Final Thoughts: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

I’m finally done AnoHana and my feelings didn’t really change much after watching the final four episodes. While I do think that episode 11 was the strongest one in the series, I just couldn’t find myself getting into it as much as I wanted to.

Overall, I’d probably give this a 6.5 out of 10.

The art is fantastic, the voice actors sold their character and really brought a lot of emotion in to their roles and I also quite like the cinematography here too. And even though I don’t really care for the story, I do find it okay. It’s just a bit shallow at the same time.

Expect spoilers after the jump

A lot of that has is probably my fault. I came into Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai expecting a bittersweet story about friendship and loss, but it ended up being a romance with a love hexagon. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s definitely not what I was expecting considering the nature of this show.


In the final episode, the Jin, Naruko, Tsurumi, Yukiatsu and Poppo come together to find out why their firework didn’t send Menma to Nirvana. Jin believes it’s because he didn’t want to lose Menma again, since he loves her. Naruko believes that it’s her fault, because she wanted Menma gone so she could have a shot at Jin. Yukiatsu believes it’s his fault, because he wanted to see Menma and is jealous of the relationship she has with Jin. Tsurumi believes it’s her fault, because she loves Yukiatsu, but he loves Menma and wants to use Naruko as a rebound instead of her.

It’s all about romance that, might I remind everyone, started when they were five or six. Menma has been gone for ten years and none of them have moved on and their romantic feelings for one another remains strong even though they no longer hang out with one another. (Save Yukiatsu and Tsurumi)

I don’t even remember who I had a crush on when I was five. (I do, but it was a certain teenage mutant ninja turtle and that would be pretty embarrassing to share), but the fact that all of them have romantic unresolved issues even after ten years seems kind of illogical to me.

The worst part is that after everyone shares why they believe Menma didn’t go to Nirvana, Poppo drops a bombshell that he actually witnessed Menma’s death and has been traumatized since.

Poppo is seriously the best character. That was the only time when I actually felt something for the characters here. (Well, I did feel a bit when Menma disappeared too. I’m not that heartless it seems.) Sure it’s a cliché that the happy go lucky character has a deep pain and sorrow to them, but it makes perfect sense and it works here.

The only problem that I have with it is that after hearing it, everyone else’s reasons felt shallow and weak compared to it.


I don’t think Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai is the worst thing out there, nor do I necessarily feel like it’s a bad anime. I just feel like it’s a bit heavy handed with its forced drama. It almost seems like the director wanted to make people cry without providing a lot of depth to the story or the characters.

Plus, despite Menma looking like a teenage she still acted and felt like a five year old. I did like her though and her disappearing was nicely done (even though it still veered into the forced territory).


6 thoughts on “Final Thoughts: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

  1. -S

    Interesting review! I always thought that the reason they were all still caught up in the crushes they had as kids was solely because Menma did die, and they didn’t have that chance to move forward normally. Had she not died, they would have moved pass the childish jealousy and lived normally, but because she did, at a time when their feelings and jealousies had almost been bought to the surface completely, they were all still ‘stuck’ at that point, even ten years later. Hence, Menma returning to have her wish granted was as much about her achieving reincarnation as it was about getting the rest of the group to move on past that point in time when she died (as well as giving her the chance to say goodbye).

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Thank you 🙂

      I can understand that, but feelings that one has at 5 or 6 is very fickle. She was the glue that kept the group together, but I still found it odd that after 10 years they weren’t able to find some sort of peace. (minus Poppo, who I still feel had proper trauma about the situation)

      1. -S

        I agree that the feelings at 5 or 6 are fickle, but the way I see it, they stop being fickle purely because she died.

        I agree about Poppo, though, although it also seemed like he was the only one who could move on! Maybe because at the time of her death, he wasn’t caught up in affection and/or jealousy like the others?

        1. mochirochi Post author

          That’s a good point, even though Poppo still had some trauma that caused him to be tied down to their old hide out, he lacked the unresolved feelings of love and jealousy like the others so he was able to kind of move forward while everyone remained stuck in the past.

          I never really thought of it like that, but it does help me put the others’ feelings into perspective. I still find it fickle (lol, I don’t think I’ll ever not feel that way), but it does help me understand why they remained stuck in the past far longer then they needed to be.

  2. kyon


    Lol, kidding. Everybody has his/her own taste. Nobody could, or should force people to think the way he/she think about something while they don’t think that way.


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