Captain Planet and His Idol Dietwoman are here to save the day!

Recession! Poverty! Ever-increasing inequality! Japan, no, the world is in a dark age!

It’s been years since Captain Planet helped Gaia rid the world of evil doers, but in his absence (due to cancellation) the world has grown darker and sicker.

He can’t ask Gaia to kidnap teenagers anymore, because the world has changed and he’d get sued and face jail time due to child trafficking. So he found a solution.


Everyone wants to be an idol and you can shirk around child labour laws in order to make it happen. So, through various companies, he’s helped create Planeteers…only due to copyright laws he has to name them Idol Dietwoman. And he can only focus on Japan right now, because he has to start small before taking on the world. The world is vastly different from the 90s.

In any case Captain Planet and his Idol Dietwomen are here to save the day! So how was his new show for it’s first three episodes?

In Episode 1, we saw a corrupt politician die due to laughing when eating. Bad for him, but good for us because this opened up an opportunity to recruit an Idol Dietwoman. We don’t really solve world hunger, but we do see a budding friendship start to bloom and learn a very valuable lesson. When sad, always remember that you can count on your friends.

idol-jihen1The other lesson is to not eat while laughing, because you’re going to choke and die. Then again, he was a corrupt politician so are we suppose to feel bad that he died? Maybe Captain Planet planned this so we’d get a new planeteer dietwoman.

In Episode 2, we get to meet another group of Idol Dietwomen and finally get to see a real issue. Pollution and garbage dumping. I remember listening to an episode of Reveal about a dumping ground for used electronics in China that really did a number on the people living there. The world has too much garbage due to people’s desire for stuff and it’s the little people who suffer the most because of it.

idol-jihen1So the idols sing and paint the garbage and the world is saved. Does this make sense in the grand scheme of things? Not really. I mean the garbage will still keep coming and if the paint isn’t environmentally friendly, then you risk adding more chemicals to the soil which could then run off into the water….But at least everyone is happy and that’s all that matters. For now at least. Maybe 10 or 20 years down the line someone will complain, but that’s another problem for another day.

Finally, in Episode 3 we face a problem that is truly horrible. It’s something so devastating that I’m having a hard time typing because of it. The cats are missing because the politician, aptly named Nekoshima, absolutely hates cats. They’ve all fled and I felt horrible. So our fellow idol Dietwomen sing and the cats come rushing back.

As the cats ran across water to go back home I was reminded of this beautiful scene in Endless Ocean 2 when a group of whales magically appear to bring a smile to my face.

After awhile I started to understand why Nekoshima hated cats. I’m a fan of cats. I absolute love them! But this island has a cat problem.

cats-idol-jihenA really big cat problem.

As you can see, Captain Planet is hard at work in making the world a better place. One song at a time.

I’m sure someone out there might complain about how the girls are not really solving real problems or doing the proper paper work needed to truly save the world from corrupt politicians. But I think the better question would be, what is the difference between the Idol Dietwomen and regular politicians in the real world?

If you said singing, dancing, powerful love auras and Captain Planet. Then you’d be right.

Remember, the power is yours! As long as you can run high hills, bungee jump, and annoy a cat enough that he wants to play with you.

Captain Planet & Idol JihenGo Planet! Go Idol Dietwomen! Go World!


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