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Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi is leaving me conflicted

Once upon a time and by time I mean a couple of weeks ago, MAL informed me that Jigoku Shoujo was coming out with its fourth season. I immediately added it to my ‘Plan to Watch’ list, but before that I only had one thought in my head.


Let me start by saying that I absolutely love Jikogu Shoujo/Hell Girl. The premise, while repetitive at times, is right up my alley. You take ordinary people who are feeling stuck with their hate, anger and despair and instead of dealing with it in a rational way, they decide to go the easy route and call up Enma Ai.

While one may say, “Why would people do that?” I would counter with, “Why wouldn’t people do that?” I mean, as humans we are always looking for the easy way out. Just look at all of the fad diets out there and the many people who fall for them, hoping that it will be a quick weight loss miracle. It isn’t though. And even if it was, then it wouldn’t be healthy. For most people, losing weight takes time, effort and hard work. Just like everything else in life.

The idea that people could call up Hell Girl to solve their problems, even though it means that you’ll face torment in the next life is a fantastic idea and one that I absolutely adore. If that’s not enough, Jigoku Shoujo is one of the few animes that takes what is already a great idea and turns it into something wonderful in its second season.

So a fourth season should make me happy, because I clearly love the series, and while it does…in a way, it also makes me nervous, worried, hesitant, and cautious about it. Why? It’s pretty much because of the third season.

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Trailer: Ore Monogatari!! Live Action Movie

Why is it that even though I don’t really understanding what they’re saying and can only pick up a few words here and there, I have a big huge goofy grin on my face as I watched the trailer?

The live action movie for Ore Monogatari!! is set to open on October 31st in Japan.

The cast includes:

Ryohei Suzuki as Takeo Gōda
Mei Nagano as Rinko Yamato
Kentarō Sakaguchi as Makoto Sunakawa
Yasufumi Terawaki asYutaka Gōda (Takeo’s father)
Sawa Suzuki as Yuriko Gōda (Takeo’s mother)


Even though the movie seems to be covering quite a bit of the story, I’m sure that it will be good. I may be bias, since I’m a fan of the manga and anime, but I think it would be incredibly hard to mess up a story like this. The plot is already fantastic and the actors seem to fit their roles well, so this should a great film to watch.

I want to watch it now. I want to watch it now.

I want to watch it now!!

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! is getting a second season!!

Considering how everything ended last time, I’m not really sure how this would work. Then again, I don’t really care, because I loved this show.

Seriously though, what will they include for the second season since everything ended on a good note and every storyline was wrapped up. I’ll still watch it, because the show is funny, but other than finding out who Ryuu was talking to (probably his mother) I don’t know what else they have to show.

Oh well, like I said I’ll still watch it!

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! 2nd Season only just got announced, so I’m not sure when it will actually start airing. Just know that the love making boys are will be back soon!

News: Terra Formars is getting a live action movie

terra formars live action

So far, all we know is that Takashi Miike is the director for this movie. You might know him from such films like Kamisama no Iu Toori, Ace Attony, Yatterman, Crows Zero, One Missed Call, Zebraman 1 and 2, 13 Assassins and a slew of other films. In terms of directing, I think Terra Formars is in good hands.

Does that ease my nervousness for this, of course not. Will I still watch it? Of course I will. Even if the anime wasn’t the greatest, the manga is a thing of beauty and so I’ll watch it for that. Plus, I’m curious as to which story Takashi Miike is going to use for the movie. Will it be about the first mars mission, the second, or the third? I really want to know!

In any case, filming for Terra Formars begins in May of 2015 and the movie will come out sometime in 2016.

Ore Monogatari!! TV Anime is Official

I first learned about this manga after the crossover with Nisekoi. I’m glad I did though, because this is a really cute story that puts a lot of Shoujo’s to shame. Yeah, I said it.

Congratulations to the mangaka! Hopefully this show will be a success and more people go out and buy the manga!


Back in October, there was an announcement that Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret magazine was going to announce something big for Kawahara Kazune and Aruko’s Ore Monogatari!! manga.  In the December 2014 issue, it has been revealed that the manga will be getting a TV anime adaptation.


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