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Fall Anime Rundown part 2

Just like before, this will only mention shows that started and ended or ended in the fall season. Considering how easy it is for me to start an anime and never finish it, I think I did fairly well this season.

Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken – my favourite anime couple

I wasn’t expecting much from this show, but it was really nice to watch. Even though it seems like every episode would center around Hajime’s otakuness and Kaoru’s inability to understand her husband, but it wasn’t. Instead, we got a show about a young couple who truly love each other and accept each other’s quirks. Maybe it’s because they’re older, but the show seemed more mature and thus less angsty and annoying.

Some episodes were confusing though, but I’m early anticipating the next season!

Karen Senki – best looking anime of the seasons, but it did have a bad beginning

I think this was the best looking anime of the fall season. Yes, it’s CGI, but wow it is CGI. There were times when the show was simply stunning to look at and what’s great is that the animation remained consistent. The first few episodes were horrible though. We had tons of action, but no real plot. Once the other characters showed up, the show seemed to have found its footing and got better. There were still a lot of questions that weren’t answered though.

Orenchi no Furo Jijou – I always have bath envy when I watch this

Another cute show that always made me smile. It was short, but it fully utilized its four minutes to always tell a coherent story. The characters were funny, the friendship between Tatsumi and Wakasa developed nicely, and I just enjoyed it. It’s refreshingly sweet with tons of bishies.


Karen Senki episode 11 – the final episode

Karen Senki (7)

So episode 11 of Karen Senki came out, and since it’s the eleventh episode I guess this means we’ll learn more about the Elevens? Hope so.

The episode starts with all of the Elevens together at a bar. Karen, the okama, the gun guy, Eleanor, X22, and Junk…wait Junk is an Eleven member? Does he even have a power? All he does is get parts and go to that robot brothel. He’s useless. But speaking of Junk, where’s Xiaogang. I don’t see him with the others, so I wonder where he is.

Junk, being the annoying person that he is, blames everything on Karen ignoring the fact that he’s the one who gave that deadly part to Seek. In his view, if Karen hadn’t fought so many machines and given the parts to him, then they wouldn’t be in this mess. Why must he always blame other people for things?

Karen Senki (1)

Eleanor says that if it is Karen’s fault, then they should just hand her over to the machines. Karen pulls out her gun and soon everyone else does too. I have a feeling that this might just be a normal occurrence when they hang out together, because after a second or two of sizing each other up their guns go back to their nesting place.

The reason why they’re all together is that the robots are set to liberate Sector 17, which is Junk’s area. He complained before that it was Karen’s fault for shooting everything, but now he wants Karen to destroy them all the robots before that happens. This guy….

Karen Senki (3)

Yay Xiaogang finally shows up and he provides more information about what the robots have up their sleeve. Turns out that they want to drop a dimensional oscillation bomb down in Sector 17, which will destroy everything there. Seek also lost control of Jay, which is a bad thing because Jay is now heading down to the pipelines with this bomb.

Junk also takes this moment to get angry at his younger brother because he wants him to figure things out and stop the robots from destroying his home. Karen heads out to stop Jay, while the others back her up by keeping the minions off her tail. Junk is the only one not fighting….

Karen Senki

Karen goes after Jay, but has to deal with some of the smaller robots first. They are a bit smarter this time around and do land a hit on her, only it’s her bike that’s destroyed and not Karen. She flies up to where Jay is and the two have a standoff. His main target is Karen, but he’s willing to destroy everything just to get back at her. So he presses the detonator and nothing happens.

I thought Karen might have done something to the bomb before she went up to fight Jay, but it turns out that this wasn’t the case. Seek saved the day and once Jay realizes this, he’s distraught because he doesn’t understand why Seek would choose the humans over him. I mean, Jay was born from Seek and they’re family, but Seek saved the humans instead of helping the robots. He tries to flee, but Karen won’t let him and he’s soon destroyed.

What’s Seek doing while all this mayhem is happening? He’s just chilling in his room as he watches his son die and then blow up. The only thing he says is, “Evolution is a process of selection, for humans and for machines.” I guess this is Seek’s version of Tough Love, only instead of learning your lesson in the end you just die.

Karen Senki (9)

The end of this episode had Karen falling to the ground and glowing, so she kind of has to be saved or risks suffering the same fate as Jay. Since she was glowing, I wonder if this means her powers are disappearing. Eleanor said that her powers are at their limit last week, so they might have one more shot before it completely vanishes.

Actually, now that I know it’s over I’m not sure how I feel about this series. I think there were some really fun episodes and I absolutely loved the animation here. But I still feel like something’s missing here. A lot of questions were not answered and I’m a bit miffed by that.

Karen Senki episode 10

karen senki (3)

The episode starts with a news reporter, or someone, who keeps following Karen around. They ask residents from the market that she frequents about her, but all of them say that they don’t know anything about her. It’s a lie though. It has to be. Someone like Karen isn’t that hard to forget. The machines are also interviewed and complain about how fast she is. They can’t predict her movements or do anything to her. It’s simply impossible.

After the camera is abandoned, we switch scenes to Eleanor, the clone friendly jazz singer, and learn about her past. Before that though, she’s saying that she’s near the end of her clones and decides to give the performance of a lifetime to the audience that came out to see her tonight.

But in regards to her being at the end of her copies/clones, does this mean that she’s going to die soon? If so, then does this also tie into the fact that Touka is becoming more and more rebellious? The powers came due to the robots being there and taking over, so if it decreasing or becoming more sporadic then does this mean that the time for peace is near?

Maybe we’ll find out in the last two episodes.

The war broke out and Eleanor is now branded with an Eleven mark. It doesn’t do much to her life though, but that all changes when she’s betrayed by her lover. She use to do everything for him. She’d wear make up to look good. She’d wear perfume to smell good for him. She’d sing, just because he asked her to. Then she catches him having sex with someone else. That jerk.

karen senki - Eleanor

Eleanor completely shuts down her feelings for him. He tries to apologize, but she coldly says that she already called the cops on him. They’re both killed, but we know that Eleanor survives since she has a lot of clones.

We go back to Karen and find out where she got her special guns from. It involves a cursed bullet that flew down from the sky and hit her. It’s pretty fatal, but a nice old man saves her from it. He brings her to that temple we before and starts to surgically remove the bullet without any anesthesia.

karen senki (10)

The bullet chooses its gun and Karen releases the power sealed from the cursed bullet. What power? We don’t know, the episode ended at that point. I’m going to assume that this has to do with Touka or Karen’s abnormal speed and strength.

Some more questions are answered here, but unlike the previews episodes this one didn’t really flow as nicely when they were being revealed. It’s still an okay episode, just not as good as last few that’s come out. I understood the part regarding Eleanor and Karen, but not the first portion of the show. I’m not really sure how it fit in with everything else that happened.

With two more episodes left, we’d probably see Karen up against Seek right? If she destroys him, will he say, “I’m glad that I was able to serve humans?” It would be something he says and what he always wanted to do. This is simply his form of tough love, which is horrible though. Even though I liked him, he still needs to be destroyed just because of all the blood on his hands.

But if he dies, then what would that mean for the Elevens? This show, when you get a few questions answered they spring up a bunch more. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how all of this ends.

Karen Senki episode 9

karen senki (1)

The episode starts with a flashback from before the robot and humans started fighting. Pinky Phakchi is a magical girl who Touka absolutely loves. In case you were wonder, Pinky Phakchi fights giant monster hamburgers and fries. I guess she’s a health conscious magical girl, because all of her enemies are fast food items. Anyways, Touka is at a toy store with Karen and sees the magic staff that Pinky Phakchi uses. She wants it, but Karen doesn’t budge.

The robots then start attacking and not just in a small way, they just indiscriminately drop bombs everywhere. Seek also appears and talks about how he’s helping humans and is will build a beautiful society.

It’s sad how he’s gone crazy. Such a cute robot before but now he’s starting his descend into a dark world that no one wanted or dreamed of.

Touka and Karen run away, but are still thrown from one of the blasts by the robots. Touka somehow manages to find some strength and with her Pinky Phakchi staff, that she took from someone’s dead hands (yea, that happened) she decides to go up against the robots.

karen senki (4)

I guess this episode we’ll finally learn how Touka got inside Karen.

So Touka goes up and is ready to use Vegetable Fire on those pesky robots. Seek finds out who she is though and tries to stop the robot from shooting, but it doesn’t work. She gets killed much to the horror of Karen and Seek. Karen just lies there, but Seek at least destroys the robot that killed Touka. That doesn’t stop the pain of knowing that he killed his first friend though.

karen senki (5)

The robots are absolutely merciless in their pursuit of taking out the trash. There’s a horrible scene where the robots line up men women and children, the young and old, and then kill them all.

Even though the faces on the humans are not all that clear, the scene is still pretty brutal. I really don’t understand why Seek thinks this is all okay. Even if he wants to help humans evolve, killing them like this is horrible. It just makes people want the robots to be destroyed even more. Whoever created the first robot must really be annoyed that he didn’t create an all kill switch for them. It’s too late for that now, since Seek knows how to make the robots himself and can do anything he wants with them.

It seems like the humans have a bleak future, but all of a sudden the Chinese character for eleven starts to appear and brand the humans who make contact with it. I guess this is how the Elevens started up and roughly explains why they have supernatural powers. We only see three members get the mark though. Xiaogang gets it on his hand, Eleanor gets it on her thigh, and Karen has it on her eye. Ouch. Not only is she clutching Touka’s dead body when this is happening, but she also has to deal with the burning sensation on her eye.

karen senki (9)

Where did these symbols come from though? And why did only a select few get it? That isn’t explained, but seeing as how we still have three episodes left, I’m sure it will be. I’m still curious about it though. When Seek was talking about humans evolving, I don’t think he meant in this manner.

Back to the present now and Karen sees a bunch of robots dumping human bodies in a mass human garbage dump. She releases Touka and the two sisters destroy all of the robots. Once done, Touka wants to smash some more, but Karen says no. Touka then disappears, but not before saying, “No fun.”

Through all of these fights, Karen is getting faster and faster. Does this mean that if you have an eleven symbol, then you’ll eventually be stronger, faster, and better than robots? Is it worth it though, when you still create the same sort of destruction that the robots caused when they first appeared?

karen senki (12)

At the end of the credits, we see Touka from the flashback waking up. Instead of seeing anyone she knows, she finds Pinky Phakchi who gives her a magical staff.

Another great episode. Some things are explained, which I appreciated. I know that Seek wanted to take out the trash and help humans evolve, so that both robots and humans can live in a beautiful harmonious society, but his methods are just wrong. Killing people like this is just wrong. I don’t see how humans could ever want to work with robots again if this is how they behave.

I liked Seek before, but this was cruel. I’m still curious as to how these eleven symbols appeared and why they grant the user supernatural abilities and why Touka was included with them. I’m assuming it has to do with the personality of the person though and their powers simply allows it to manifest itself. Xiaogang’s power allows him to go all out without fear of the consequences. The clone lady gets to maintain her looks without ever getting older. And Karen doesn’t have to deal with the fact that Touka is dead.

karen senki (3)

This is only conjecture at this point though, since it hasn’t been explained yet, but this is what I’ll be going with for now.

I’m glad this episode happened though, because I’ve been saying that the show is better when Karen isn’t around. Her anger and mindless fighting got on my nerves, but with this episode I can definitely understand her pain. The robots are horrible. Not all of them, just the ones who view humans as trash and kill them indiscriminately. I still think Karen was annoying before, but at least this episode softened me up a bit when it comes to her characterization.

Like Terra Formars, I think Karen Senki needed some time to find its footing before finally delivering on its promise of an interesting story.

Al in all, it was another great episode. I’m really liking the direction the studio is going with this and hope the next three episodes are even better.

Karen Senki episode 8

karen senki (10)

In Karen Senki, things have been slowly been getting better and the mindless action started to serve a purpose. Last week was the best episode to date. The story was coherent and flowed beautifully and a lot of questions were answered. I was thoroughly satisfied with episode seven.

A week has passed, so let’s see how episode eight fared.

The stupid older brother is at the robot brothel again, but it’s different this time. Instead of just a quick hook up with the robot prostitute, he wants to get married with her.

karen senki (1)

Random note, for some reason every time I type in robot, I keep writing roboto. I have no idea why. Another note that isn’t so random, is that during this scene the older brother’s face is incredibly over exposed and washed out. When you compare it to the robot, she has more life to her. The shadow and light plays along her face, while it makes the older brother lose his features like his nose.

The robots in this anime are detailed better than the humans, but it’s really noticeable in this scene. Maybe the animators were trying to make him seem less human because he’s such a shady character? I dunno, but it was an interesting thing I noticed.

karen senki (2)

Just like last time, once he’s getting into it and having a good time with his robot prostitute Karen interrupts him with a call. She needs help, so we follow him go to a good’s shop and get some pieces that he’ll need for Karen’s broken bike.

Wait, is his name Junk or Junkshop? I guess it’s Junk, right? Such a fitting name for this character.

Anyways, he heads over to a good’s shop and cons a robot for a part that Karen needed. Once he gets it, and once the robot realizes what has happened, Junk walks away blowing up the shop in the process. Why? Is it because the robot didn’t initially agree to his terms? I find that hard to believe if that’s the case. He seems like the type to just blow things up because he can. Did I mention how much I hate this character?

karen senki (4)

Heh. The money has robots on it.

He fixes up Karen’s bike and she leaves without paying him. This seems like a horrible thing to do, but considering who it is done to and the fact that he’s fantasizing about finding a robot that is compatible with his body…I’m okay with it.

He’s angry with it, but is okay with it once he finds out that he forgot to instal a piece to her bike. She’ll be fine though, or will she? It’s Karen, I’m sure she’ll be okay. And since Karen is back, the fighting is back as well.

karen senki (5)

Now that we know her relationship with Seek and why he’s so fascinated with her, the fighting doesn’t’ seem so random or pointless anymore. As Karen is riding along the road, she gets spotted and the aerial robots begin their assault. At this point I wonder why she doesn’t wear different clothes or cover her face or something. She could easily get a head piece made that will jam their sensors so she can live in peace, kind of like what happened in the first season of Psycho-Pass, but I think Karen likes the attention. She may hate the fighting, but I think she lives for it so maybe that’s why she’s okay with letting them catch her all the time.

The fight starts off exactly the same as all the others. Karen gets the upper hand and the robots get destroyed. She does get hit though. Well, her motorcycle gets hit, but she still wins.

karen senki (9)

She apologizes to the machine and promises that she’ll get more parts for it. From the looks of it, it needs a new frame instead of parts but what do I know. With a heavy heart, Karen leaves her bike and flies off into the snowy distance.

As Karen is off to find parts, she encounters two more robots. They shoot at her and Karen remarks that her body is getting faster and changing in order to keep up with the increased volume of violence that she has to deal with. I guess this explains why she’s able to never get hit. When the shots are fired, she sees it in slow motion and is able to easily dodge them.

Was this what Seek was hoping to see? Is this the change that he wants humanity to evolve to?

The fight here is done in slow-mo with some flashbacks to previous fights. With each fight she gets stronger and faster and is able to easily destroy the robots without wasting much energy. As the robots fall more show up and Touka asks Karen to let her out so she can have some fun.

karen senki (11)

Karen refuses and I’m not sure why since Touka seems to be really efficient in her dealing with the robots. Might be a big sister thing. Touka doesn’t seem happy with this and comes out on her own. Karen is shocked because Touka isn’t meant to have a will of her own and can only come out when Karen allows, but Touka seems to be thinking for herself and escapes while exclaim, “It’s not fair.”

If you remember, I mentioned that Touka seems to have a bit of crazy in her so she instantly became one of my favourite characters on this show because of it. This fight pretty much showcases her weird facial expressions even more. I don’t know what Touka is, but I love when she’s out and being crazy like this.

The fight ends quickly and Touka tells Karen that she’s going to come out a lot more now, because it’s not fair that Karen gets all the fun. She also says that if Karen lies to her, she’ll never forgive her and that she’ll be doing what she wants now without Karen’s permission.

Karen is a bit dumbfounded by how Touka was able to do all this without her command, so she agrees. If I didn’t know any better, I would have said that Karen is somewhat afraid of Touka. I don’t know what the situation is between these two or how it is possible for Touka to live inside of Karen, but I like that my crazy magical girl is going to be shown more.

karen senki (14)

But what exactly is Touka and why does it seem like Karen can summon her? I have no idea. Karen said that Touka isn’t suppose to have a will of her own, but then what happened to make her pop out when Karen clearly didn’t want her to fight?

Since we got some plot points from the last episode, I didn’t really mind seeing Karen fight in this one. It makes sense why Seek keeps going after her and why he isn’t killing her. Likewise, we learn that Karen is able to see things in slow-mo and can dodge bullets. Due to her frequent fights, she’s getting better and better at doing this.

The second fight did seem out of place, but because we learned more about why Karen is so special and got to see Touka it stopped being mindless and actually became essential to the plot. I wonder if the final fight will be between Karen and Touka? I don’t think Karen will like seeing her sister outside and Touka seems like she’s going to get even more rebellious.

Overall, it was a good episode. Not as amazing as the last one, but it did serve the plot so I’m happy.

Karen Senki episode 7

karen senki - seek

When Karen Senki first came out, it got a lot of hate due to its use of CGI and the fact that there was no plot. The artstyle grew on me, but the lack of plot was warranted. I don’t mind action, but I hated that it was action with no real purpose. I even questioned why I was watching the show when nothing was happening. However, these past few episodes have been good and last week was the best one yet.

For the first time ever, I started watching the show with a smile on my face. This episode introduces us to a robot named Seek (I feel like I’ve heard that name before?) that helps the human race. Anything that is left in the trash bin he throws it on the conveyor belt. He doesn’t question, he just does what he does. So when there’s a working TV with a magical girl show on it, he simply calls it waste and throws it out like all of the other junk around him. Then he picks up a basket with a cat inside.

karen senki - cat

Please don’t do it Mr. Seek! Don’t hurt the cat.

He then says waste is waste and we see the conveyor belt moving once again. My heart sank as the rotors came crushing down. Thankfully, the cat was saved and Seek didn’t follow through with his words.

In his mind the cat is human waste, but the waste is eating another waste (an old fish), so he’s helping the human race in this way. He is breaking an order, but according to him, “Must I obey an order, even if it is wrong? Do wrong orders help the human race? But who decides if it is a wrong order?”

Quite the little philosophical robot we have here.

This helps Seek evolve and realize that sometimes humans sometimes gives wrong orders. This new knowledge makes him want to help the humans even more.

The episode continues with Seek going about his day life.  He doesn’t have a sense of time, because he can function without stopping so he’ll continue doing what he’s meant to do forever. As he’s experiencing the dandelions flat away, he wonders if humans have stopped evolving due to their need to create things in abundance but throwing them away so easily.

The montage, his words, and the animation make this incredibly charming. Only five minutes have gone by but I absolutely adore this little robot. I guess this means he’ll die.

I hope that doesn’t happen.

Ah! Seek is the robot from the first episode; the one that Karen and Touka met in the field of flowers and the one who befriends them.

t’s been a long time since we saw the robot brothel guy. He was the one who helped Karen in the first couple of episodes and had a robot hooker of some sort. I never liked him and this episode continued this trend. He gets roughed up by the police, who drive a limo, who claim that he has an illegal altered chips. They threaten that they’ll be back tomorrow and if he doesn’t give it to them they’ll demolish the shop with him in it.

karen senki - xiaogang and his brother

Unfortunately for Xiaogang, this guy is his big brother. Xiaogang visits him since he has a robot that he wants to fix up. The brother, seeing an opportunity in this, tells him that he can do anything he wants at his shop. He then walks away laughing about how he’ll change the CEO of the company and make Xiaogang be the fall guy. Thankfully, the guys who roughed him up early hear this and beat him up some more.

The robot that Xiogang has is none other than Seek. The older brother, whose name I think is Junk but I’m not sure, shows up places an altered piece inside Seek’s body. This seems to wake him up, only the charming Seek sounds a lot scarier now. The first thing he says is when he’s up and running is, “I dispose of waste for humans.”

karen senki - seek

Sometime later the war between humans and machines breaks out. The one who caused it all was Seek.

Xiaogang blames his brother for this, and I completely agree with him because the altered part is what made him go crazy, but his brother just blames Xiaogang for fixing up the broken robot to begin with.

Did I mention how much I really hate the brother.

The episode then ends, but now we know why the war broke out and we find out that the evil machine leader who started this mess is none other than the robot who befriended Karen. Our charming and loving Seek went loco. And yet, because I know his back story I don’t know if I want him to lose. Yes, he killed a lot of people. And yes, he seems a little crazy, a little menacing, and maybe he’s even a little trigger happy. But he was still the cute little robot who loved the world and wanted to help humans.

karen senki - seek

It also explains why he doesn’t want to kill Karen. He still remembers that she was the one who befriended him all those years ago.  He’s not as cute as he once was, but I definitely understand his character and his motivations a lot more now.  When we first met Seek and heard his views about the world way back in episode four, he tells us that in order for humans to evolve you need to push them and that ultimately you need both, robots and humans, to make a harmonious society.

Considering how he feels like humans have stopped evolving and stopped being beautiful, he wants to push them them to make them grow. His words make a lot more sense now. He’s also experienced wonder and amazement about this world, but he doesn’t understand love. The only time he saw it was when he saw Karen and Touka running around in the field of flowers. (Though, I guess they should be called a field of weeds since the only plants there were dandelions.)

Karen (5)

He’s definitely not as cute as before though. (Hint, he isn’t the blond one)

Xiaogang has similar views with Seek, but he also feels responsible for what happened. Working with the robots and starting the Elevens also makes more sense. His brother….he can die in a fire for all I care.

I thought last week would be my favourite episode, but this one was even better. There was a clear and concise plot and we got some proper back story. Best of all, there was no Karen! Well, she did appear in one scene, but it was a small one and it helped make the plot a much deeper experience. I still feel bad for saying that, but the show seems to move forward when she isn’t there.

It’s strange how I almost dropped this show, but now I’m enjoying it. I’m actually looking forward to the next episodes now. I think the only the studio needs to do is help make me care for Karen. I know her background, I know that she hates robots, but she needs something more to make her a compelling lead character.

Other than that, this was a fantastic episode.

Karen Senki ep 6

It’s crazy how much better this show is when Karen isn’t around. The fight scenes are better, the characters actually get some development, and the story progresses whenever she’s not there. It’s sad, but I thank the studio for giving us another episode that hardly had her.

karen senki

Why? Because episode six is my favourite episode thus far. Sorry Karen, but it’s true.

Like the previous episode, we’re introduced to another member of the Elevens. X-22. Unlike the other members, X-22 is a machine. Kind of weird for him to be helping the humans, especially since he was a high ranking captain for the machines and fought alongside Jay. But it’s due to his friendship with Eleanor, the female member of Elevens who keeps clones of herself, that he decided to switch sides and help the humans out.

karen senki - Eleanor & X-22

This is surprising to everyone and at first Xiaogang is suspicious and thinks that he may be a spy. But after realizing that X-22 has a crush on Eleanor (so cute), he recruits him to join the Elevens.

karen senki - X-22 & Xiaogang

Before X-22 can even accept the deal, they get attacked by the machines and we get to see the best fight sequences of the show thus far. X-22 holds his own, but when Xiaogang is pushed off of the building, he transforms and becomes this crazy superhero type dude. How does he do this? The suitcase that he carries with him all the time is what makes him transform. When he’s in this state he can’t differentiate between friend from foe. All he knows is to destroy everything in sight and boy does he destroy everything in sight.

karen senki (9)

It was a beautiful sequences and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Xiaogang is a beast and is now my favourite character on the show.

karen senki - xiaogang

The scene changes and we’re back to Karen for the remainder of the episode. She’s fighting Jay, who seems to have a gun with a tracking bullet. Since she also has to fight the other machines there and evade Jay’s gun, she calls out Touka. I still don’t understand how Touka is there or where she comes from, but no matter, she fights and she fights in a cool way so I’m happy.

karen senki - touka

Plus, she seems to have a bit of a crazy look to her eyes and if you’ve been reading about some of my favourite characters. Crazy = favourite when it comes to me, especially when they’re female.

Jay is confused by her though and doesn’t understand where she’s from. Heh, he’s like us. And soon disappears off into the distance. The last bit is with X-22 and Karen talking about why he’s working with the Elevens. According to him, he’s a friend of Eleanor and anyone is a friend of hers is a friend of him. Then he starts singing.

karen senki (8)


In terms of character development, plot, and action. Episode six was the best one yet. I have no faults with anything here. I am still a bit confused as to why the machines bleed when they get hit, but other than that, amazing episode.

karen senki (10)

Karen Senki ep 5

You know that awkward moment when life decides to come at you, even when you just want things to continue at its relaxing state. That’s how life is with me right now, which is why Karen Senki seems like a great choice to watch since it’s filled with non stop action!

karen senki

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen in episode five. I know this will sound hypocritical considering how much I’ve talked about how all the fighting is boring, but I kind of wish there was a bit more here, only because nothing happened in this episode.

Karen quickly beats up the bounty hunter in a hand to hand combat.

Karen quickly beats up the bounty hunter that was after her. According to the bounty hunter, humans and machines are the same. Karen doesn’t agree and stabs her to prove her point.

The scene changes and we’re brought back to the gun repair man, who has to do some sort of ritual in order to fix the gun. I’m not sure why the gun needs to be repaired in this way, but whatever. The scene was beautiful to look at simply because of the stunning backdrop.


karen senki

But even though it was nice to look at, it also felt out of place and confusing. Why does he have to repair a gun in this way? It looked more like an exorcism mixed with some hammer work, which is fine. Really it’s fine, but I just wish they explained why the gun has to be dealt with in this manner.

After Karen gets her guns back, she finds Xiaogang in her house. He apologizes for the bad information he gave her before and warns her about Jay. Jay is the robot guy from the last episode who wanted to kill Karen, at least I’m assuming he is.

Karen then meets the first member of the Elevens that we saw two episodes ago. They talk for a bit, but then Karen leaves. The purpose of this meeting and the conversation that happens is another confusing part. I don’t know why Karen had to go there and by the time we got a bit of information, the show ended.

karen senki

We still got to see some beautiful shots. The show may be confusing at times and have some dumb action, but there are times when it’s just gorgeous to look at. When it comes to art and animation, the studio is doing a fantastic job. Direction and plot, not so much. I kind of wish everything was tidied up a bit, because the last episode was actually quite good and I felt like the story was finally moving. So for it to be followed up by this weeks episode, seems kind of disappointing. All of the momentum just stalled and I was left with a confusing mess.

At least it’s still pretty to look at.

Recap: Karen Senki – 04

What is this? For some reason, this episode was actually good.

Karen Senki

Perhaps it was because there wasn’t a lot of pointless action and we finally got some plot! And maybe, just maybe, it’s because Karen was hardly shown.

The highlight of episode four was seeing a new member of Eleven do their thing, get defeated, and then showing us why they are awesome. I really liked the girl last time, even though I have no idea why she even showed up, and the new member here is just as fun.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself, here’s what happened in episode four.

In the last episode, Karen escaped her interview and is trying to make it outside. Machines stop her and, get this, she actually gets hit by a bullet. It’s only a scratch and not much, but at least it’s something.

Karen Senki

Then, she gets electrocuted by them too. Not once, but twice she was hit by the enemy! This may seem small, but it took four episode for us to get this far. It made me happy, even though she’s the main character.

When she’s electrocuted, she’s stuck and unable to move. Thankfully, the Butcher that Karen always goes to comes to her aid. He informs her that he’s also a member of Eleven and helps her escape, while he deals with the machines. He also tells her that his name is Sebastian. Not that it really matters though, because like the last member of Eleven, he’s quickly killed.

Karen Senki

Except, he’s not and out pops a small little okama. He then runs around until he gets back to his shop and finds a new body to occupy. Like the other Eleven member from the last episode, he really stole the show the moment he came on.

We also got to see a look into the machines and find out their goals and desires. According to their leader, Seek, wants to create a harmonious society.

The blond haired machine doesn’t like humans and wants to add them to the extinctt list. To him, humans are nothing. But to Seek, he knows that they need each other in order to build the ideal society. It won’t happen right away, but someday in the future it will. But, first the machines need to know what love is so that this beautiful world can happen.

Seek believes that in order to understand love, he has to encourage humans to evolve. In order to do that, you need to push them. If you add on what happened in the last episode, it makes sense why the machines keep going after Karen. When her sister died, they saw love and want to understand it better.

Karen (5)

The blond haired guy feels like Seek is being too soft on Karen and decides to kill her. Seek doesn’t feel like he’s being soft, but considering what he was just talking about I wonder if that’s why the machines keep missing her? Maybe Seek isn’t trying to kill her. Maybe in his own weird way, he’s just trying to make her stronger for the sake of the future and get a better insight on what love is. He does believe that in order for humans to evolve, they need to be beaten up a few times, so maybe that’s what he’s trying to do?

The last part of the episode is dedicated to Karen. Her guns don’t work, so she takes them in to get them fixed. Since she’s Karen, she’s attacked this time by bounty hunters. She doesn’t have her guns though, so the action is more hand to hand combat and pipe to skull hitting. I actually enjoyed this sequence and out of all of Karen’s fights, this one is my favourite. It doesn’t have as much action, since she’s is mostly running away, but the action that we do get is nice.

Karen Senki

It makes her feel more vulnerable and human, which I appreciated since we haven’t seen Karen like this. I’m all for her being a bad chick who is a killer fighter, but she always wins and never gets hit so the action sequences quickly get boring. At least here, you know that she’ll survive, but there’s that extra ‘unknown’ feeling that comes out more because she doesn’t have her trusty guns.

I still don’t know what is happening or why Karen’s sister showed up last time, but I actually found myself liking this episode. The members of Eleven seem awesome and the machines, especially Seek, have potential to be interesting. I still find Karen to me a weak point, but hopefully she gets developed more. At least with this episode she does kind of get hit, so there is some progress.

Recap: Karen Senki episode 3

karen senki - ep 3

Karen Senki is getting a lot of hate. I understand it, but I feel bad so I’ve decided to do a weekly recap of the show in the hopes that it gets better. Kind of like Blood-C. It starts off slow and gets annoying, but the ending is all kinds of awesome. Even if Karen Senki doesn’t turn out like that, it’s a short anime so it’s okay.

Before I start on the recap, I feel like the art style is getting hate for no reason. For the most part, Karen Senki has really stunning animation. Sure, it does have a few clunky moments, which is normal for CG animations, but other than that it’s really lovely to look at. My only complaint about it is that the world isn’t as nice when compared to the characters. Unlike Nobunaga Concerto where it was full of eye candy, here it’s mainly used on the characters and the robots. It is a little easier to forgive though, seeing as Karen Senki is more about action than substance and it is an ONA. It’s even easier to forgive when they have stunning shots like the bottle of whisky in this episode.

karen senki

The main problem with Karen Senki is the direction and lack of story. There’s a point when action just isn’t enough and that’s my feelings here. Yes, it’s pretty to look at, but I also want to know what’s going on. Unlike say Terra Formars, where I’ve read the manga and know the background story of everything, I don’t here so I’m lost and confused most of the time.

That being said, I did find episode 3 to be slightly better than the previous two, because some questions that I had were answered. Not all of them, only two really…and one of them I had to assume, so it’s not really answered it’s simply my own assumptions. And the other one was quickly answered after I asked the question.

…but it still answered something.

The episode starts where the last one ending. Karen is being recruited to join the Eleven crew, but she still refuses. The talks quickly change though, because Karan says something and Xiaogang go for the attack. Karen, being the star of this anime, quickly subdues him. They quickly get over that though and make nice. He also tells her that the humans have pretty much no chance against the machines, but it seems like he’ll still help Karen out against them.

Things then change and instead of Karen, we meet another member of the Elevens. I have no idea what her story is, I don’t even know her name, but she’s already the most interesting character on the show for the simply reason that one of my questions was answered by her.

When we first meet her, she’s drinking a bottle of whisky and telling us how the Elevens are monsters even though they are human. A bunch of machines come up from no where and start attacking her. At first, I was thinking that this would be another stupid action sequences with no meaning. But then she calls on her gun and I start getting excited. Then, she brings forth a shield to protect her from the bullets. At this point, I already like her. Unlike Karen, she realizes that proper robots won’t miss all the time so you need something to protect you.

Sadly, like most characters that I like she dies. 😦

Except that she isn’t actually dead. I was confused here, but then the show revealed that the lady here keeps clones of herself and always has a new one backed up in case the current one fails. The only thing she needs to do to keep the process going is to give the new clone some of her blood. The way she does it is kind of weird though. She slits her writs, instead of thumb. Considering how much blood came out, I’m a bit worried for her.

Then we go back to Karen. She fights some robots and then stupidly falls for a trap. She was meant to find some communicator thing, but it’s out in the open. So instead of questioning it properly, she shoots it and gets captured. We then find her in a room filled with cameras. The machines who captured her have decided that they don’t want to kill her, but interview her. The interview mainly consists of one question.

What is love? ……baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more.

From the previous episodes, I get that the machines want to be like humans and have emotions, so maybe they don’t understand the concept of love and are interviewing people in order to find out. But that isn’t really explained well, so the interview seems like it came out of no where. Why did they pick Karen out of everyone else in the world to explain what love is?

But knowing how Karen is, she doesn’t like their questions. She tries to shoot them, but they took her weapons so she summons her dead sister Touka who goes crazy.

karen senki

How this happened, I have no idea. But seeing as how that other Eleven girl summoned a giant skull and a machine gun, I’m assuming it’s the same thing here. I’m also assuming that Touka was keeping the machines off of her. I could be wrong though, because that too isn’t really explained.

Karen gets her guns back and the episode ends like that.

Some development….but still not that great. I found myself really annoyed by the transitions here and thought they were worse than Re:␣Hamatora. I don’t know where the show is going, but I guess I’m in it for the long haul. Hopefully it gets better though, because it’s still mostly action, action, talking, action, talking, action, action. I like action as much as the next person, but it does get boring after awhile. Even if the plot is stupid it would still provide me with some sort of substance regarding the entire thing.

karen senki

The animation did grow on me though and I do quite like it now. Even in this episode, when it dipped a bit it was due to Karen being watched from behind a camera so it made sense. I just want some actually plot now.