Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari – the town’s people are the worst

I’ve never played Chain Chronicle, but the show sounded interesting enough that I decided to take a gamble and check it out. In it, we’re instantly thrown into a world where a Black King is trying to corrupt the light in people’s lives and take over the world. Our heroes, who try to stop him, fail. Not only do they fail, but they fail badly.

It’s almost like the band of merry men and women reached level fifty and thought that they were now strong enough to face the Black King, only to discover that the King has a level of over 9000. He’s also the final boss and someone you had no business going against since you’re still on part two of the story when you still have parts three, four and five to play through.

This is definitely a unique spin on the classic good vs evil story that most rpgs of this nature follow. Once the heroes face off against the big baddy, you almost expect the heroes to save the day. Only they don’t. And all of this happens in the first episode.


Our heroes have nothing else to do, but to regroup and try again. They have no choice, because that is what heroes do. They save the day. That level of burden that is on the shoulders of our main hero, Yuri, is a burden that causes him to go to the dark side. The bad guys don’t really play fair here and target people’s insecurities in order to have them succumb to their own darkness and fall.

It’s fantastic and I really love the mind games and psychological nature that this show is trying to display here.

Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari has a lot of good things going for it, but if I was going to be perfectly honest here….there’s one thing on this show that I hate.

The town’s people.


So the heroes lose and the darkness is starting to grow heavier and heavier in this world. Crops and livestock are dying, people are getting restless, and slowly starting to lose hope. It’s hard out there for regular people, so they have a lot of built up frustrations over what they’re going through. And to be fair, it’s completely understandable for them to be testy and angry about the world falling.

But the level of vitriol that they show towards the heroes is disgusting. The heroes didn’t have to go out and save the day, but they tried their best and lost. And even then, they’re still going to go back and fight again. It’s not like they’ve completely given up. The town’s people, on the other hand, decide to vent their frustrations on the heroes by insulting them, belittling them, throwing mud at them, and causing riots.

It’s completely selfish and disgusting behaviour from people who did nothing but sit on their behinds and wait for the heroes to save them. Ahhh! I hate them so much!

The fact that they can be so cruel and allow their fears and anger to manifest in this manner, but still not turn black shows how horrible these people are. If it were any other group of people, their darkness would have been enough for them to turn black and become a demon for the Black Army. But the fact that this doesn’t happen shows that even the Black King doesn’t want them.


In episode four, some of the town’s people from Juliana’s kingdom start rioting in an effort to join the black army since there’s no hope left. So in episode six, Juliana decides to take control of the situation and become Queen. She then gives a speech and then they all settle down. Which is great and stuff, but this also annoyed me because these people are so fickle.

I do understand their worries and internal conflict, since they live in a world where the food supply is low and the Black Army could show up at any point and kill them, but why take it out on the people who are trying to save you? The fact that the heroes haven’t abandoned them is a testament of their good nature, because I would have said “Peace” a long time ago.

And perhaps this is what frustrates me the most about the town’s people.

They know that they need to be saved and expect the heroes to do it, but they still feel high and mighty enough to attack the same heroes and blame all of the world’s problems on them. The level of arrogance here is too much.

I’m not saying that they can’t be angry. In fact, it’s absolutely fine for them to be angry and afraid and let it their fears get the best of them. That’s normal human behaviour that happens when you’re going through the stages of grief, but these people just go overboard and it’s horrible to watch. Attacking the heroes is one thing that they shouldn’t do, especially if they want to be saved at the end of the day.


Then again, this is all part of the burden that the heroes have to face since they decided to become the heroes of the story. Not only do they have to fight against their own demons and the Black Army, but they also have to deal with the frustrations and fears from the people they are trying to save.

Sometimes being a hero sucks….


6 thoughts on “Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari – the town’s people are the worst

  1. Karandi

    I think Chain Chronicle has done an excellent job of pointing out that being a hero sucks. Yuri’s whole story so far seems to be around the pressure put on him because he was meant to be the hero. It’s definitely the one different thing it seems to be doing given everything else is just straight fantasy.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I agree. When things go well, then being a hero isn’t too bad. But once things go bad, it just gets unbearable.

      I don’t blame Yuri for turning black. He did try to maintain his sanity, but almost killing his teammate did push him over the edge.

      Most of the characters just need therapy, but I don’t know if that would be fun to watch. :p

        1. mochirochi Post author

          Don’t underestimate the power of anime. It seems to have an amazing ability and making anything, like making a dictionary for example, look amazing.

          1. Karandi

            That’s true. So Hero Therapy Wars might come to an anime season soon. I have to admit, I’d probably watch the first episode.

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