asks Micchi to stay with Hideyoshi in Oda. That way, if he dies then Micchi can take over and be Nobunaga again. I wonder what Hideyoshi will do with this opportunity. Will he learn the truth? And if he does, will he start brainwashing Micchi to think badly of Saburo?

Takeda’s army is coming and then Takeda dies and they retreat….Okay? Seems a bit too good to be true. Saburo heads back and they have a Christmas party and Katsu comes out as Santa Klaus. A scary one though. Micchi doesn’t look happy though and leaves. Hideyoshi soon follows in order to mess with him.

nobunaga concerto2

The monks start to rebel, so Micchi suggests they negotiate so that they can solve the matter in a peaceful way. Saburo has a horrible track record when it comes to talks, so they switch places. I have to give Oguri Shun credit. You can instantly tell the difference between the two characters. Not only by the way he speaks, but their mannerism and the overall air around him when he’s Saburo and Micchi are completely different.

Micchi, as Nobunaga, tells the retainers that he’ll be going to Enryaku-ji to speak with the monks there and that Saburo, who is acting like Micchi, will go with him. Hideyoshi quickly figures things out and weasels his way into going instead of Micchi. Hanbei tries to go as well, but gets turned around.

The monks refuse to meet with Micchi and then the fires start. Hideyoshi is the one who suggests razing the grounds and Micchi goes with it. As the fires go on, Hideyoshi asks Micchi about his first battle and Micchi gives him the answer that he was waiting for.

Hideyoshi knows that Micchi is the real Nobunaga. I wonder what he’s going to do with that knowledge.

Micchi and his men return from the fires and Saburo is pissed. In order for Nobunaga’s name and power to go far, Micchi did what he thought he needed to do. Saburo doesn’t care though, because innocent people died and he doesn’t want to rule in this way. Micchi tries to give him some advice, but Saburo won’t hear it. He pushed the title of Nobunaga on him and then did this horrible thing that goes against his very nature. He has every right to be pissed off.

Everyone is disgusted by this action and it’s Saburo who will take the blame, not Micchi. 😦

You know who is happy about this? Hideyoshi. His actions caused a rift between Saburo and Micchi. He even adds fuel to the fire by tell Micchi that he didn’t think Nobunaga would have burned those monks to the ground, but after seeing that happen he’s sure that that Nobunaga is the one who will rule the country.

nobunaga concerto1

Looks like Hideyoshi still wants to get his revenge, even if Saburo gets hurt in the process. They both are Nobunaga, so I guess it makes sense. Thankfully, Hanbei understands what’s going on and continues his suspicions of Hideyoshi.

Man, I really feel bad for Saburo. What happened was horrible, even if the Enryaku-ji monks were corrupt and horrible too. Innocent people died and he has to bear the consequences for that. He can’t tell others what’s going on, because it’s kind of hard to explain.

Saburo: Kichou, Tsune-chan, the thing is I’m not Nobunaga. My name is Saburo and I came from the year 2014. Your husband, the real Nobunaga who is now going by the name of Micchi, found me on the side of the road. Since we look alike, he told me to take his place and I kind of did think this was a cosplay thing. Once I found out the truth, I had no choice but to stay. If I left, then history would be changed and I can’t let that happen.

Kichou: It seems like Dunderhead has lost his marbles. The fire must have done a number on him and now he’s gone mad.

Tsune-chan: Nobunaga-sama, you have to get stronger. The man I know would rise up and do the right thing. If you have truly lost your mind, then I must kill you for the sake of the clan.

Saburo: ….I’m joking! On Christmas you tell a horrible joke to those you love so that you can develop a deeper bond with them.

Kichou: Baka Dunderhead.

Tsune-chan: In that case. I’m in love with your sister and possibly your wife and sometimes I like to ease drop on your conversations with her then look up as I contemplate why I always go for unattainable women.

Saburo: ……

Kichou: …..

Tsune-chan: Joking! I’m just joking. If you’ll excuse me now, I’m going to do seppaku and erase this embarrassment from history.

This line of conversation wouldn’t end well for anyone, but mostly for Tsune-chan. Poor, forever the friend but never anything more, Tsune-chan.

The episode was good. I loved the beginning and laughed quite a bit at Toshiie’s laugh as he tried to speak to the monk. The army retreating and the Christmas Party were okay, but the ending with the fires. I was expecting this to happen, since this is the same thing Micchi did in the anime. The only difference is that there, he did it as Micchi and not Nobunaga.

Even though it’s a change, it’s one that really hits home at how different the two truly are. Micchi is willing to do anything in order to make the Oda clan stronger, while Saburo is the same but he is a pacifist and will always try to avoid fighting. He’ll also never go after innocent people. That’s just a no-no.

nobunaga concerto3

Now that Hideyoshi knows, I can’t wait to see how he plays Micchi. The seeds of doubt are already starting to grow and he’ll do anything in his power to make sure they take root and flourish. I wonder if he feels bad for Saburo though. He knows the truth and knows that Saburo is a good guy, but I think his hatred of Nobunaga and the Oda clan will ignore this.

Poor Saburo though. He really needed a hug at the end of the episode. 😦 I’m glad Kichou is continuing to be awesome with him. I’m loving their interactions more and more.

Nobunaga Concerto episode 8 (jdrama)

nobunaga concerto

A group of angry people want to speak with Nobunaga, but Mori is holding them back. An angry group can potentially kill him, so everyone is trying to keep Saburo away from them but he decides to rush towards them and listen to what they have to say.

There’s a funny scene where Matsunaga sees one of Mori’s kids holding Saburo’s history textbook. He trades a bean jam bun for it and begins to scan the pages. Matsunaga already agreed to an alliance with Saburo, but if he reads something in there that benefits him more then maybe he’ll turn away from him? He gets to the page where Nobunaga dies and looks up like he just discovered something. He just discovered that his name isn’t even mentioned there, so he throws the book down and asks for the bun back.

It’s funny.

nobunaga concerto1

During his date with Kichou, Saburo notices that the people of this town can’t sell what they want. Only a select few can. So he decides to fix this problem by talking to the merchant guild, so that this can be abolished. Then, the people can freely sell anything they want. Mori and Denjiro go with him, which is a clear mistake on his part. You know that Denjiro will use this opportunity to go after Saburo and he did just that. After smooth talking the guild to accept Saburo’s plan, he also manipulates the situation so that Saburo will get rid of the checkpoint. The fee for the checkpoint might be high, but if you get rid of it then people will come and easily attack you.

While back in the Oda camp, Denjiro asks if he can change his name. Even back in the anime I always found it interesting that people could easily change their names back in the day. In my area, unless your name had a horrible meaning or was the name of god or idol then you could change it. But it happens so freely here. As long as you have the permission of the ruler, then anything goes I guess.

So Denjiro now becomes Hashiba Hideyoshi. If you know your Japanese history, Hideyoshi is a very important figure. Super important. Plus, with this name he’s able to get closer to the retainers since his name comes from them. They still don’t like them, but this is a step in the right direction to suck up to them. Hanbei still isn’t impressed though and the suspicion deepens.

nobunaga concerto2

Mori’s oldest son, Katsuzo, is embarrassed by his father. He feels like it’s shameful to apologize and bow his head to commoners and that a samurai should always have their head up and be strong. Seeing as how Mori dies in this episode, I bet he’s going to regret his bitter feelings. If I remember correctly, in the anime, he was more of a fan of his father. So this is a slight change in personality.

Hideyoshi’s gets closer to the two generals whose names he took by getting them drunk and talking to them. He asks if Nobunaga has a twin and they tell him that that’s not possible. When he asks if he may have a double, they brush that aside saying that no one can replace their leader. They do mention after he fell off his horse and hit his head; he became a completely different person who forgot a lot of the stuff from before. Hideyoshi isn’t dumb, so I think he’s figured things out.

Ieyasu is back! He says that he’s completely off women now and after following Nobunaga’s advice to get stronger, he’s now into men. It’s too bad though, because Saburo had a dirty magazine and was hoping to give it to Ieyasu since he loves the ladies too much. His love of men was short lived, because he grabs the magazine and begins reading it right away.

nobunaga concerto3

The citizens are now free to sell whatever they want and the checkpoint is abolished. More and more people are coming into the city to buy goods and everyone is happy. Azai also learns about the lack of checkpoint, so you know that they’re going to use that to their advantage and go after Nobunaga. It’s a shame too, since Oichi just gave birth to Chacha. Nagamasa…I like him, but he’s probably going to die now.

The town is a success though, so Saburo wants to build another town just like. Hanbei suggests one place, and Mori takes the helm to build it. His kids are happy at first, but then they hear some of the retainers complaining that Mori was picked. They call him a useless samurai and then walk away. Katsuzo’s happiness drains away and he yells at his father for being so useless. He’s really going to regret his words and the fact that he didn’t give a proper send off to his father before he left.

nobunaga concerto4

Matsunaga is currently fighting another group, but is in danger because Azai and Asakura forces are marching towards him. Saburo decides to head down and help his ally out, but also make sure their castle is properly guarded too. Hideyoshi and his men stay behind, which means Hanebi will be there to make sure no one does any betraying.

Saburo rushes over, but Matsunaga is fine and Azai and Asakura went somewhere else. Where? Towards Mori and the new town he’s building at Mount Usa. 30 000 soldiers are making their way there, but Mori plans to stop the enemy in their tracks. If they’re going to try to take over, then he’s going to put up a fight before that can happen.

Sadly, Enryaku, a group of monk soldiers, are also coming after Mori and his men at Mount Usa. Does he run though, even when the odds are clearly not in his favour? Nope. He knows that he’s going to die, but he’s happy to die serving Nobunaga.

He fights bravely, but he’s still outnumbered and dies.

Katsuzo finally realizes that Mori was a good man and asks Saburo if he can join them and be a great samurai like his father was. Tsune-chan says that he should change his name if he joins. Using Nobunaga’s and Mori’s name as a base, he suggest Nagayoshi.

nobunaga concerto5

The episode ends with Hideyoshi going up to Micchi and asking if he’s Nobunaga’s twin. I love that he did this, but I wonder why he decided to go this route. It will only make Micchi suspicious of him and he already has Hanbei breathing down his back, he doesn’t need someone else too. It’s still funny though.

Not my favourite episode of Nobunaga Concerto, but it was still good. I’m more excited at what’s to come though. Hideyoshi knows the secret and I don’t think Micchi will take too kindly on that. Now that the monks are here, we’re going to see just how vicious Micchi can be in battle. Fire. Fire everywhere. If Hideyoshi sees/hears this, then I’m sure he’ll put two and two together and know that Saburo is a fake and Nobunaga is now Micchi.

I’m really hyped to see him figure this out.

Nobunaga Concerto episode 7 (jdrama)

Nobunaga Concerto4

Saburo is still feeling bad about Azai betraying him. Some of his retainers take him and flee. When they reach a pit stop, they take some time to rest only to be attacked. Men die. His retainers tell him to run away and save himself, but he’s too shocked by what happened.

Meanwhile, Denjiro is excited to finally get his revenge on Nobunaga, but his plans to join up with the Azai and then kill everyone from the Oda clan bust when Hanbei requests to stay back with him and help. Hanbei suspects Denjiro and now that Denjiro knows Hanbei is there, he has to fight with the Oda clan or be labeled a traitor.

Saburo returns home and then gets shot by Yuki. It’s clear that the shot came from the side of the fortress, but instead of finding out who killed him everyone just screams his name and/or title. What sucks is that it’s done right in front of Kichou and Tsune-chan.

Nobunaga Concerto

Saburo is now on death’s door.

Everyone is clearly distressed by this. Tsune-chan feels responsible, because he was with Saburo and was meant to protect him. Kichou feels like she’s responsible for pushing him to fight and being a tsundere. Yuki is responsible, but still feels bad about what happened. After all, Kichou and Saburo have been good to her and now she has to kill one of them while hurting the other. All of the enemies also know about what happened and are making plans so that Nobunaga doesn’t wake up for good.

Hanbei devises a plan to take out both Asakura and Azai in one swoop before Nobunaga wakes up. Kichou prays for Saburo’s health to return. While this happens, the real Nobunaga asks her why she’s going this far. I guess this entire thing is strange to Micchi. When he was there everyone was more solemn, but once Saburo takes over everyone is so full of life…even though he’s close to death at the moment. Kichou pretty much tells him that Nobunaga use to be distant, but one day he changed.

Nobunaga Concerto8

I feel bad for Micchi, because no one wants to hear that a fake is better than the real thing. It sucks when it’s one person who says that, but it’s even worse when everyone feels this way.  Then again, Micchi, is the type of person that brings everyone down. It’s not his fault, that’s just his personality, but he’s always intense and keeps everyone at a distance. That doesn’t mean he deserves to get hurt though or that his feelings are unwarranted. But he had to have known that this sort of thing could occur when he choose to ran away and asked Saburo to be Nobunaga.

Saburo wakes and everyone is overjoyed that he’s okay. Even though his wound hurts, the pain of knowing he’s going to have to attack and kill people hurts even more, especially when those people are good ones like Nagamasa. He still tries to keep his head up and promises to lead the Oda clan and not be the one who is always protected.

Saburo has a gift for Yuki so he and Kichou go over to give to her. This is too much for Yuki to handle though and she reveals that she’s an Asakura spy and the one who shot Saburo. Another person close to Saburo has betrayed him. He doesn’t take it well, but now I’m nervous that this will start to harden his heart and make him paranoid.

Nobunaga Concerto2

When he goes to lead his men in the surprise attack, his usual happy demeanor looks forced. It’s sad to watch, but understandable. The only time he snaps is when Micchi asks him if his wound hurts. Even though they won the battle against Azai, the war is far from over and more heartache is waiting for him in the future. Everyone celebrates, but his heart is still hurting. Thankfully Kichou comes around and cheers him up.

I don’t think he’ll be the same happy-go-lucky Saburo, but he’ll at least be more aware that the road to unifying Japan is one that won’t always be a smooth ride. You’ll have people who wish to kill you, betray you, and take what is yours.

That is the life of a feudal warlord. Even though it’s been awhile since he jumped into the Warring States period, he’s still incredibly naive his surroundings. It’s depressing that he went through what he did, but it did help him grow.

Yuki left the residence, but is brought back to be Kichou’s bodyguard. I guess this means Saburo is okay now, since he didn’t even want to look at her when she revealed the truth to him. It also means that Kaho will stay! I was afraid that this would be her last episode, but I’m glad she’s in it for the long haul.

Wahhhhhh huhhhhh ahhhh ehhhhh wahhhhhhhh?????? Denjiro knows the truth behind Micchi’s face? What the? Waaaa? Ehhh? Did that seriously just happen?

Who cares about the preview where it looks like the other daimyos wants to attack the Oda clan or that it looks like Mori-dono dies. Denjiro learned about Micchi. He saw his face and, he knows that it looks exactly like Saburo face!

Nobunaga Concerto6

He’s seen everything. He’s seen it all!

What’s going to happen now? Will he learn that it was Micchi who was the original Nobunaga and start helping Saburo now, or will he try to kill both of them?

Wow…I don’t really know what to say. This entire episode was depressing because I don’t like seeing Saburo sad or facing hardships like this. Being betrayed over and over again definitely did a number for him and it sucked. But that ending…..

That was a horrible cliffhanger, because now I need to know what happens next. If Hanbei knew or Tsune-chan, then that would be one thing, but Denjiro? That’s like the worse possible person to find out.

Or maybe he isn’t. Maybe this actually works in Saburo’s favour and not Micchi. Hmmmm. I’ll be interested in seeing where this reveal takes us.

Nobunaga Concerto episode 6 (jdrama)


Akechi Mitsuhide is officially a retainer for the Oda Clan. I’m a little nervous because I know the history, but also because he seems to have some jealousy vibes in the last episode when he saw Saburo and Kichou go on their date. Since Micchi is the real Nobunaga, he has to hide his face. He says it’s due to tuberculosis so he doesn’t want it to spread.

Now that that is done, it’s time to spread the Oda clan’s influence even more, this time the capital. Micchi’s idea is to introduce Saburo to Ashikaga Yoshiaki, who is the younger brother of the 13th shogun. Toshiaki wants to become the next shogun and is looking for support. In order for this to happen, he wants a daimyo (feudal lord) to go to the capital on his behalf. He’s pretty much their passport.

So off to Kyoto they go! Everyone cheers and are in good spirits, only Tsune-chan kills the mood my mentioning that there’s a problem with the plan. Saburo has no etiquette.


He can’t talk properly, since some words are difficult to pronounce. His clothing isn’t neat or tidy. And his hair….it’s not fitting for a daimyo. Tsune-chan suggests that he go for a sakayaki, which is the hairstyle that Mori has. Bald on top, but a party everywhere else! I’m not sure if he’s serious, or if this is revenge for marrying off Oichi, but either way the entire bald scene is hilarious! I love how one of the retainers even goes as far to say, “For the sake of the Oda clan, please go bald!”

Not going to lie, I replayed that scene a few times before continuing on with the episode. I really should stop watching it. I need to finish the episode…but one more time wouldn’t hurt.

Since Saburo has no chance at impressing anyone the way he is, Micchi steps in to go in front of the Imperial Court so he could have permission to go to the capital. It works, much to the shock of everyone, and they can finally go to Kyoto!

After an awkward scene, that I had to replay a few times, Saburo makes an enemy of Ashikaga Yoshiaki without realizing it. Instead of tactfully declining the offer of being vice-shogun he says that he’ll take over the country.

It doesn’t matter for now, because Saburo visits Oichi and her place. There, he does a “fortune telling” thing and even does the moonwalk. Random fact, Oguri Shun can do a pretty mean moon walk. He does another dance too, which is funny to watch.


Another depressing Tsune-chan scene as he talks with Oichi. Stop it show, I can’t take it anymore it’s just too sad. Thankfully, we get a scene with Saburo bonding with Nagamasa.

The oni appears and everyone runs away in fear! Only, it isn’t an oni, it’s Matsunaga Danjo, a yakuza time slipper like The Viper and Saburo. The others are afraid of him because of his demon tattoo that he wears boldly on his back. No one knows what a tattoo is, but Saburo instantly that he’s found someone like him. Matsunaga is originally from 2005, which is closer to Saburo than the Viper.

So why did he come to visit the Oda clan? To let them know that Ashikaga Yoshiaki has made Nobunaga a wanted man. Looks like Saburo’s big words have come back to bite him in the behind. Yoshiaki sent a message to all of the daimyo’s telling them to subdue the traitorous Oda Nobunaga. With the letter, all of the daimyos will become an enemy to the Oda clan. If that happens, then Nobunaga won’t take over Japan and unify it.


Nagamasa even tries to help out, before his father learns of the letter. I’m sure Denjiro will tell him so that the Oda clan is destroyed. I like how Nagamasa is such a nice guy. It makes what will happen so much sadder. He doesn’t want Nobunaga to fail and he doesn’t want the Oda clan to be defeated. He agrees with his the message that Saburo is pushing and feels like it would be a pity if a man like that died so soon.

Yuki the spy is being a spy.

Saburo now realizes the full weight of his words and how he caused problems without thinking. He’s feel pretty bummed about it, but Kichou pumps him up and gets him to stop wallowing in his self pity session. His retainers also give him another morale booster.

The Oda clan will go and meet up with the Asakura clan in order to secure an alliance. Nagamasa’s father plans for Azai to team up with Asakura and attack Nobunaga from both sides. Nagamasa isn’t okay with this though, but what can he do? He doesn’t want to fight, but his father uses his unborn child against him to make him fight. That’s just dirty. Oichi overhears this and sends a note to Nobunaga that informs him of Azai’s betrayal.

Interesting note, in the anime version Oichi already had a toddler with Nagamasa before this fight happened.

Poor Saburo, he can’t believe that Nagamasa would betray him like this. Even though everyone is trying to figure out what they should do, Saburo is in shock. The retainers all ask Saburo to retreat with some of the men, while the others fight on. Tsune-chan asks to be the one who will go after the rear putting him face to face with Nagamasa. But Denjiro tells him to go with Saburo and let him fight instead. Hanbei is now suspicious of the little beardless monkey.


Denjiro wanted to be the rear guard so he’ll join the Azai men and attack Saburo.

What the? In the next episode it looks like Saburo gets shot.

Episode six of Nobunaga Conerto has left me with such bittersweet feelings. I loved the beginning. It was funny and the comedy was on point. As the story went on, it just got depressing. I feel bad that Nagamasa is forced to fight in a war that he wants no part in. In the anime, he’s seen as a nice guy too but we don’t’ see enough of him for me to feel sympathetic with his character.

I do here though. Nagamasa is a nice guy whose caught in a really bad situation. If he defeats Nobunaga, he loses the love of Oichi. If he joins Nobunaga, he betrays his family. And if he dies, then his family and Oichi/Saburo will be devastated and might cause even more tension between Azai and the Oda clan. There’s no win-win solution for him, since every path leads to sadness.

Poor guy, but great episode.

Nobunaga Concerto episode 5 (jdrama)

It’s becoming increasingly clear that I’ve been watching way too much anime. When I started up Nobunaga Concerto and saw the little bird my first thought was, “Wow, that looks incredibly realistic!” I stopped thinking that once I saw Oguri Shun’s face.


The episode starts with the Oda clan surrounding the real Nobunaga. The clothing, the hair, and even the voice are different from Saburo, but no one seems to notice the difference since he’s played by the same actor. Everyone is making haikus or some kind of poetry about a bird and when it gets to Nobunaga’s turn, he makes it morbid.

I’m starting to understand why the Oda Clan wasn’t doing so well before. Nobunaga is a real buzz kill. As it turns out, when Saburo and Nobunaga, who now goes by Micchi (he may say it’s another name but he’ll forever be Micchi!), are talking one of the retainers accidentally gets Nobunaga and takes him away to the castle. Leaving poor Saburo behind.

The retainers are trying to figure out a way to beat another enemy when Hanbei thinks up an ingenious idea. If Nobunaga sends Oichi off to marry them, then they’ll easily make an alliance with them. Tsune-chan doesn’t seem to like this idea, because he likes her, but Nobunaga easily accepts.

nobunaga concerto

This is a bit different from the anime, because Saburo was the one who asked Oichi to become a bride so that he could secure another ally. I prefer this change though, because it highlights the difference between Saburo and Micchi. From what we’ve heard, Micchi wasn’t really a good brother to his siblings and Saburo changed that, at least when it came to Oichi. So if he had to make an ally and the only way to do this is to marry Oichi off, then he’d accept that in a heartbeat. Saburo wouldn’t, until he talked to Oichi first.

Even though Tsune-chan doesn’t want Oichi to be married off to the Azai family, she’s fine with her fate. She was born to the Oda family so she knew this day would come. Poor Tsune-chan. He can’t really confess, because if he did he’d be going against what Nobunaga wanted and he already pledged his life to him.

Thankfully, Saburo returns and is instantly against the marriage. A man needs to meet the woman first, they need to fall in love, and then he gets her a ring and asks, “Will you marry me?” The others are confused by this, because you just get married back then. But he’s adamant that this is the best way to get married, because they’ll be happier if they fall in love first than getting married for strategic purposes. Baka Saburo, Kichou is just behind the door and can hear all this. Nobunaga and her marriage was a strategic one.

Maybe they’ll start dating after this?

Yuki is definitely a spy. And I hate Yamada as a beardless smiling fake personality spy. I actually don’t, because any Yamada is good Yamada.

nobunaga concerto

If they don’t marry off Oichi then they have to fight, but since Saburo is against fighting, he heads over to Azai to find a peaceful solution. The clan will only agree to an alliance if Oichi is married off to them. The only other option is to prove that they won’t attack Azai. Tsune-chan feels like the only solution is to marry her off though. Oichi then goes on a date with Tsune-chan, making the situation worse for his heart.

Denjiro then gives Saburo an idea. He wants to lead an army and attack Azai before they can do anything about it. Saburo agrees, but instead of taking the monkey he goes out and destroys his own fort. This works in his favour and the Azai clan agree to a truce due to his bold tactic. Oichi is staying with the Oda clan and Tsune-chan can pine away to his heart’s content.

But there’s still 20 minutes left to the show, so it’s clear that it won’t work.

Tsune-chan finds a perfect gift for Oichi, but right before he’s about to give it to her news breaks that the Azai clan refuses to accept the alliance. The father of the Azai clan doesn’t trust Nobunaga and will only agree if Oichi accepts. The older brother, and the one who the father wants Oichi to marry, didn’t want this to happen. He gladly accepted a deal, but his father wants him to marry Oichi.

They should have just agreed. They’re too greedy.

Oichi accepts her fate with a heavy heart, but then Tsune-chan tells her to marry Azai Nagamasa. She knows he likes her, but he still tells her to marry another man because this will help the Oda clan. This episode is way too depressing for Tsuneoki. Praising another man in order to ease the heart of the girl you love…

The words help and Oichi agrees to marry Azai Nagamasa. She tells Saburo that she wishes she was born a man, because then she could have helped him in war. So she’ll marry Nagamasa and consider it her own war.

nobunaga concerto

Saburo is down because in the end he couldn’t do anything for Oichi, so Kichou comforts him. The scene is nice, especially because she’s admitting that she’s happy she married Nobunaga and she’s not acting like a tsundere in this scene.

The marriage is now approved, so the Oda clan send Oichi off in a lavish way. Tsune-chan isn’t there to send her off though. I guess even that is a bit too much for him to handle. He does send a letter and a ring to Nagamasa so that he can give it to Oichi when she gets to Azai. He’s the quintessential good guy character. Nagamasa seems decent too, but Tsune-chan really is a good guy. Really good! So it’s clear that he didn’t get the girl and instead makes me feel bad along with him.

Denjiro figures out that Yuki is a spy and threatens her.

nobunaga concerto

Awww, Saburo and Kichou start dating, but they ride off into the distance right in front of Micchi who has just come back from his mission. He looks jealous and definitely a lot more evil than I remember. In terms of history, it kind of makes sense. But I don’t know how I feel about this. I do feel bad for him though. When he was Nobunaga he brought everyone down with him. When Saburo is Nobunaga, everyone is happy and smiling. He must feel pretty crappy seeing the changes that Saburo brought forth.

Another good episode. It’s very different from what happened in the anime, but I prefer this version better. Osamu Mukai did an excellent job convey Tsune-chan’s pain throughout this episode. Man I feel bad for him. I hope he has a happy ending.

Nobunaga Concerto episode 4 (jdrama)


Ieyasu is here!

In the anime, he ended up being one of my favourite characters just for the shear fact that he became a womanizer after getting a dirty magazine from Saburo. It was almost like Saburo corrupted him without even realizing it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like that here. Ieyasu pledges his loyalty to Nobunaga, but then mentions that he’s a bit obsessed with women. Their legs, their necks, their chests…he’s been thinking about women so much that he feels like he’ll become a woman and can’t even sleep properly at night.

Saburo, hearing the name Ieyasu, knows that this will be a man who will make history. He just doesn’t know how, so he goes to his bag to find his text book. Instead of finding it, he finds Oicchi, Nobunaga’s younger sister. Tsune-chan brought her over to the Saburo, because he thought that she’d like to see the change in Nobunaga. When Kichou questions why, he simply says that he wants to see her smile. It’s cute. I like Tsune-chan, but I’m confused about his heart. In a previous episode, I thought he liked Kichou, but it seems like he actually likes Oichi. He’s been friendzoned though, since she sees him as a confident instead of an actual man. Plus she’s going to be married off to someone else, so I feel bad for him. Going after unattainable woman like this….

As long as she smiles though and she seems to be smiling a lot as she plays catch with Saburo. At one point, she ends up throwing the ball rather high, so Saburo runs off to retrieve it. Before he gets the chance Denjiro uses his ninja like skills to get the ball.

Denjiro then asks Saburo about what he did in his first battle when he was just 13. Seeing as how Saburo only recently became Nobunaga he clearly doesn’t know what happened, so he replies as such by saying “I don’t remember.” This was the wrong answer though, because it only makes Denjiro look on in anger as Saburo walks away. If only he knew that Saburo is only the replacement and the real Nobunaga is out there. Apparently the original Nobunaga did some really shady stuff, which is why Denjiro hates him so much.

He won’t kill him though. He’ll try to raise his ranks and become Nobunaga’s right hand man, and then he’ll take everything that he has. The look on Nobunaga’s face in agony is what he wishes to see. However, by joining Nobunaga he’ll have to betray his current boss. This doesn’t sit well with the other ninja, so they fight and then Denjiro kills him.

Ah! Hanbei also shows up in this episode and he’s played by Fujiki Naohito. Another member to add into the already stellar cast. I think this might be the first time I’ve seen Fujiki in a role where he isn’t acting like a cheating spouse/boyfriend. He does kind of cheat here, but that’s different.

First Ieyasu, then Oicchi, and now Hanbei is here. I guess this means I have to make a really bad graphic celebrating the news.

Ieyasu Oichi Hanbei - Nobunaga Concerto

And it is done. Bad gimp job and all.

Since these three are here that means Micchi should be showing up soon. If he shows up in this episode then I’d probably go into fangirl mode and say that this was the best episode thus far.

Anyways, Hanbei comes in and pledges his alligence to the Oda clan, much to the shock of the retainers. Saburo wanted to make him one of them, but everyone thought that Hanbei would refuse. Turns out, he’s all for it. The only issue is that he suspects that there is a traitor in the camp, which there is, and that spy is leaking information to those in Mino.

He’s right. It’s Denjiro, but no one knows that. They do suspect that Hanbei might be planning something, so the retainers keep him in lockdown. Saburo lets him use his rubric’s cube to entertain himself will in jail.

The clan still doesn’t know what to do about Mino though, so Denjiro gives them an awesome idea. A one day castle, which actually seems like a great plan, but it gets stopped after the enemies start attacking the men. It looks like this was another leaked mission, only Denjiro didn’t do any leaking, so who is the traitor? Hanbei is let go, since he couldn’t have possibly done anything while under lock and key, except we learn that he too is secretly deceiving the Oda clan.

So who is the real traitor?

It’s Mori-dono, the only man with the funky teeth and a lot of kids. Denjiro catches him in the act and brings him to Saburo. He regrets what he did and only did it to protect his kids and give them armour, but since he’s caught the only thing he can do is seppuku. We know that Saburo hates this, so he stops him and tells him that if being a samurai made him act this way, then quit being a samurai and be happy.

Hanbei is impressed, but thinks that Saburo did this to make Mori-dono is dog for life. He didn’t though. He didn’t want to kill someone who had kids who would grow up hating Saburo. Plus, war and everything like that leads to unnecessary hatred. Like Saburo, Hanbei wants to create a world without war, but now he’s given up his dream of that and only views it as a pipe dream. Kichou tells Saburo to show him how a world like this could actually happen.

Saburo better be quick though, because Hanbei told Mino what Saburo was planning to do. And they told him to burn the castle before its even built. The two have a talk and it’s enough to bring Hanbei fully to Saburo’s side.

This doesn’t really swing well with Mino though, so Saburo has to go save him before he’s killed. Denjiro isn’t happy about it though, because if they save Hanbei they can’t complete the castle in time. But Mori-dono has everything under control and gets the wandering samurai who attacked them to help them finish the job.

Mino is taken over and now Hanbei and Denjiro have become retainers and Yuki, our little Kaho, is another traitor. Instead Denjiro being the one who gets rid of the book, Yuki hides it near Denjiro’s work area. Hanbei is also suspicious of Denjiro, while Yuki is suspicious of Hanbei. So many spies…

Ssaburo Nobunaga Micchi - Nobunaga Concerto

But who cares because at the end of the episode we get to see Micchi!! The original Nobunaga.

I guess this means this episode was awesome! No, not just awesome, but fantastic! Ahhhhh I loved it. The only complaint that I have is that Yamada shaved once Denjiro became a retainer for Saburo.

This is purely for shallow reasons, but I like looking at Yamada better when he has a beard on his face. Still, that’s not enough to ruin my feelings about this episode. We got four incredibly important characters, Saburo continued to be awesome, and was thoroughly entertained as I tried to guess who the spy was.

Looks like the Oicchi is set to get married in the next episode. Poor Tsune-chan. 😦