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First Impressions: Rakuen

What I was expecting: I’m going to be honest here and say that I had no idea what the show was about when I first saw it. I just clicked play because Nakama Yukie and Kaho are in it, so I guess I’m expecting greatness since I like the two actresses.

This is only six episodes, so I have a feeling that this will have a lot of drama and psychological moments in it.

How it really was: So within the first three minutes a middle aged man, who just lost his home due to a fire, walks up to a police officer and says this:


16 years ago I killed my daughter and buried her under the floor…

Why did he bring this up? And why did he wait 16 years to mention this? As the episode goes on we learn about why he killed his daughter. Let’s just say that she wasn’t exactly easy to deal with and that after she disappeared her parents and neighbours were all thankful.

The drama here has multiple layers that seem to tie into each other nicely. Despite this episode being almost an hour long, it was mainly used as an introduction piece to help set up the story and introduce you to the key characters. A lot of stuff happened, but it feels like things will be getting crazier for the remaining five episodes.

And that ending….tragic. The show started with an old death and ended with a fresh one.

Overall: The show has a great cast and the story seems like it will be right up my alley. The only downside is that this is a jdrama so it may take some time before the show is subbed.

If you are planning on watching this, I’d recommend going into it blind and not reading the synopsis found on most sites. It pretty much spoils the first episode and no one wants to be spoiled.

Day 4 – Favourite Actor & Actress

If I’m truly honest, I don’t know if I actually have a favourite actress or actor. I mean, there are actors that I enjoy watching, but I don’t actively seek out their work just because they’re in it. If the story sounds good and they happen to be in it, then I’m fine.

What’s even worse is that I don’t really remember the names of actors. So, say I’m watching something and I see someone that I recognize I’ll say to myself, “Oh it’s…it’s….that person from that drama. What was it called again?” Then I’d look up the drama I’m watching, find their name and then find the drama I’ve seen them in.

For that reason, I think this is actually going to be a hard one, because even though I’m still going to be picking people for this question, I wouldn’t say I’m a die hard fan of theirs or that they’re my absolute favourite. I simply enjoy what I’ve seen from them and leave it at that.

Favourite Actress: Nakama Yukie


I went with Nakama Yukie simply due to the range of characters I’ve seen her play and how much I loved her as Saki. She played this character named Saki in Saki and Utsukushii Rinjin and boy was she good in it. Even though she isn’t actively killing people with knives and whatnot, she’s still terrifying. With her sweet smile hiding her devious plans made me really like Nakama Yukie. She really did a phenomenal job with this role.

Favourite Actor: Yamada Takayuki

Arakawa Under the Bridge - Hoshi

This was a bit easier, because I do like Yamada Takayuki. Everything that I’ve seen him in has been a hit for me. Whether he’s in a super serious role, like in M.W., or in a fun one, like Arakawa Under The Bridge, he just shines with whatever he’s given.