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News: Terra Formars is getting a live action movie

terra formars live action

So far, all we know is that Takashi Miike is the director for this movie. You might know him from such films like Kamisama no Iu Toori, Ace Attony, Yatterman, Crows Zero, One Missed Call, Zebraman 1 and 2, 13 Assassins and a slew of other films. In terms of directing, I think Terra Formars is in good hands.

Does that ease my nervousness for this, of course not. Will I still watch it? Of course I will. Even if the anime wasn’t the greatest, the manga is a thing of beauty and so I’ll watch it for that. Plus, I’m curious as to which story Takashi Miike is going to use for the movie. Will it be about the first mars mission, the second, or the third? I really want to know!

In any case, filming for Terra Formars begins in May of 2015 and the movie will come out sometime in 2016.

Fall Anime Rundown part 1

I’m just going to mention the shows that are not continuing on in the next season. So just shows that started and finished in the fall seasons, or finished in the fall season.

Amagi Brillant Park – stopped watching, but not sure why

I think I watched three-four episodes of this and then never went back to it again. I don’t think anything was wrong with it, but it didn’t really do anything for me. Maybe I’ll get back to it and finish it one of these days, but for now it’s on hold.

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai – Will eventually finish it

I watched until episode seven and while I was interested in the mystery aspect, I never got around to finishing this anime. Whenever I’d see a new episode, I’d acknowledge it but then do something else. I do only have a few episodes left though, so I’ll probably finish this within the next few days and then update my thoughts on it.

Denki-Gai no Honya-san – DNF

I thought I’d like this one a lot, especially since the characters are an eccentric bunch that work at a manga shop, but didn’t like this at all. Some parts are funny, but a lot of the jokes seemed forced.

Donten ni Warau – Now that it’s done, I guess it’s time to watch it

I still haven’t seen this one yet, mainly because I didn’t want to wait a week to see what happened next. Now that it’s done, it’s time to buckle down and watch it. I’m looking forward to it. Will update this once I’ve finished watching everything.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san – top pick of the fall season

Definitely part of my top three fall anime shows. I love that it doesn’t take itself so seriously and the characters were always fun to watch. Plus, I’ve developed such a crush on Shigaraki. He may be an alcoholic deadbeat, but he’s awesome. I kind of wish we got to see more of Tengu, since he was shown in the promotional photo, but considering how he’s a proud pedo I guess it’s okay that they confined him into such a small role.

Loved this show though. It hit all the right notes and I was never disappointed. If only there were more episodes!

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de – the synopsis and promo picture lied to me

Here’s my problem with this show. If the synopsis and promo picture didn’t emphasis the superpower aspect of the show, I think I might have enjoyed this more. But they did, and so I kept expecting something awesome and it never really happened. In the end, it was just your generic run of the mill club room slice of life show. The powers that they got served no purpose, so much so that if you removed it from the plot only two, maybe three episodes would take a hit. Plus, my favourite girl got pushed to the side when she seemed like someone with huge potential. The harem takeover was a bit much, but I did enjoy it enough to finish it. Hatoko’s freak out is definitely a must watch though.

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. – a parody show that understands that it’s a parody show

A parody show about fetishes. I shouldn’t like it and yet I did, even when the animation took a nose dive for episodes 8 and 9. The show doesn’t take itself seriously and some of the moments are just too silly that I can’t help but like it. The fact that Souji had a conversation with his twintail, who sounds like an old man, and regained his confidence after that pep talk was hilarious. It’s a fun show, as long as you don’t think too hard about it.

Psycho-Pass 2 – a disappointing sequel

As a standalone series, it was fine. But as a sequel, it fails to live up to its potential. By the time I finished this I was left feeling disappointed. I think the problem here is that a lot of the stuff that was established in the first seasons gets thrown out the window for reasons unknown. The Sybil system always had its issues, we knew that from when it failed to kill Makishima, but at least it was rational. For the most part. Here, it just seemed overly evil just to prove Kamui’s point. Only, what was his point exactly?

It doesn’t matter anymore, since the ending did a hard reset just in time for the movie release. Hopefully Gin actually has something to do there, because he did nothing here. There was one moment that I did find it funny. In the last episode Akane said, “You’re under arrest” to two people and they both ended up dying.

Selector Spread WIXOSS – a great addition to the series

Fantastic! This is what a sequel should be like. There are some plot holes, but I still loved every moment of this show.

Sword Art Online II – GGO, good. Calibur, meh. Mother’s Rosario, needed more episodes

I quite liked GGO and the character of Sinon. The idea of players from SAO’s murder guild coming back and killing people in real life actually makes a lot of sense. It does say something that they never got therapy, but what can you do. The Calibur arc was okay. Mother’s Rosario could have been better. Some of it was good, but some of it really needed more episodes to develop its story. After complaining that she got shafted since the second arc of the series, I was glad that Asuna actually had her own storyline.

Terra Formars – the manga is good

I wanted to like this a lot more than I did. The manga is so good, so when I heard that this would get an anime I was all for it. Only, the studio decided to focus more on action than the characters and plot. The Adolf arc was the turning point though and it was brilliant. Even though the animation took a hit, the emotions and story that Adolf shared was great to watch. The last episode was lazy though. Overall, it was just okay. Definitely read the manga though. It is amazing!

5-Line Recap: Terra Formars episode 13 – a harlequin moment between Michelle and a Roach

We’re finally at the end of Terra Formars, it was a bumpy ride but hopefully this episode ends on a high note!

Terra Formars (2)

5-Line Recap:

1. The world leaders are calling for a summit to discuss what is happening on Mars.

I kind of love that the President of Japan is a former teammate of Captain Komachi, mainly because he has the most knowledge about the mars mission and it’s incredibly hard to kill him.

2. Marcos apologizes for not keeping Sheila safe.

Now that Alex appeared, he’d obviously be on the lookout for Marcos and Sheila. When he didn’t see her, he flew into the battlefield to where Marcos was and found out that sad news.

Alex punches him, but only because Marcos looked like he wanted to be punched. Even though Marcos joined the mission to protect Sheila, Alex came for a different reason. He came so that he could change his lot in life and get out of his situation back in Mexico.

Terra Formars (3)

3. Jarod uses his echolocation to find the Rainbow beetle roach and Michelle quickly kills him.

I did have a bit of a chuckle during the scene between Michelle and the Cockroach. It looked like they had a moment to themselves, where no one else mattered except the two of them. KInd of like something you’d see on a cover for a romance novel. The way they’re staring so intently into each other’s eyes, the way he’s holding her in a protective way. Kind of like he’s saying, “Baby, I’ll never let you go.” And the way she sprays toxins in his face and he falls over and dies. It almost makes you want to cry, doesn’t it?

4. Joe!!!!

I was worried that they wouldn’t show the magnificent beast that could get any girl pregnant with a single look, but I’m glad that they did. I love this little amazing weirdo….even if he looks kind of weird. It’s too bad that we didn’t get to see the other stuff that he did.

Terra Formars

Oh and it looks like Team Russia has just discovered who betrayed them.

5. Everyone fights…the end.

The credits show us Team China, who should be dead. What are they doing still alive and with all of their members?

Does this mean that we’ll be getting a sequel, or is this a means to tell people to read the manga and see what China will do? I don’t know. I guess it depends on how well this sells. At this time, all I know is that a lot of people have bought the manga, so congrats to Tachibana Kenichi and Sasuga Yu. I’ve mentioned this many times before, but I absolutely love the manga so I’m happy to hear that it’s doing well.

I think this episode was kind of weak though. No, not just weak, it felt lazy and I’ve been watching Shirobako so I feel bad for saying that. I feel like I’m going to go into rant mode (I actually did, but deleted it because no one needs to hear my rants on this episode) so all I’ll say is that it gave me flashbacks to the final portion of Wizard Barristers – Benmashi Cecil. If you’ve read my recaps for the show, then you’d know that this isn’t a good thing in terms of animation.

Terra Formars (1)

The show as getting better too, so I think that’s why I’m feeling a bit disappointed by this episode. The animation was the worse that we’ve seen thus far and the action sequences were not really up to par. Now that I think about it, I didn’t really feel a sense of urgency by the crew members either. We know that there’s a bunch of cockroaches around, but Marcos and Alex still have enough time to have a full conversation without really being interrupted. Considering how the fire was a surprise attack that did seem kind of odd.

I dunno, I think this episode left me feeling a bit ho-hum and not I MUST HAVE A SEQUEL NOW!!! Seeing Team China was awesome though, because it starts to bring in politics and gives the other teams a hard time too. Not only do they have to worry about cockroaches, but a group of humans that they trained with too. The China portion is still going on in the manga, so if they do decide to do a sequel and focus on them, then maybe it will happen once the manga moves on from that arc.

5-Line Recap: Terra Formars episode 12 – Japanese Hornet are strong, but scary

Lots of action in this episode!

Terra Formars (1)

5 Line Recap:

1. The Captain is up against the roach that has the same powers as his girlfriend from the Bugs 2 mission and quickly wins the match because he’s a Japanese Hornet.

That was quick. I think if you didn’t watch the OVA, then you may not understand why the Captain is so hung up on this roach and what it represents. But he did good. Unlike Keji’s match from last week, the Captain takes care of his roach in no time. The boxer is impressed by the fight and remarks that after twenty years in UNASA the Captain must have had multiples surgeries to help reach the level that he is today. Nope, it’s all due to the original surgery he had that gave him the power of the Japanese Hornet.

Speaking of which, those hornets are actually pretty scary and kill like four people every year in Japan. If Maya the Bee taught me anything, it’s that everything is terrified of Japanese Hornets. Everything!

2. Marcos continues to beat up roaches, but after a surprise attack involving missiles his powers start to fade.

Correction, not only him but everyone else on Team Komachi’s powers start to fade right after the surprise attack starts. Horrible timing. Horrible! They were hanging in there before, but now, now the cockroaches have the upper hand. We’ve already seen the cockroaches use the guns that the humans brought, they were able to drive the vehicles that the humans drove, so it’s no surprise that they were able to use fuel from their ships and make missiles. No, it doesn’t make sense? Well, it will in point three.

Terra Formars (2)

Before that though, the others on Team Komachi start to lose their powers during this surprise attack and get worked. People die.

3. Team Russia is still investigating the pyramids, but instead of finding the weak point of the cockroaches they find something much worse – the existence of a betrayer.

The show has pretty much been in line with the manga, but I was still uncertain as to whether the betrayer bit would be included in this season. There’s only one episode left and that won’t have time to even start that bit of the story. But the knowledge of it could mean that we get a second season.

Not only will those in the Bugs 3 mission have to fight the roaches and stay alive, but they’ll also have to fight their fellow crew. Like zombie fiction, it’s the human aspect that tends to be the most compelling. What humans would be willing to do to each other sometimes makes them worse than their common enemy. I still like them though. If we’re still in line with the manga, then the show won’t tell us who they are. But they’re awesome and incredibly strong too.

4. Alex comes to Marcos’ rescue using baseball to defeat the roaches.

I have to say, I think the studio really loves Marcos. Out of all of the fight sequences on this show, Marcos always gets the nice ones. The animation, the colours, and the movements are unlike anything I’ve seen from any of the other fights.

Terra Formars (4)

5. Kanako swoops in and brings Michelle and Akari with her.

The episode ends with Michelle and Akari getting ready to fight.

Now that the main stars have appeared, I wonder if we’re going to get a cliffhanger ending for this season. Will it end with Team Komachi and Team Michelle joining in as one group, or will we start to scratch the surface of the betrayer story line?

It’s going to be interesting to see how the show decides to end things. No matter what happens, we’re going to get a cliffhanger. Hopefully it’s a satisfying one.

5-Line Recap: Terra Formars episode 11 – The Boxer

After this, only two episodes left in this season. I’m not sure how I feel about it ending like this, because we’re right at the edge of when it gets really crazy.

Terra Formars - Kanako Sanjo

Oh well, here’s the 5-Line Recap of Terra Formars episode 11.

1. Kanako Sanjo has a needletail affinity and is taking out cockroaches left and right, but then they capture her which was all a part of her plan.

Other than Michelle, we haven’t really had another female character actually going against the roaches and holding her own.

2. Keiji is about to start fighting that big roach, but we get to see his modest background first.

With this, we’re now at Volume six of the manga. They cut out some things, so I’m curious to see how the anime will end and if it will get a sequel.

Terra Formars - Onizuka Keiji

3. One day, when he went to visit his mom, he noticed that his eye sight started to go bad and realized it was due to his retina detaching. 😦

4. Even though he can no longer box, U-NASA is interested in him and Michelle tries to recruit him for the Bugs 3 mission.

He accepts and asks if he could choose which organism he could have, he’d want one with the best eye sight. Lucky for him he got the best eye sight and the strongest punch too. The Mantis Shrimp.

I kind of love the fact that the one person who is the least flashy and super modest and plain ends up getting the Mantis Shrimp.

Great eye sight, a killer punch, and a colourful wardrobe. Mantis Shrimp, such an awesome creature with such a great character….plus, I have an excuse to post zefrank here so that’s another plus for Onizuka Keiji!

5. Things start look bleak as Keiji takes a beating from the modified cockroach, but thankfully, he’s able to muster up some strength, use his MANTIS PUNCH, and get a K.O.

I know some will find this episode boring, but it was pretty much in line with the manga. Plus, I quite like Keiji, so I thought the episode was fine. He’s a sympathetic character and his past makes you want to root for him. I don’t remember it being this long in the manga, but I do appreciate the show not skipping it and going straight to the fight. It may not be as engaging as Adolf’s story, but it’s still enjoyable.

Major props to him for not letting his eye sight and his inability to box anymore hinder his life and make him hate everything. He’s still depressed about it, but he also moved on and got another job. Even if a wall appears in front of you, life will still move forward. That means you can either stop moving and let life pass you by, or climb over it and continue on. Not matter what you do life won’t wait for your decision, but at least if you go with the latter you have a chance to catch up to it.

He may not be boxing anymore, but at least he can see again and be the strengths of the fabulous mantis shrimp.

Terra Formars - Onizuka Keiji

The fight was a bit anticlimactic, but that’s only because it followed the same rules that most fights go with. You start off well, then get hurt, then win in the end. To be honest, this is actually pretty shocking if you think about it, because this show has a track record of killing people so he could have died just as easily. We also saw his flashback, which is usually a death flag. I’m glad he won though. After what happened to Team Germany, I think it would be too depressing to see another person die so quickly.

Only two more episodes left now and I’m still not sure how Terra Formars will end. Like I said earlier, this is the point where things start to get really interesting. This show really needs a second season or at least an OVA, because things just can’t end here. We haven’t even made it to the juicy bits.

5-Line Recap: Terra Formars episode 10

Terra Formars  (4)

The final episode about Adolf and Team Germany

1. Adolf did some damage and even managed to take out the chief roach, but there are still a lot of them and he’s down for the count.

2. One of the roaches uses a stomping form of CPR and the chief roach is back on his feet.

I remember reading this in the manga and thinking, “Ah crap! Adolf did so well and now he’s getting trolled like this.” I have the same feeling here. Now that Adolf showed off how strong he is, the roaches want his power even more now. That mustn’t happen though. It would be a disaster if the roaches got hold of him.

Terra Formars  (3)

3. Some of the roaches throw rocks at Adolf and he’s pretty much dead, but then he starts to beep which causes all of the roaches to run away.

Adolf…..I really wanted him to have a happy ending and live his life to the fullest away from Rosa and the Mars mission. Looks like that will be impossible now. He died in a heroic way and if he had to die, then this is the best way to go about it. He protected his crew till the very end. What more can you ask of your leader?

4. Team Germany is free of roaches and look on at Adolf before getting blown up with him.

Even though his group were not fighters, I love that Adolf had people who cared about him at the very end. Rosa turned her back on him and it was jarring to see her asking for money from his account, when the man just died. I’m glad his organization put a stop to all of those money transfers, but even they were sad for a moment about Adolf and then just moved on to their next experiment.

At least he had his crew there with him till the very end. They knew that they were weak. They knew that they had no chance, but did what they had to do for the good of the team.

Terra Formars  (5)

One of the scientist in Germany says that, “A man is strong once he is able to have a trusting relationship with a strong woman.” Which kind of annoyed me, because she’s indirectly saying that Adolf is weak because his wife was clearly not the type to be trusted, but even though he’s not strong in the marriage department, he’s still a capable leader. He became strong once he had a trusting relationship with his crew, and likewise, his crew became strong once they had a trusting relationship with him.

Which makes his death even more tragic, because the moment he gets a group that loves him for him and isn’t using him in any way shape or form, they all die.

RIP Team Germany.

5. The scene shifts and we see Captain Komachi’s team takes on a bunch of roaches; however, unlike Germany, they have proper fighters on their team so they have a better chance at survival.

Plus, they have someone named Onizuka.

Terra Formars (2)

With a name like that, he has to be good!

Their fight will be hard though, simply because some of the roaches they are facing are surgically enhanced ones. Considering how the majority of these changes came after the Bugs 2 mission, it makes sens that Captain Komachi’s team would be the ones dealing with them.

Once we moved on from Team Germany *cries* and saw Captain Komachi and Marcos, I felt like the animation did a huge jump. Everything is more defined now and there’s actual movement shown along with the multiple camera panning.

Overall, this was another great episode. I didn’t really feel much about Eva in the anime, but the scene when she’s punching the roach and crying really got to me. We may not have learned a lot about the Team Germany members, but it’s clear they all admired and loved Adolf. He deserved it too, which is why he’s one of the more popular characters and is got a spin off series based on him titled: Terra Formars Gaiden: Rain Hard.

His death still sucks though, but that’s how this series is like. You get attached and then they die. When I read the manga, I’m always in a constant stage of fear that one of my favourite characters will die. The sad part is that I have a lot of favourite characters and some of the don’t make it.

Great episode!


5-Line Recap: Terra Formars episode 9

terra formars (4)

Adolf vs. a bunch of roaches. Who will win and who will die? I’ve really been enjoying the last few episodes. Hopefully people are still watching, since the show did get better in terms of direction. In terms of animation, I’m going to ignore that issue because it’s clear that this is the way it will be so I can’t knock it for that anymore.  Everything has been great though, but how does this episode fare?

Here’s your 5-Line Recap

1. Isabella uses the medicine and then gets straight up shanked!

This is pretty much exactly what happened in the manga. We’re introduced to her and her bug ability and then with one punch she’s done. They did angle the killing blow a bit differently from the manga though. Instead of seeing the punch that exposed a lot of her guts and organs, we just see her legs.

Terra Formars Isabella Death - manga & anime

It’s not that much of a change and definitely not a big deal, since the message still came across. I just thought it was clever that the studio changed it in this way and not use a black box like before.

2. Poor Adolf is still remembering his adulterous wife Rosa and can’t help feeling sad about everything, which makes sense considering how recent all this has happened.

Random Sidenote: Whenever the cockroaches speak they’re saying “Johj,” but for some reason it sounds a lot like, “Gyoi!” So I keep picturing the doctors from Doctor X all lining up and saying “Gyoi” back to them. Maybe that’s what this mars mission needs. Daimon Michiko. She never fails in the surgery room, so maybe she’d never fail in mars as well.

3. The chief roach, who has a serious case of lazy eye, appears and all of the roaches go after Adolf; thankfully, his teammates arrive to help him out even though they can’t do much.

He may have been okay before, but there’s too many for one man to handle. Even though his team has no chance against the roaches since they’re not fighters, it’s nice to see them do something. A lot of them get hurt, some even netted which is scary because the roaches would use their body parts for experiments.

terra formars (3)

4. Team Germany seems done for, but Adolf comes back and snorts a huge amount of the medicine to save his team.

Using that much medicine is dangerous though, but he does well and takes out a lot of roaches. Adolf, he truly lived up to his ranking as the second strongest person on the Bugs 3 crew. Just think, if he’s this awesome then just how strong is the number one? Spoiler, they’re pretty amazing. Anything else I say will be a bigger spoiler so I’ll leave it like that.

5. Adolf gives the roaches the finger and then a huge lightning bolt hits the chief roach.

The episode ends on that note, which means next week will be the conclusion to the Adolf arc. I wonder what will happen after this, because there’s no time to get to the really good part unless the studio skips a lot of stuff. Maybe a second season will happen?

All in all, this was another great episode, which is to be expected since Adolf is a very sympathetic and all round great character. His story makes you want to root for him and let him have a happy ending that he deserves. I do wish that Team Germany was a bit stronger, like Russia. They still would have a hard time since there’s a lot of roaches there, but at least they’d have a better time dealing with them. It’s almost like a conspiracy, to make sure they’d have a hard time and maybe be killed in the process?

terra formars (1)

So many questions, but I don’t know if they’ll be answered here. With three episodes left, I’m really curious how this season will end. One thing is for sure, the Adolf arc has had the best episodes of this season thus far. It’s a shame that the show didn’t adapt the manga in this way, because a lot of people would have stuck around to watch it if that were the case. I know a lot left for the censorship, but it was the direction and writing that were the biggest problems with the show. With the censoring gone, it became more evident. It did get better though, but I wonder if it’s a little too late for some potential fans of the show?

I hope not, because these past few episodes have been a blast!

5-Line Recap: Terra Formars episode 8

terra formars - Adolf


1. As a child, Adolf volunteered to be the first one to get the MO Operation done to him. As you know Japan was the only place that use to be able to do this, but now Germany is trying their hands on it and Adolf is the lucky one who gets to try it first.

2. Isabella, a girl from Team Germany, is killing roaches as she does this I wonder why no one is helping her, but it’s soon becomes all to clear why.

If Team Russia is made up of fighters, then Team Germany clearly got the short end of the stick.

3. Team Germany heads to the Annex site, but all of a sudden an intrusion of cockroaches corners them in a small crater which is bad news, because Isabella and Adolf are the only ones who can actually fight.

4. Isabella is meant to retrieve the car that the cockroaches took from Team 4, while Adolf does his thing as an electric eel and kill as many roaches as he can.

5. Flashback – Adolf meets Rosa at school and she makes him feel human, they become friends, then lovers, then get married only for her to cheat on him and give birth to a kid that isn’t his.

Poor Adolf 😦

He can’t even react properly because the mission to Mars happens around that time and he has to leave anyways. No wonder he’s so cold and distant to everyone.

terra formars - Rosa & Adolf

I liked the episode and most of it was pretty much exactly what happened in the manga. There’s one scene that is significant that they skipped, but maybe it will be mentioned in the next episode. Regarding Adolf’s flashback some things were new to me. Not that big of a deal though, because it added more to the story and helped convey the pain that Adolf is going through.

Poor Adolf 😦

I also liked how this episode only focused on Team Germany. It’s not that I hate the other characters. I don’t. I pretty much like every character in the Terra Formars universe, even the cockroaches. It’s just nice that we got to see someone else and see their story.

Even though this is an important mission and everyone knows the risks regarding the cockroaches, I wonder why they made the teams very uneven. Team Russia’s crew are able to take care of themselves since everyone can fight, but in Team Germany it’s mainly down to Isabella and Adolf. Two people against an intrusion is reckless. Considering how important Adolf is to Germany, I wonder why they would give him a team of people who can’t protect him or themselves.

They’d probably get in his way, since it’s raining and he might zap an ally without realizing it, but still. Adolf said it himself; even if they can’t fight they’ll have to once they step out of their evac unit….you know what, I’ll stop here because I’m afraid I’m going to spoil things.

This is something I’ve been wondering for awhile though, even back when Akari & Michelle were fighting while their team looked on. I suppose you could say that retaining their medicine and fighting only when necessary is important, but relying on only one or two people to save you and fight an intrusion is incredibly reckless.

terra formars - adolf & isabella

Even though I liked the episode I’m still having issues with the animation. There’s no censors, which is fine, but I feel like there’s a real lack of animation here. Some scenes are okay, but I feel like most of the money went to the CGI portion of the show and the rest is just still images with the camera panning. The art is great and really helps bring out the characters and the atmosphere, but there is definitely a lack of actual animation happening. That isn’t to say that there isn’t any movement, there is, but when you compare it to the amount of camera panning it becomes a lot more noticeable.

It’s still not as bad as what happened near the end of Wizard Barristers Benmashi Cecil, but I hope that the fights get animated nicely and we get to see just how awesome everything really is. It did get better than last week though, so that’s a good thing. The next few episodes should be having a lot of action, so the animation needs to be top notch for it.

5-Line Recap: Terra Formars ep 07

terra formars - Sylvester Asimov

My hype levels were pretty high for this episode, because Team Russia would finally get their chance to shine. The fight was too short, which at this point makes the most sense since there’s only a few more chapters left and the anime still has to cover quite a bit. Anyways, here’s a 5-Line Recap of Terra Formars episode 7.

1. Michelle wakes up, tells Akari that he’s a good man, even though he doesn’t hear her, and then kicks some cockroach butt.

Wait a moment. Before going onto the next point, I feel like I need to address something about this episode. The animation and artstyle really dropped here. Some things still look great, like the cockroaches, the copters, and the animal/nature mini segments where the narrator tells us what power the Bugs 3 crew members have, but the characters themselves look like crap.

I feel bad for saying this too, because I’ve been watching Shirobako and know how hard it is to get a series like this together. But some of the scenes were really bad.

Alex and Akari have the exact same face here and whenever the camera panned out, the characters stopped looking like themselves. These two are only an example, there were many instances of scenes like this. Hopefully, whatever happened gets fixed and the animation quality goes back to the way it use to be.


2. Yaeko takes her guard duties seriously, but still gets tempted by Alex and Akari to leave her post and let them have a peek at a naked Michelle.

3. Team Russia steps into the ring (YAY) and they soon find themselves fighting some cockroaches, at first, things are great but then the heads start coming off and crawling.

4. Turns out that Ivan just placed the cockroach in a drugged out state of mind, leaving them free to capture the roach and win.

terra formars - Team Russia

5. Team China looks defeated and we still haven’t heard anything from Team Roma, so with that in mind Michelle tells Adolf to head to the crash site not knowing that there’s an army of roaches waiting for him and his team.


At first, I was a bit annoyed by how short Team Russia’s fight was, but now that I look back it seems like the fight was always this short. There’s just certain things that happen after it that made it feel longer. The studios could have stretched the fight a bit, but this way is fine as well. Plus, with Team Russia’s fight now done, we’ll get to see Adolf do his thing in the next episode.

terra formars - Aldolf

This picture scares me though, because I don’t know if the fight will start at this point or we’ll see what happens beforehand. As long as we get to see Aldolf I’m fine though. Anime viewers haven’t really seen much from him, but with the upcoming fight and the flashbacks (if they’re included) hopefully they’ll like him as much as I do.

The show is getting better, which I’m thankful for, but episode four is still the best one so far. I think now that we’re starting to see more of the Bug crew members and getting to hear their story and see their personality, the story has moved away from the previous episodes and is starting to now find its footing. It’s still not the greatest thing ever, but I’m enjoying it a lot more now than before.

The animation was still bad here though. Hopefully that gets fixed up and things go back to normal.

Overall, it was another okay episode, but things are starting to look a lot better for Terra Formars. Not so much for the characters, but for me at least.

5-Line Recap: Terra Formars ep 6

Almost at the halfway point and things are starting too look up for the show. Not so much for the roaches though.

terra formars - Akari kick!

I want to start by saying that the manga is still amazing. Right now, I think my favourite character is Joe. He’s a beast. A magnificent, magnificent beast who would probably get me pregnant, but a beast nonetheless. Now that I’ve said that, let’s talk about the episode.

For the most part, I think that Terra Formars is going in the right direction. After a rocky start and a crazy amount of intial hate for it, I think things are getting better. There were no censorship here, so viewers who hated the black bars and black bubbles will be happy to hear that. Even though it didn’t really bother me, I do understand why there were a growing number of people who couldn’t watch the show, because of it.

That being said, I’m glad that it’s stopped for the time being, only because people will actually comment on the show instead of the black circles of doom.

So what happened in this episode. Here’s your 5 Line recap

  1. The cockroaches used the corpses from the Bugs 2 mission and can now use the abilities that were left behind – this will pose a problem, because the cockroaches are already strong and relentless, so the added perks of the new abilities will be a major hindrance for everyone.
  2. Michelle sinks further into the water, so she does a figure four lock to stop the cockroaches movements.
  3. The cockroach, with a grasshopper ability, overtakes Michelle’s crew and drives the ship away.
  4. Akari fights the cockroach that took his crew away and after berating it for its lack of fighting abilities, he ends up showing the cockroach a thing or two before beating it.
  5. One of the teams, we don’t know yet, sent out an SOS transmission.
  6. An extra line, only because the episode ended with team Russia. My hype levels went up so much when I saw this. So much. I wonder if we’ll get to see a proper fight from them and team Germany.

In terms of the episode, it was okay. I did love the new info about the cockroaches having the abilities of the past Bugs members. For them to already know how to do surgery in order to use those bug parts and to know how to drive an aircraft means that these roaches have evolved quite a bit. Their level of intelligence keeps on growing, so the longer that the Bugs 3 crew members stay on Mars, the worse it will be for them.

The fights were fun to see and I did like to see Alex get his moment to shine, but I still don’t feel fully connected to the characters. In the manga, I’m constantly in a state of fear that a character will die, because the mangaka has a tendency to do that quite a bit and I actually love everyone in the series. Here, not so much.

The only time that I did was when Marcos went all out and started killing roaches left right and center. That was awesome and we only touched on a bit of the back story involving him, Sheila and Alex. I think the show, in its haste to get to the main action, skipped a lot of character development. Maybe the studio was banking on the fact that the viewers wanted to see the Mars action, so that’s what they gave them. Only the black bars ended up alienated a lot of people.

But, that wasn’t the problem in this episode. The only real complaint  I have against it is that I felt like the animation dropped quite a bit. The art work still remained the same, but the animation was a bit weird. We had a lot of still frame with some minor movement to them. Either by a small animation not involving the character, or by the camera panning. Not sure why though. It didn’t happen for the entire episode though, but for some moments here and there. It was a bit jarring in some places, but not so bad that it ruined my experience of the show.

terra formars (1)

Even though it sounds like I hated the episode and the show, I don’t. I actually think that it’s been improving for quite a while now. I’m just being overly critical, because I want this to do well.

The fights were fine and I liked that it wasn’t just one sided. Akari and Michelle had a hard time with their roaches and were helped by others, which was nice to see. The two of them are on a higher level than some of the other members of Team Michelle, but they’re still part of a team and not doing this alone.

The cockroaches are still freaking amazing. I seriously love those guys, even though I’d never want to meet them. I mean, not only did they destroy the medicine and kill a bunch of people, but they can use the same machines.

They’ve evolved so quickly that it’s scary, but awesome!

But so are the characters. This is a series where I actually love every character, so I’m super hyped that Team Russia gets to show their moves in the next episode. I have a feeling like a lot of the action will be skipped and some of the backgrounds involving the characters will be as well. But the level of hype I’m feeling at the moment refuses to let me see all that.

Team Russia….I can’t wait!