Nakata Sae (Amagami SS) vs. Miyamae Tooru (Seiren) vs. Nanasaki Ai (Amagami SS)

Seiren’s eighth episode has come and gone and that can only mean one thing.

It’s time for a romance showdown.

The girls up this time are Nakata Sae and Nanasaki Ai from Amagami SS and Miyamae Tooru from Seiren. All of these girls have one thing in common. They’re all friends with the hero’s sister.

Guidelines I’ll follow:

The Girls – how are they and do I like their personalities
The Romance – did I feel the love and did it feel authentic
Was it a satisfying ending – was it a nice payoff
Overall – who did I like best

The Girls

saeAt first, her shyness was kind of too much. The quiet voice along with her fear of people was really annoying. How could someone survive that long? I mean, I’m also quiet but interacting with people, but it’s something we’re all forced to do because of life. However, by the end of her arc I did end up enjoying what we saw of Sae. When she wants something, she takes charge and that’s kind of admirable. She’s shy, but not when it comes to romance or vending machines.

tooruI was able to relate to her right away and found her likable enough. She’s a gamer who doesn’t really have anyone to play with or talk to about her vices. I can easily understand this because none of my real life friends like animes or dramas or video games, so I don’t have anyone that I can talk to about these things. Unlike me, Tooru finds Shoichi and now has someone. Not me though…never me. 😦

aiThe moment she showed up, I liked her. She reminded me of Kaoru a bit with her teasing of Junichi, but it never felt out-of-place or too much. Also, after seeing Sae’s quiet and timid nature, it was kind of refreshing to have Ai’s story follow it since she’s more straightforward and open. The two girls are similar though in that they’re both very forward when it comes to Junichi.


I instantly felt a connection with Tooru and Ai’s personality won me over.

The Romance

saeEven though Junichi is the more outgoing one in this pair, Sae was the one who took the lead in this relationship. I wasn’t expecting that, but I did like her forwardness when it came to love. The more she realized her feelings for him, the bolder she got when it spending time with him. It was definitely a change when compared to Junichi’s last two relationships.

Sae also had help from her narrator, who let us know just how crafty Sae is when it comes to love.

tooruHmm….the romance aspect didn’t really come through until the final episode and it felt very rushed when it happened. Shoichi fell hard for Tooru the moment she showed up, but Tooru remained indifferent until the end. For most of the arc, it just felt like she was happy to have someone talk to and play games with, which isn’t a bad thing, but it doesn’t help bring the feels into the romance.

It also didn’t help that Hikari was featured in this arc too as a past friend of Tooru. Each time she showed up, I kept thinking that she had more chemistry with Shoichi even though the story wasn’t about them.

aiPerhaps this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but out of the four arcs that I’ve seen in Amagami SS, this was probably the weakest one. It’s not really Ai’s fault though, because we did get to see why she fell in love with Junichi….but it felt very one-sided to me. For the other romances, Junichi played more of a role when it came to the girls, but here he seemed to just be around and not really care all that much.

Maybe he didn’t have much of a chance, since all of their development was taken away due to the oden stall that they had to work in.



Nakata Sae

Even though I like Tooru and Ai better than Sae, the romance was disappointing from both due to someone’s lack of interest. It felt way too one-sided, while Sae had the right amount of love from both sides. Plus, even though the narrator was hit and miss with most people, I liked it. It really helped push the romance forward and provide some cute and funny moments between the two.

Was it a Satisfying Ending?

saeSo this ending left me with some mixed feelings. They did get together and we even got a Steven Spielberg cameo, or at least I think that was meant to be Steven Spielberg, and the two of them are definitely cute together…but the ending of their arc felt like it was missing something. They did confess to one another, but they were practically together since the second episode of their story, so there was no real tension about would they or wouldn’t they here.

Sae wanted Junichi and made sure to bagged him before he had a chance to confess.

tooruWell, it did end and we did see the two of them married with a child too. Good for them, I guess. But in terms of it being a satisfying ending, then I think it kind of failed in that department. Sure it was sweet when they finally confessed their feelings, but it happened at the end when it really needed more development to help push the romance forward. We got fan service and Hikari, but not a lot of love. Like I mentioned before, it seemed like Tooru’s feelings for Shoichi just happened for the sake of the story.

And why did he become a bus driver? And why did she become a kindergarten teacher?

aiThey hooked up and I think it’s implied that they had sex here, but I can’t say that this was a satisfying ending because it felt like Junichi’s confession was empty. When he declared his love for Ai, I was wondering where this love came from and if he just falls in love with girls because they give him a little attention. Granted, it’s been sixteen episodes and the answer to this question is Yes, Junichi tends to fall in love with anyone who gives him a smidge of attention, but at least it felt like he put in a little work when it came to the relationships. Not so much here.

So when he said, “I love you” I just rolled my eyes because it didn’t ring true.



Nakata Sae

This is more out of default, since there were problems with everyone’s ending. Oh, I should mention that the best part of Sae’s arc was the penguin costume. I want one too. It looked comfortable.


Out of the three, I think Sae’s arc had the most romance to it, but it still felt like it was missing something. Ai’s arc was lacklustre, because Junichi didn’t show up. And we didn’t get much romance from Tooru either. So I guess Sae wins by default…

Nakata Sae

Nakata Sae


Not sure what happened during this round, but each story felt like it was lacking something. I guess this is a lesson that you shouldn’t fall in love with your sibling’s friends, or you’ll get rushed endings and one-sided loves…unless there’s a narrator around to help push your love forward.

Six girls down, three more to go and then we’re done. I wasn’t expecting things to end so soon, but all good things have to end.


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