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tvN’s Valid Love episode 20 – Final Recap & Review

Final episode! So what do you think will happen? Seems like Kim Joon is out of the picture now, but will the bromance live to see another day? I hope so. As for Il Ri and Hee Tae, I don’t really mind it as long as it doesn’t happen right away. After the near death experiences, they need to work out their problems and take things slow before getting back together again. They’re still technically married right?

In any case, as long as things are not rushed and are properly developed then I’m fine with whatever happening. I don’t care if Il Ri ends up with Hee Tae, Kim Joon, or alone, it just needs to make sense and not feel like an afterthought.

With that said, here’s the final recap for Valid Love! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog and my recaps. I truly appreciate it 🙂 We may not agree, but it’s always fun seeing all of the different points of view about the show.

valid love4

5-Line Recap:

1. Il Ri and Hee Tae talk to each other.

Show, don’t go into misunderstanding territory for your last episode. After twenty episodes of Hee Tae and Il Ri not talking to each other, please let them talk to each other as adults and not have any more secrets. Il Ri should tell him that she isn’t leaving with Kim Joon and that she’s alone. It doesn’t have to start up something between them, but still…

Hee Tae gives her the chair, but Il Ri doesn’t want it. Considering what she knows about it, it makes sense. He tells her that he felt sorry for her during their marriage and he mistaken that for love. She’s gets the feels, so she makes him dinner. They eat together. They cry together. They feel thankful and Il Ri stays the night.

Aww. Kim Joon may have lost his relationship with Il Ri, but at least he has Min Ki….if only it was Hee Tae 😦

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tvN’s Valid Love episode 19 – Hee Soo

Second last episode! I don’t know how this will end, but I have a sneaky feeling that it will take place seven years in the future. It also may or may not be open-ended. I do hope that the show has these characters grow a bit, since I feel like everyone, minus Yi Ri and Ki Tae, are in the same place as the beginning of the series.

valid love3

5-Line Recap:

1. Il Ri is saved by the neighbour who harassed her husband and is now fighting for her life, while Hee Tae is perfectly fine.

Who just walks away from someone who is having an asthma attack? I know some like to hate on Hee Tae, Kim Joon, and Il Ri, but that couple that just walked by before the neighbour got there are the real villains of this show. Who does that?

Anyways, Il Ri is in the hospital and both Hee Tae and Kim Joon feel something as they are reminded of Il Ri in their own ways, but nothing happens. Hee Tae arrives back and Soo Young ends up calling him to tell him about Il Ri’s condition.

This scene…kind of familiar isn’t it? Hee Tae left the last time this happened and judging by the previews he will again. Granted, the first time was for his dream and this time it’s probably going to be because he still thinks that Il Ri and Kim Joon are together and doesn’t want to get in the way of that.

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tvN’s Valid Love episode 18 – Multiple Death Scares and a Break-up

Computer should be good to go now! And I have a bunch of animes on my backlog and some features that I’m currently working on. During my time not blogging, I’ve learned that I don’t know what to do with my time lol.

Anyways, here’s the recap for ep 18. Wow…only two more episodes left of this. I wonder what will happen now.

5-Line Recap:

Valid Love (5)

1. Il Ri decides to leave the Jang residence after the scene that Kim Joon made.

Even after all the cheating and back stabbing, it’s nice that Hee Tae let Kim Joon sleep at his place and not kick him out. I wonder if that was due to him understanding that feeling of jealousy. We know that Hee Tae constantly wanted to confront Il Ri and Kim Joon when they were together, but he couldn’t do it.

I mentioned in the last episode how Kim Joon was becoming Hee Tae and the scene of Il Ri dragging her drunken lover was reminiscent of when she went to Hee Tae after he made a scene in front of Yi Ri. The only difference is that Hee Tae stopped her from doing anything this time, so no piggy back ride for Kim Joon.

This did spark a conversation between Hee Tae and Il Ri and it is the first time I’ve seen some feeling from both of them after so long. But it also reiterates what I said about Il Ri’s character. She’s the type of person who wants to feel needed, so when she said, “You don’t need me anymore” her voice broke a bit. Is this the reason why she cheated on him? We’ve seen Il Ri take care of his family, but never him. Kim Joon needed protection, but Hee Tae didn’t…is this the reason why?

Oh, and that dream from the preview…Hee Tae is the one who had it.

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tvN’s Valid Love episode 17 – Kim Joon becomes Hee Tae

Update on my computer…it’s still not doing well 😦

I’m not really sure where this show is going. It seems to have strayed from the synopsis and Il Ri has unfortunately become a character who no longer makes sense. Her anger at Hee Tae, her eagerness to rush to another burden instead of solving her own issues, and the fact that it seems like she doesn’t really love Hee Tae or Kim Joon. I’m sure there might be something about her father that could tie all this together, but until my computer feels better I don’t know what it is.

There’s another thing I’m curious about too. If Hee Tae’s mom dragged Kim Joon away from his home without a jacket, how on earth did he have it on when he ran into Il Ri and Hee Tae?

5-Line Recap:

valid love (1)

1. Kim Joon is invited over to Hee Tae’s place, where he’s forced to act like Mr. Jang for the sake of Miss Go.

I appreciate the scenes between Hee Tae and Kim Joon, because this is a friendship that I wanted to see develop. The cheating kind of ruined it, but I do like the chemistry that the actors have. My only complaint, and I suppose it’s kind of a big one, is that it feels like the show is forcing them to be together instead of it happening naturally.

The dementia storyline came out of left field, even though there may have been a sign here and there, but it seems like its being used to force the three together instead of letting them work out their own feelings in a proper way. Instead of growing as people and maturing from the experience, the characters seem to be almost to be regressing. Instead of meaningful talks, we get pissing matches. Perhaps this is the grand scheme of things though. The dementia is meant to mirror the after effects of cheating, because no matter how strong you are you won’t feel like yourself once it all comes out.

I might be over thinking things though.

At least we got to see a more human side to the original recipe Mr. Jang. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to show that he isn’t entirely selfish. He’s hurting too, but he doesn’t know how to express it and ends up shouting with his wife over her dementia. He knows it isn’t her fault, but what’s happening is scaring him and he doesn’t know what to do about it. Hopefully this makes him appreciate his wife and what he put her through.

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tvN’s Valid Love episode 16 – Kim Joon’s Milkshake brings all of Hee Tae’s girls to his yard

Still having computer problems 😦 But at least my issues aren’t as bad as what’s going on with the relationships on Valid Love.

Valid Love (2)

5 – Line Recap:

1. Il Ri has dinner at the Jang house, but before things can get comfortable Hee Tae tells her to forget everything that happened since it doesn’t concern her anymore.

I’m not too familiar with dementia, but I wonder if Hee Tae’s mom is suffering from something else as well. Is it possible to just forget one person, along with a few things here and there? She knows her husband, it’s just that she sees Kim Joon as him. And she remembers the things that her husband did, but doesn’t realize that it was done to her. I wonder how plausible that is. Not because I want to find fault with the show, but I’m simply curious about what happens when someone’s mind starts deteriorating like this.

Despite myself, I’m also feeling bad for the dad. He knows he’s a jerk and did a lot of horrible things, but I think he always thought his wife would be there so it didn’t matter. Now that she’s forgetting him, he’s starting to get frustrated, but maybe this will make him see just how badly he’s hurt her. One can only hope.

In terms of Hee Tae and Il Ri, I’m glad that he’s asked her to not be involved. She may be angry that he took back his confession and asked her to not worry about his family, but they’re no longer together and she’s with someone else. He’s also trying to remove her burden and let her live a carefree life. She may not see it that way, but he’s telling her to stay away out of whatever love he has left for her.

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