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Anime 2014 – The Hits

I’ve mentioned what animes I didn’t like, so now it’s time to mention the ones that I did. It’s hard to just pick five though. Really hard to just pick five.

The Hits:



This was the first sports anime that I finished. I have this really bad habit of starting a sports anime, enjoying it, but never completing it. Haikyuu!! wasn’t like that though. The moment I started to watch it was the moment that I knew I had to finish it. Maybe it’s because the games seem more realistic, maybe it’s because it’s about volleyball, maybe because the Hinata had orange hair. I don’t know. but I loved every moment that I watched this series. The second half of the show was breathtaking. Every emotion that the players felt, I was right there with them. I cheered, I felt nervous, and I teared up a few times. The scene when Asahi hits the ball is still one of my favourite scenes of the year.

Selector Infected WIXOSS & Selector Spread WIXOSS

selector spread WIXOSS (5)

The WIXOSS series was fantastic. Lots of twists, lots of turns, and lots of screwing with its characters in horrible ways. I loved it. Despite it’s life and death situation, the show is pretty much a coming of age tale about teenage girls. Their hopes, their dreams, and their feelings are all wrapped up in a card game, but by the end of it they’ve all grown as characters and become stronger people.

The characters are fully fleshed out, the plot is deep, and the psychological aspect always had me on the edge of my seat. It still surprises me that a show about a card game was able to suck me in so quickly, but I enjoyed it.

Tonari no Seki-kun

robot family - tonari no seki-kun

I love the manga, so when I heard that this would get an anime I was over the moon. Since it has such a simple premise, it’s hard to mess it up. Even if the studio tried, they wouldn’t be able to. That’s the magic of Tonari no Seki-kun. Thankfully, the studio did a good job and the anime was even better than I could have hoped for. The humour was on point. The games were just as funny seeing them animated. And the characters, they were perfect.

In terms of overall enjoyment, I think this would be my favourite of the year. It was a perfect adaptation to an already great manga.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Gugure! Kokkuri-san - Kohina
What can I say about Gugure! Kokkuri-san that I haven’t said already? It’s funny. It’s cute. And Shigaraki is my new anime crush. I loved every moment of this strange anime. My only complaint is that it’s over.

Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda

Sekai Seifuku - Bouryaku no Zvezda (1)

Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda is about a terrorist group trying to take over the world. Their methods are extreme, their ideas are extreme, but they’re hilarious so I think it’s okay. I think the smoking episode really sealed the deal for me. It starts off fine. Kate is someone who hates smokers because second hand smoke is horrible, but it quickly turns into something else. After a horrible, but amazing, inspirational speech from Kate all of the non smokers decided to become hooligans in their rush to destroy every smoker in their city. Even though they hate smokers, they became worse and that’s why this show was amazing.

Plus, it produced what might be the greatest moment in anime history. The treasure dance.

I still laugh whenever I see it.


There’s still a lot more that I liked. 😦

Fall Anime Rundown part 1

I’m just going to mention the shows that are not continuing on in the next season. So just shows that started and finished in the fall seasons, or finished in the fall season.

Amagi Brillant Park – stopped watching, but not sure why

I think I watched three-four episodes of this and then never went back to it again. I don’t think anything was wrong with it, but it didn’t really do anything for me. Maybe I’ll get back to it and finish it one of these days, but for now it’s on hold.

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai – Will eventually finish it

I watched until episode seven and while I was interested in the mystery aspect, I never got around to finishing this anime. Whenever I’d see a new episode, I’d acknowledge it but then do something else. I do only have a few episodes left though, so I’ll probably finish this within the next few days and then update my thoughts on it.

Denki-Gai no Honya-san – DNF

I thought I’d like this one a lot, especially since the characters are an eccentric bunch that work at a manga shop, but didn’t like this at all. Some parts are funny, but a lot of the jokes seemed forced.

Donten ni Warau – Now that it’s done, I guess it’s time to watch it

I still haven’t seen this one yet, mainly because I didn’t want to wait a week to see what happened next. Now that it’s done, it’s time to buckle down and watch it. I’m looking forward to it. Will update this once I’ve finished watching everything.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san – top pick of the fall season

Definitely part of my top three fall anime shows. I love that it doesn’t take itself so seriously and the characters were always fun to watch. Plus, I’ve developed such a crush on Shigaraki. He may be an alcoholic deadbeat, but he’s awesome. I kind of wish we got to see more of Tengu, since he was shown in the promotional photo, but considering how he’s a proud pedo I guess it’s okay that they confined him into such a small role.

Loved this show though. It hit all the right notes and I was never disappointed. If only there were more episodes!

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de – the synopsis and promo picture lied to me

Here’s my problem with this show. If the synopsis and promo picture didn’t emphasis the superpower aspect of the show, I think I might have enjoyed this more. But they did, and so I kept expecting something awesome and it never really happened. In the end, it was just your generic run of the mill club room slice of life show. The powers that they got served no purpose, so much so that if you removed it from the plot only two, maybe three episodes would take a hit. Plus, my favourite girl got pushed to the side when she seemed like someone with huge potential. The harem takeover was a bit much, but I did enjoy it enough to finish it. Hatoko’s freak out is definitely a must watch though.

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. – a parody show that understands that it’s a parody show

A parody show about fetishes. I shouldn’t like it and yet I did, even when the animation took a nose dive for episodes 8 and 9. The show doesn’t take itself seriously and some of the moments are just too silly that I can’t help but like it. The fact that Souji had a conversation with his twintail, who sounds like an old man, and regained his confidence after that pep talk was hilarious. It’s a fun show, as long as you don’t think too hard about it.

Psycho-Pass 2 – a disappointing sequel

As a standalone series, it was fine. But as a sequel, it fails to live up to its potential. By the time I finished this I was left feeling disappointed. I think the problem here is that a lot of the stuff that was established in the first seasons gets thrown out the window for reasons unknown. The Sybil system always had its issues, we knew that from when it failed to kill Makishima, but at least it was rational. For the most part. Here, it just seemed overly evil just to prove Kamui’s point. Only, what was his point exactly?

It doesn’t matter anymore, since the ending did a hard reset just in time for the movie release. Hopefully Gin actually has something to do there, because he did nothing here. There was one moment that I did find it funny. In the last episode Akane said, “You’re under arrest” to two people and they both ended up dying.

Selector Spread WIXOSS – a great addition to the series

Fantastic! This is what a sequel should be like. There are some plot holes, but I still loved every moment of this show.

Sword Art Online II – GGO, good. Calibur, meh. Mother’s Rosario, needed more episodes

I quite liked GGO and the character of Sinon. The idea of players from SAO’s murder guild coming back and killing people in real life actually makes a lot of sense. It does say something that they never got therapy, but what can you do. The Calibur arc was okay. Mother’s Rosario could have been better. Some of it was good, but some of it really needed more episodes to develop its story. After complaining that she got shafted since the second arc of the series, I was glad that Asuna actually had her own storyline.

Terra Formars – the manga is good

I wanted to like this a lot more than I did. The manga is so good, so when I heard that this would get an anime I was all for it. Only, the studio decided to focus more on action than the characters and plot. The Adolf arc was the turning point though and it was brilliant. Even though the animation took a hit, the emotions and story that Adolf shared was great to watch. The last episode was lazy though. Overall, it was just okay. Definitely read the manga though. It is amazing!

Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 12 – Ruko grows to Level 5

selector spread WIXOSS (5)

Final episode of Selector Spread WIXOSS and before I begin I’m trying to figure out if this will have a happy ending or not? I kind of feel like it will be bittersweet, but you never know. The last episode was pretty depressing. Hanayo fell in love with Kazuki and doesn’t want to continue doing Yuzuki’s wish because she loves them both. Because she is refusing to fulfill her role, she ends up at the hospital.

If the LRIG takes over your body, they have to complete your wish or they risk dying. That Mayu, she really was thorough when making the rules to this game. No matter what happens, you have to do your job or risk the ultimate consequence.

Kazuki knows the truth and he and Hitoe rush over to find out that Mayu has already passed away, but I found it kind of weird that they left a comatose Ruku on the hospital roof. Ruku is with Mayu in the white room and they’re battling, but then Yuki starts to fade away. Tama is still trapped and can’t get out of her prison to help Ruko.

The last episode was pretty depressing for everyone, except Ulith and Mayu. So let’s see what the final installment to this season has in store for us.

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Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 10 – Let it snow…

selector spread WIXOSS (7)

Last week’s episode sure was depressing. Chiyori lost, which meant that she’ll now lose all of her memories of WIXOSS and get her wish tainted. Thankfully, Ruko and Hitoe are there when she wakes up to help. Instead of being alone, she’ll have friends waiting for her, even if she can’t remember them.

Only, this is Chiyori and it doesn’t end up the way they thought it would. After Hitoe asks her if they can be friends, Chiyori runs away screaming that this isn’t possible as no one would want to be friends with her. She quickly leaves them, since she’s afraid that they’ll strip her of everything that she has.

selector spread WIXOSS (1)

Eldora is still in her card though, which is strange since I thought she’d have to leave and go to the next Selector. Ah I guess I spoke too soon again. She spoke a little bit, then popped out of her card and disappeared. I wonder if this will be the last time we’ll see Chiyori and Eldora? The two bright spots of the show are now gone.

Akira tells Ulith that she doesn’t want revenge for being a pawn to get at Ruko. Instead, she’s going to scar Ulith with her love, then heal her. She’ll become a LRIG and when she becomes human again, she’ll find Ulith and do the same thing over and over and over again. Ulith seems to find this amusing, but I bet she’s also nervous that Akira didn’t go down the same route as the other people she’s tormented. Nonetheless, she agrees to battle Akira. I think at this point, Akira really has no chance at winning. Tama is the Girl of Light and went to level five.

selector spread WIXOSS (4)

I kind of wonder what will happen to her if she does lose though. If her wish gets tainted, will she forget about Ulith all together? We don’t see much of the fight, but Dark Tama is back which means certain victory for Ulith.

We see Ulith looking shaken, which is weird because there’s no way for Akira to win. Well, colour me surprised because Ulith isn’t Ulith. The original Iona is back in her body. How though? The original Iona was a model too, but wished that she could stop being Iona.

She won and became an LRIG. She didn’t want to battle though, because her goal of not being Iona anymore was already granted. Mayu doesn’t like this though and wants Iona to do something. Scream, wail, curse, and/or complain about how she wants to be human again. But Iona is happy with the way things turned out and doesn’t wish to do anything. She still becomes a LRIG though, but also gains the hatred of Mayu in the process.

selector spread WIXOSS (6)

Iona was an LRIG to two Selectors, but both of them were weak and couldn’t fight so they naturally lost and had their wishes tainted. After all of the tears and heartache, she longed to go back to her original body. When it became hollow, she came back.

If the body was hollow though, then that means Ulith won and became an Eternal girl. But it also means that Tama refused to be human. She’s even more adamant that Ruko’s wish needs to happen so that everyone can be free of this game. Too bad that isn’t what Mayu wants to hear and has her locked up for it. Poor Tama.

selector spread WIXOSS (8)

LRIG Iona can no longer be called Iona, since original Iona is back being Iona so the girls give her the name Yuki. This comes after Iona talked about how she loved snow back when she was still with Mayu. When it snowed, it would make everything quiet and hide everything. It’s also really pretty. That’s why I like snow too. The quiet comfort it brings as you watch the snow fall. I love it. Except when I have to shovel it. My feelings start to wane then, but go back to normal once it snows again.

Even though snow seems lonely, it’s also pure. It starts off hiding everything, but once it leaves then new life starts to bloom. Does this mean Yuki will leave us at the end of the show, so that Ruko and the rest of the Selectors will be able to move on and start their new life?

selector spread WIXOSS (5)

And Hanayo is back! I’ve wanted to see her actually interact with the girls all season and next week it will finally happen. I know we’ve seen her say things here and there, but I don’ really count them. I kind of feel bad for Hanayo though, because it looks like she’s falling for Kazuki. If everyone goes back to their old bodies, I don’t really see Yuzuki sharing her brother. Then again, she may feel indebted towards Hanayo and decide to do a polygamy thing with her. I wonder how Kazuki will feel about that?

With two episodes left, we’re gearing up to the final climax and possible showdown between Ruko and Mayu. Even though Yuzuki is against Ruko going to the white room, she really has no choice now since Tama is trapped there. Will we get a happy ending, or will WIXOSS continue with Mayu not learning her lesson? I have no idea. But I can’t wait.

Hopefully we’ll also see the conclusion between Ulith and Akira.

Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 9 – Heartbreaking….

selector spread WIXOSS (5)

Aki-lovely just finished stabbing Ulith, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to stop battling. She needs to since her wish is to heal Ulith’s scar. Just wondering, if this wish gets tainted then I would what would happen. Would Ulith be even more evil, or will Akira become something that Ulith hates even more? If she wins though, can Ulith really be healed?

Hitoe is okay. I guess it looked worse than it felt. She just feels bad that Iona had to remember some sad memories. Iona, being the Girl of Black, doesn’t understand why they are so nice to her when they should technically hate her and Mayu for creating the Selector game. But even though they feel like Mayu shouldn’t be forgiven, they understand her pain.

Yuzuki speculates that Mayu’s wish is to have everyone know how it really feels to be lonely, which is why the girls become cards and get trapped in a secluded place where they can only talk when their Selectors allow it. And if you lose your wish, then you face the loneliness of knowing what could have been.

It’s still harsh, but it isn’t out of revenge to the world. She just wants everyone to understand her pain.

Ruko then says that if Tama and Iona are Mayu then that means Mayu can’t really be that bad of a person.

Ulith is okay, but instead of focusing on her health, despite the small wound, she taunts Tama and calls her vomit. It’s sad too, because Tama inquired about Ulith’s health and instead is made to feel bad for even speaking to her in the first place.

selector spread WIXOSS (2)

Chiyori seems to have lost her spirit after speaking with Fumio, but Eldora pushes her to continue battling even though Chiyori seems to have a losing record. Chiyori calls up Hitoe and Ruko and asks them to battle her, but before they can say yes or no Akira shows up and challenges her instead. Chiyori doesn’t want to, but gets egged on by Eldora.

….show, please don’t let Chiyori lose. Why do I feel like the show is going to let Chiyori lose?

What is Eldora thinking? She knows that Chiyori has no chance, but is still pushing her to continue to battle. Wait. Since Chiyori’s wish is to be a LRIG and remain in the WIXOSS world, maybe Eldora is doing this to protect her? If Chiyori loses again, then her wish will be tainted and she’ll forget everything that has to do with WIXOSS. It’s harsh, but it is the only way to protect her from the harsh realities of this game.

Chiyori agrees to battle, but before they can open the battleground Ruko drags her away. Akira wants to chase after them, but Iona calls her over and since she’s a sucker for Iona she waddles over there.

selector spread WIXOSS (4)

Hitoe realizes what I think Eldora wants to happen, so she agrees to fight Chiyori. Even though both Yuzuki and Eldora are strong, the odds are in Yuzuki’s favour. Chiyori doesn’t realize that her deck can’t stand up against the red one, but Eldora knows.


Eldora then asks Hitoe and the others to remain being Chiyori’s friend even after she loses. Even though she wants to lose for the sake of saving Chiyori, she’s still going to give it her all. The outcome is the same though, but it’s kind of heartbreaking to know that Chiyori and Eldora had this awesome relationship and only Eldora will remember it. Chiyori will go back to her old life and forget all about WIXOSS.

Hitoe did end up coming back though, so maybe Chiyori has a chance too?

Meanwhile, Tama feels a battle taking place and even though she knows talking to Ulith will only cause her pain, she still continues to do so. Even though Tama likes to battle, she doesn’t enjoy it when she’s with Ulith. The only problem is that if they continue winning, then Ulith can get her wish granted and Tama can be a human and be with Ruko. Do you help someone who is evil so that you can find happiness, or do you lose which will only bring pain to yourself and those you love?

Akira then shows up and says that she’s no longer Aki-lucky or Aki-lovely. She’s just Aoi Akira and will be the one who will beat and save Ulith. She has no chance though, so what is she thinking.

selector spread WIXOSS (9)

What a depressing episode, but it is something that had to happen in order to protect Chiyori. It just sucks that she’s going to forget Eldora and all of her time with her. I wonder who Eldora will end up with now? We know that LRIGs don’t die, they just go to the next girl, but I wonder who?

Akira facing off against Ulith has me conflicted. Do I want to see Ulith rehabilitated and be a nicer person, or do I want her to continue doing what she’s doing since she’s a pretty great villain. Unlike Mayu, who created this game because of extreme loneliness. Ulith is just crazy and likes seeing people in pain. She’s a grade A sociopath that should be stopped, but I kind of like having her around because she really doesn’t give a hoot about anything other than her own desires.

Only three episodes left and I have no idea how everything will get wrapped up. Maybe we’ll get a movie or a short OVA. Something though, because I don’t want things to end like this.




Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 8

selector (2)

That girl was all alone without knowing what being ‘alone’ meant.

Iona is still on the ground reeling from the punishment she received from Mayu. Even though she’s in pain and even though she knows that Mayu doesn’t want her to continue on with the story, Iona does just that. She knows that Mayu won’t kill her because she’s Mayu friend, child, and even Mayu herself.

Her story is actually kind of depressing. She lived in solitude without much contact with the outside world. Every so often toys, books, and other knick knacks would appear in her room. Sometimes she’d see the person (a maid) bring them in and other times she’d wake up and see them there. One day, she picked up a book and found out that there was more to life than her room.

One day, she got a WIXOSS card deck, but quickly realized that it’s a game meant for two people. We see two cards pop up, one of a silhouette of Tama and one that looked just like Ulith. As she was playing she ended up creating friends.

That’s actually pretty nice, because she didn’t have any friends. I smile when I saw that because someone like her needs people in her life. Too bad they were imaginary ones that no one else could see. For the one that looked like Tama, Mayu named her Shiro and called her the Girl of Light. For the one that looks like Ulith, Mayu named her Kuro and called her the Girl of Dark. Shiro was the good one while Kuro was the bad.

selector (1)

Shiro and Kuro…Mayu clearly is lacking in the naming department, eh?

Since they are imaginary, people looking at her thought she was a little…off. Or maybe being alone all the time warped her mind. Even though Mayu is having fun, I kind of like that Kuro and Shiro have very monotone like voices. There’s no real feeling to what they’re saying. Considering how Mayu has never really talked to anyone or had friends, it makes sense for them to be like this.

So how did the whole wish granting game come about? Well, as her bond with Shiro and Kuro continued to grow she started to play a certain game. This one involved Shiro and Kuro going to the outside world and bringing girls to Mayu. If they come, then their wishes will come true.

Again, it sounds sad but nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just the sayings of an extremely lonely girl who wants some contact with the outside world.

But then Mayu says that Shiro and Kuro will play WIXOSS the girls and whoever wins will be granted the wish of the girl they brought to Mayu. Then, that girl will be stuck in the world of cards and the only way to escape is for them to bring in another girl. If the girls lose, then their wishes are not granted.

selector (4)

Okay, this is a bit overboard, but I guess her desire to meet other people is just that strong. It’s a bit weird and kind of crazy, but it’s understandable.

Then Mayu has to add that the wish not being granted isn’t a big enough of a punishment. If the girls lose, then their wish is reversed. And thus the Selector battles were created and the rules are now in place.

I think this should serve as a warning to anyone that if you make someone alone all the time, they might go crazy and do things that ruin people’s lives. It’s just not worth it.

Those who won and those who lost surrounded Mayu, but the more she watched the girls play the more the colour left her world and everything became white. Shiro asks Mayu what her wish is. If you thought it was to have friends. You’d be wrong. If you thought it was to see the outside world, then you’d be wrong again.

If you said revenge on everyone who lives in the outside world, because they’re allowed to have wishes and be selectors then you’d be right. Seriously, she got messed up from not having any contact with the outside world. Really messed up.

So Ulith wasn’t Kuro, Iona was. After winning, she became Iona, but because she’s meant to battle and bring misery to the world she received an LRIG. It was Ulith, but she was in the form of Iona’s Kuro form. The reason why Iona wanted to keep fighting and find someone who loves to battle was because that’s what she was created to do.

Iona and Tama love battling, because that is what Mayu said that they’re meant to do. They’re simply dolls who are being played by Mayu, but they still care about her and want Mayu to be friends with everyone. Mayu won’t like that though and Ulith won’t either. Mayu really should have picked a better candidate than Ulith. Because of her, Tama will turn black.

Ulith enters Tama and level 5 happens for her.

If Tama stayed black then it would be fine, but she goes back to normal after beating Iona up. Ruko has just lost her first battle.

Ulith is happy with the outcome, because her win ended up causing the most damage to everyone. Too bad she broke Akira a bit too much, so the episode ends with Akira stabbing Ulith.

selector (8)

The previews have the return of Chiyori, which is nice since we need a little bit of happiness in the WIXOSS world. The episode was really good, but a lot of bad stuff happened. Mayu and the Selector game. Tama going to level 5, destroying Ruko’s game pod and beating up Iona. And then’s Akira who thankfully didn’t kill herself. I thought she would since Ulith broke her, but instead of doing anything to herself she stabs Ulith instead. I was kind of happy when that happened. She needed to brought down a few pegs and Aki-lovely was the best person to do it.

selector (7)

Amazing episode.

Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 7

Last week ended with Aki-lovely kidnapping a beaten Hitoe so she could drag Ru out from home. Ulith then showed up wanting a piece of the fun. I’m expecting a battle between Ru and Ulith though I have a feeling that it won’t end, just like the first time Iona and Ruko battled way back in the first season, but nonetheless it should be good.

Once Ulith arrives, Aki-lovely is excited that she was able to fulfill what Ulith wanted, but instead of getting a hug or even a pat on the head, she gets a knee in the gut. Ulith isn’t pleased by the state Hitoe is in and finds what Akira did to be a let down. Akira quickly grovels and begs Ulith to forgive her. She doesn’t.

selector spread wixoss - Ulith

Mayu has never seen anyone go beyond Level 5 before. It doesn’t sit right with her because Iona is the Girl of Dark while Tama is the Girl of Light. Plus, it’s not possible for dark to long for the light. She soon comes to understand that Ruko is the one thing that made the two LRIGs light up. Instead of being annoyed by this, like I thought she would be, she seems to embrace it since their stories will get more interesting.

As for Ulith, she simply has no heart. The only reason she’s angry with Akira is because she wasn’t pleased that Hitoe’s face was bruised. To her, scars should be in places that can’t be seen from the outside. Somewhere that is softer, so it’s easier to scar. Akira, who has a visible scar, stops listening after hearing that scarring a place that is visible to the public is unsightly.

selector spread wixoss - ulith

So why is Ulith so heartless? To her, she loves breaking beautiful things because, “All things are most brilliant when they’re being broken.” That sounds like someone who use to kill insects and small animals as a child. Ah…she did like killing bugs until they went cold in her hands.

Ulith then shows off her jumping skills by leaping backwards and get to the other side of Hitoe. That’s pretty talented. If she honed that skill she could have done great things, instead she became a psychopath. She doesn’t hurt Hitoe though, because that’s not her style. She likes making her targets hate themselves to the point that they’re willing to take their own lives. Psychological warfare is the game that Ulith likes to play and from what we’ve see her do to Akira, she’s a master at her craft.

When she was younger, she got caught doing this, so she had to behave herself and be a good little girl. The desire to do something horrible was so strong that Mayu made her a Selector. Seems kind of risky though. I mean, what exactly are the requirements to be a Selector? Is the only condition to have a strong wish? If so, then Mayu really needs t have better rules in place to protect people from psychopaths.

selector spread wixoss - Ulith

As a Selector Ulith was happy destroying everyone’s dream and making them feel hopeless. She was good at what she did and loved doing it. If we all thought Akira was horrible to find out the wishes of the girls and then use it to torture them in battle, then Ulith was 10 times worse. She actively tried to destroy them and make their wishes never come true. She wanted nothing more than to do this forever and ever, which is why her wish was to become a LRIG. Mayu, for some strange reason, seemed okay with it, because she wanted Ulith to be Iona’s LRIG.

Ulith really wants to battle Ruko so she can hear the sound of her heart breaking. If Ruko wins, then she’ll feel bad for hurting Tama and hurting Iona. If Ruko loses, then she’ll still feel bad for fighting Tama, hurting Iona, and not saving Hitoe. No matter what happens, Ruko will suffer just like Ulith wants.

The fight is pretty evenly matched and what’s great is that Ruko and Tama are both taking this seriously. I love how the show isn’t making them misunderstand each other; they’re simply dealing with the cards they have been dealt with. Tama wants Hitoe to be saved, but she doesn’t want to cheapen Ruko’s win. If Ru is taking things seriously, then Tama has to do the same because that’s what a friend would do.

Meanwhile, Akira is still hurt by the words that Ulith said but she’s now even more shocked by how happy Ulith looks. She’s never seen Ulith ever look this way before and starts to question whether Ulith really loved her. She keeps repeating that Ulith loves Aki-lovely, but it’s clear that Ulith has officially broken Akira. I wonder what this means for her now?

Level 5 happens again, but is it enough to stop Ulith? Not fully, but Tama understands that she might lose due to the combined strength of Iona and Ruko. Despite this knowledge, she’s happy that Hitoe will be saved. Hearing this makes Iona certain that Tama is the Girl of Light. She then tells us the story of the original girl. The Girl of Solitude (that name isn’t used by the show, but I’m going to use that here).

“There once was a certain girl. She was in solitude from the moment she was born into this world. She didn’t know the world outside and was neither loved nor touched by anyone. Ever and ever, she lived a life in solitude that felt like an eternity.”

selector spread wixoss - mayu

This Girl of Solitude is the original girl. If you recall Futase Fumio’s words she said that the Girl of Light and the Girl of Dark were originally one and the same. They were both from the Girl of Solitude. That girl is Mayu and she is the mother of all the LRIGs.

How does Iona know all this? Did Ulith tell her? How did Ulith find out? I don’t think Mayu would have wanted anyone to know the truth about the Girl of Solitude, so how did her secret come to be known?

Mayu isn’t all too pleased by this and with a closed fist Iona is down on the ground clutching her body in pain. Iona has been a bad girl and needed to be disciplined by her mom.

The previews show Ulith in her LRIG form so maybe we’ll get a bit of a back story with Iona and Ulith and how they came together? I think Tama will get tainted by darkness too. Since Ruko brings forth light from Iona, Ulith will bring out the darkness in Tama. I don’t know if Mayu will be happy with this. She wanted Tama to be in pain, but did she want Tama to turn grey?

If only she had better conditions in placed for Selectors.


Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 6

The show starts with Mayu retelling the Girl of White and Girl of Black stories to Fumio in her LRIG state. Mayu then ends the story by saying that the Girl of Black and the Girl of White were original one and the same.

selector spread wixoss (4)

Futase Fumio questions Iona on whether she is indeed the Girl of Black. Iona doesn’t say anything, but he chest does start to light up, but no one notices anything except her. We know that Iona’s colours are black, so she’s probably the Girl of Black, but if we’re going by that logic then that means Tama is the Girl of White. Seems like Ruko has the same thought since she pictures Tama when she hears the words, “Girl of White.”

Meanwhile, we get a scene of Ulith and Akira modelling it up.

Ulith then asks Akira to do something for her and Aki-lovely readily agrees because she doesn’t want to be dumped.

For some strange reason, and I had this feeling last week, I think Ulith is the original Futase. I’m probably wrong, but after hearing the story last week I suspect that Ulith has a connection to Futase in some way. I’m just not sure how exactly though.

Futase Fumio’s LRIG says, “A wish truly begins when one believes that it was fulfilled. It can’t be realized until it is fulfilled. Until death.” This makes it seem like the LRIGs that take over the bodies of their Selectors don’t just fulfill the wish made by the Selector. It’s more like a curse, since the desire to complete this task and never feel satisfied by it continues to push them. Plus, they’re forced to live as someone else, so they lose themselves in the process and forget who they once were.

Futase Fumio is so caught up with being a novelist for Futase’s sake, that she became a Selector again so she could go back to the white room and meet Mayu again. That way, she’ll get more material for her novels. She then challenges Hitoe and Chiyori even though both of them refuse to battle her. She then goes back to writing like a zombie.

selector spread wixoss (5)

I thought LRIGs had it tough, but becoming human again seems just as bad….I love it!

As they walk away, Chiyori leaves the girls behind. Yuzuki says it’s probably due to the shock of finding out the truth behind one of her favourite authors. Yuzuki then says that this is why they need to stop the battles, but Ruko has already decided that she’ll keep battling in order for her dream to be realized.

She can’t save anyone by being passive, so it’s nice to see her being proactive now. She goes to thank Iona, but Iona is on gasping for air and seems to have been shaken quite a bit.

Iona sees Mayu, who taunts her about being the Girl of Black. I don’t know what Mayu’s plan is, but she really likes seeing these girls in pain.

selector spread wixoss (10)

Since it’s getting late, Hitoe leaves Ruko and heads home. Before she does, she leaves Yuzuki with Ruko. Yuzuki is hoping that they’ll get the chance to question Iona about Mayu once she’s recovered from whatever it is that ails her.

As Hitoe is heading home, Aki-lovely stops her and tells her that they need to battle. Since Hitoe left Yuzuki with Ruko, she can’t really do anything. I was expecting Hitoe to let Akira walk all over her, but she actually puts up a bit of a fight. Akira then starts freaking out, because by Hitoe being card free Ulith’s plan happen. If it doesn’t happen, Akira will be dumped. And if Akira is dumped, then she’ll lose all her self worth.

While the freak out is happening, Hitoe just looks on in horror.

selector spread wixoss (11)

Aki-lovely then decides the best course of actions is to simply kidnap Hitoe and drag Ruko out for a battle. It works and the episode ends with Ruko getting ready to battle Akira. But what’s this? Ulith decides to join the party as well.

In the next episode it looks like we’ll see a battle and Tama. Not sure who Ruko will be fighting against though, but at least we’ll get to see another fight.

I’m really curious to see how all of these characters will start linking up to one another. I especially want to know who Ulith is and why she’s deviating from whatever Iona wanted. She has to be connected to Mayu, but in what way? Speaking of Mayu, I wonder why she started Selectors and LRIGs in the first place, when it’s clear that it brings nothing but harm and sadness. I also want to know what happened with Futase and how she must feel knowing that when she was writing no one wanted to touch her books, but with Fumio writing, she’s now a best selling author. That’s got to hurt.

As you can see, I still have a lot of questions. Can’t wait for the show to start answering them. I have a feeling that the level of craziness is only just beginning.

Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 5

selector spread wixoss (1)

Last time, Ru, Hitoe, and Chiyori went off to meet Futase Fumio, the author of a widely successful novel about Selectors. They want to know the truth behind everything, well Ru and Hitoe want to know the truth behind everything so they can save everyone, while Chiyori just wants to battle and meet her favourite author.

Unfortunately for them, Futase Fumio refuses to answer anything unless someone battles her. To make matters worse, she’s never lost a match before…just like Ru! Does this mean that Ru can finally have her moment to shine and stop acting like a moopey stick in the mud?

Yes. Yes it does.

selector spread wixoss (2)

But she doesn’t give in right away and she doesn’t even accept the match until Chiyori rushes up to challenge Futase Fumio. Since Chiyori already lost twice, if she loses again her wish gets tainted, so Ruko steps up to the plate to help a friend out.

The fight starts off like how it did with Akira. Ruko is still indecisive and annoying and letting Iona get hurt a lot. Everyone realizes that she’s not using her full potential, so Futase Fumio decides to go all out. That still does nothing, it’s actually Iona who wakes Ruko up and tells her that she won’t be able to save anyone if she continues behaving like this. Ruko, the way that she is now, can’t even save Tama.

That’s enough for Ruko to finally go back to being an overpowered battle freak that we’ve all come to know and love! And thank God for that. I was getting annoyed by the girls constantly saying that they want to save everyone, without actually doing anything. They just wallowed in their own sadness and instead of helping one another, they encouraged their lack of drive.

Even though battling and Selectors and LRIGs have something terribly wrong with them, the only way to do anything about it is to reach Mayu and you can’t do that unless you battle. 

It took five episodes, but Ruko is finally battling again. Her determination also came as she told Iona to Grow once again, taking Iona from a Level 4 to a Level 5. That’s never happened before. No one goes to level 5. No one, until now. I wonder what is so special about Ruko that she’s able to bring out the best out of her LRIGs?

selector spread wixoss (4)

Chiyori is amazed by this and mentions how it’s also cliched once again. Before continuing, can I just say how much I love this character. Normally, she’d annoy me, but she really is a delight to watch.

Since Ru won, I wonder how Tama will feel. I’m sure Ru and Ulith will have to fight soon, so I’m interested in seeing how that plays out. For now, Futase Fumio agrees to tell the girls what she knows about Selectors, but to do that, she first needs to reveal a very shocking truth.

Turns out that Futase Fumio was an LRIG before and she’s simply trying to fulfill the wish of her former Selector. Like Tama, she didn’t know her real name from before, so the real Fumio named her Futase. Fumio wanted to be a writer, but refused to fight in battles because she felt like her wish would be tainted if it wasn’t done by her own hands.

Futase lets us know that Fumio had to be lying though, because only those who have a wish they want to see attained get an LRIG and become a Selector. Still, the two grew closer and soon Futase wished for Fumio’s happiness. But this is Selector, so we know that things will get bad enough for her to start fighting. Her home life is in shambles and her dream keeps resulting in rejection letters, so she decides to fight. Thinking that this is the only way for her wish to come true.

selector spread wixoss (5)

Unfortunately for her, she finds out the hard way of what happens when you keep winning. When Futase and Fumio make the pledge and start making their way to the white window, Fumio looks on in horror as Futase’s voice starts to change into Fumio. Before they go through, Futase (in Fumio’s voice) promises Fumio that she’ll make her dream come true.

Poor Fumio. All she wanted was to achieve writing success by her own hands and leave her troubled life at home and instead, her LRIG made that dream possible. What a harsh way of finding out the truth and what a harsh way of knowing that your LRIG had better talent than you.

Poor Fumio. I hope we get to see her later on. I wonder who got her and if she became another girl?

After the back story is done, As Futase tells the girls what Mayu said in the white room.

“The Girl of White had a very beautiful, good heart. On the other hand, the Girl of Black had a very unsightly, evil heart. The Girl of Black envied and hated the ever happy and smiling Girl of White and thought of erasing her very existence.”

Girl of Black? Ulith was black, but the only one that is at the moment is Iona, so Fumio asks Iona if she is the Girl of Black. I was a bit surprised that she asked that. I was wondering if she would notice that Iona looks exactly like the model. But if Iona is the Girl of Black, then what does that make Ulith. This definitely makes her connected to Mayu and Tama, but how exactly?

selector spread wixoss (6)

Speaking of Mayu, she ends the episode by saying, “Don’t Iona. The Girl of Black can’t become the Girl of White. Longing of Such will dirty you to a shade of gray.”

Mayu is creepy and I think I’m loving it. I don’t know if she’s good or bad, but I craziness makes me want to see more from her. Even in the preview for the next episode made me love her even more. It’s basically Mayu saying, “Girl of Black. Girl of Dark.” over and over again. It’s so creepy. And I love it!

Another great episode. Ru is battling again. We learned some new information about Selectors. And Mayu is everything. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 4

Episode 4 of Selector Spread WIXOSS came out awhile ago, but I only got to watch it now. Yay! Seems like in the next episode we’ll finally get to see Ru and Iona fight together. I know they kind of did when Ru was against Aki-lovely, but Ru was clearly not in it to win it. Judging by the preview, she’ll be serious. Obviously Ru/Iona not going to be as strong as Ru/Tama, but I’m still excited to see what they’ll do.

Chiyori - Selector Spread WIXOSS

Lots of things happened in this episode. We got a fight that actually ended properly. Some insight into WIXOSS. And met a new Selector/author.

Eldora and Tama fight, but it’s clearly one-sided in Tama’s favour. Even though Tama isn’t enjoying her time fighting, she quickly overpowers Eldora and gets Ulith a win. I’m not sure what Ulith is planning, not even Iona knows at this point, but it’s clear that she has a plan in place to mess with everyone.

Since Chiyori lost her second game, things are a bit dangerous with her. Thankfully, my favourite character is still in good spirits. To her, even though she’s lost twice, she’s also won three times so her wish can come true at any moment. The girls try to warn her about what will happen, but she doesn’t care. Chiyori is ready to become a LRIG and even has her costume and name ready.

Chorizo de Ibéricoña The Second

Everyone in this season has been really down in the dumps, so Chiyori really is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise sad and despondent room. Aki-lovely did also seem happy, but that’s on a whole nother crazy level. With Chiyori, it just seems genuine and happy. Hopefully her good nature rubs off on Ru, Hitoe, and Yuzuki and actually gets them to be more proactive. I understand why they don’t want to go into battles, but if they want to change the system and help others, including themselves, then they really need to do something instead of mope around.

Thankfully, Chiyori pushes them to the right direction by letting us know about a book that she absolutely loves. Even though the book doesn’t mention Selectors or LRIGS, everything about the story, the fairy girls, getting your wishes granted, Mayu, and the white room, is eerily similar to the WIXOSS game. So Ru, Hitoe, and Yuzuki use the internet to find the author and contact her.

Iona also goes back to Aki-lovely and asks for her help once again. Aki-lovely is really creepy. Aki-lucky was a psycho, but Aki-lovely is something else. I think that she knows that she’s being used by Ulith, but she doesn’t care. The illusion of having someone love you is enough for her, which is kind of sad when you think about it. Meanwhile, Ru, Hitoe, and Chiyori meet with Futase Fumio, the author of the book Chiyori has.

From the preview, it seems like Fumio is also a Selector and challenges Ru to a battle. I’m excited for that! Hopefully it is good.

Futase Fumio

As a whole, there was some really good plot development here, but we’re still in the dark about everything. Mayu has a plan, but what is it? Ulith has a plan, but who knows what that is? Iona said that her wish is almost fulfilled, but so far we only know part of it.

Speaking of Iona, I kind of felt bad for her in this episode. It is her fault that she’s in this situation, but constantly being ignored and then hearing how Ru and Tama were the best has to be annoying her. Iona finds friends annoying, so I’m sure her character arc will involve her finding out the true meaning of friendship and love.

I’m curious as to how Mayu determines who is capable of being a Selector. I wonder why she allowed Hitoe, Akira, and Ulith to be Selectors again? Does this mean Hanayo might show up again? I wonder how Yuzuki’s brother will feel about being in a relationship with someone who isn’t his sister?