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Anime 2014 – The Misses

With the 2014 anime season now gone, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and mention my favs, my misses, and my surprises of the year. This is going to be hard, because there were a lot of great animes that came out, so I’m not sure what to pick. It’s easier to just talk about the animes I didn’t like, so let’s start with that.

The Misses:

Wizard Barristers Benmashi Cecil

wizard barristers - benmashi cecil (9)

Wow, I completely forgot about this anime. I think the most disappointing thing about Wizard Barristers Benmashi Cecil is that it had a lot of potential, but it didn’t know what to do with it. Not only do we get a weak plot, but the animation became so bad that it actually ruined the story. A pretty important character died and we don’t see anything. His father killed him and no emotion. He died protecting Cecil, and she just looks around and does nothing.

That…that doesn’t even make sense. The picture above is the only thing we see, for the entire scene. I think that says it all really.

Psycho-Pass 2

psycho pass 2

After the first season, I was expecting a lot from Psycho-Pass 2. Even if the original writers weren’t a part of this, I still thought that it would work out. How wrong I was. How oh so very wrong. As a standalone show, it’s not bad. If you knew nothing about the Psycho-Pass world, then it’s not that bad. The plot doesn’t really make sense, but it does have elements that make you keep watching.

But if you watched the first season, then Psycho-Pass 2 is just a mess. Not only do we get a rehash of a villain who can’t get picked up by the system, but Kamui is a poor man’s Makishima. He says that he wants to reform the system, but at the end it’s mostly about revenge. I don’t understand why the Sybil System wanted to turn Akane black. To kill her? Why when she said that she’d work with them back in the first seasons? Why were the officers able to keep their cool after killing so many people? I just don’t get it. Everything we learned from the first seasons gets pushed aside, but by the end it doesn’t matter because we’re back to the beginning. I think that’s what annoys me more. If the season is now at a reset, then what’s the point of this season?

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Like Psycho-Pass 2, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren is another sequel that I was hyped for but left me disappointed. At least with Psycho-Pass 2, I can still watch the movie and ignore that seasons since it wasn’t written by the same writers from the first one. I can’t really do that here.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren is a show that I thought I wanted, but made me dislike the series. Rikka and Yuuta’s relationship, at the same place. They have problems, but quickly get over it. The biggest obstacle for them, other than Rikka’s stubbornness of not using her Chuunibyou to run away from her problems, is Shichimiya. She’s a new character that was friends with Yuuta back when he was always the Dark Flame Master. She also has feelings for Yuuta, but it’s okay because she solves the problem herself.

That’s right. Yuuta and Rikka never have to deal with a third party that would make their relationship stronger, because the new character does everything herself. That’s why Shichimiya was the best thing on this show. She’s a chunni like Rikka, but is able to set it aside from time to time to just be herself. She’s mature, she’s cool, but she’s way too good for this show. Even though I loved her, her entire arc didn’t really need to be here. It didn’t hinder, change, or do anything to the other characters so it was useless.

What I hated the most was how Makoto, Yuuta’s only guy friend, got shafted. He use to be part of the gang and in this seasons got pushed to be a one scene per episode gag. That’s not right.

Mahou Sensou

mahou sensou (5)

This anime now makes me wary of magical school themed shows. When Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei came out, I watched one episode and couldn’t finish because I kept thinking of Mahou Sensou. When Trinity Seven came out, I watched one episode and thought “This looks stupid,” and then remembered Mahou Sensou.

It’s not because of the lack of noses. It’s not because the main character is annoying and that the others are useless. It’s because nothing made sense.Why did the mom let her two sons hate each other when she was the one to blame? Why does no one use their power? You have a magical sword, why do you insist on doing kendo?? What is the point of another school, when you don’t even go to it? What is the point in anything?


I’ve talked about this show before, but it still gets me annoyed whenever I think about it. I thought Mahou Sensou was bad, but nothing compares to Pupa. The sad thing is that I was actually looking forward to this adaptation, since I’ve read some of the manga. It’s not the greatest thing, but the horror aspect is quite nice.

Then the previews started and I got nervous. It seemed like the studio would be pushing the whole incest vibe of the little sister eating her brother. While that does happen in the story, I feel like that’s pretty much all we got here. Their parents didn’t play a role in the anime. And while we saw their dad a lot, the show never told us who he was. There’s so many things cut out from the manga, things that make the characters actually feel real and not just cardboard cut outs.

Maybe we were graced with Pupa so that Mahou Sensou doesn’t look so bad in comparison? In any case, Pupa is the worse anime of 2014 for me. Maybe of all time?


Now with that out of the way, I can talk about my favourites and what surprised me.

Wizard Barristers episode 12

After the last two episodes, I wasn’t really looking forward to this. Bad animation, coupled with awkward mouth movements, rushed plot, and things happening for no reason…well, I was just hoping that the last episode would make me remember why I liked this show.

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil (1)

At the tail end of the last episode Shimon, who just tried to kill Cecil and succeeded in killing his son,  just asked Cecil to represent him in court.

Cecil contemplates about whether she should defend the man who tried to murder her, so she decides to meet with him. He gives her a great BS spiel on how he’s a changed man and how he’s already lost everything, including his son….even though he’s the one who killed him.

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil (3)

This doesn’t seem to faze Cecil, until Shimon says, “I’ll reveal what happened six years ago.” Due to Cecil’s love for her mom and her dream to free her, she agrees to defend Shimon. She’s naive that one.

The trial starts and Shimon, because this was obvious from the very start, has no plans on making it easy for Cecil and got one of his cronies to help him out. How? By being the prosecutor and not pushing the law on this case.

Things happen, he accuses Cecil of killing Shizumu and then goes crazy after she has something he wants. He decides to use magic to destroy her, gets placed in jail, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil (6)

Some of the questions I had were never solved. Shimon is clearly not saying anything, so the situation surrounding Cecil’s mom is still up in the air. Moyo’s real self never really reveals itself again and Cecil only questions right at the end of the episode. WUDs and humans still hvae a hard time, so even though this case may be over the situation would be worse for WUDs. Lots of people want WUDs to die and leave.

BUT! One of my questions was solved. This show doesn’t have a problem with blood, so when the judge was shot he never bleed. It was weird to me. In this episode, it’s revealed he wore a bullet proof jacket to protect himself. Good for him and it definitely explains why he didn’t bleed, but…considering what we know about Shimon I wonder how he overlooked this? It was dark, but I don’t know how that would work as an excuse here. I suppose since he was close to his goal, he became power hungry and didn’t really care about results, but that still doesn’t sound right. Someone like Shimon wouldn’t walk away from shooting someone without confirming that they’re dead.

Wizard Barristers - Benmashi Cecil (4)

I mean, this is the same guy who repeatedly shot his son just to confirm that Shizumu was dead.

The animation did get better though, but everything still felt rushed. It was okay, but I was hoping for something better.