5-Line Recap: Yong Pal ep 14 – Revenge!

This is late, because Steven Universe has taken up most of my time. The good news, I’m almost caught up. The bad news, I’m almost caught up 😦

Anyways, let’s see what happens in episode 14 of Yong Pal:

5-Line Recap:

1. Tae Hyun is still uncomfortable with being the husband of the Chairwoman.

It did come all at once, so I do get that he wouldn’t be use to it. But at the same time, he must have known this would happen when he married the Chairwoman. The first time we met him, he knew how rick people were like. He tried to use the richier clients in the hospital for his own benefit and knew who to talk to when it came to connections. He’s obviously going to have people who do the same thing to him.

I do like the new bodyguard though.

2. Yeo Jin is still going with her revenge plot, making an enemy of Chae Young and causing the Chief to spill everything to Tae Hyun.

I get that Yeo Jin is in revenge mode now, but going after those who helped her is just stupid. Chae Young wanted to help her from the beginning and did so for the sake of her family, but Yeo Jin being like this isn’t right. She’s only going to make more enemies than anything else.

yong pal4

Does she want to burn every bridge before killing herself? That would make sense if that were the case. She’s spent three years hating the world and the love of Tae Hyun isn’t going to make her lose all that pent up rage.

From the beginning we thought of her as the good one, since she was trapped. But if we think about her family, is this all that surprising that she’s just as ruthless? Her family isn’t good. Her father, despite what we’ve seen, decided that therapy wasn’t the answer for Yeo Jin. An induced coma was.

I’m not saying Yeo Jin is a bad character or even a villain, but she isn’t overly as good as we thought and comes across as very similar to her family who probably went through the same thing themselves. We know Do Joon did, at the very least. Revenge only begets revenge and perhaps when it comes to the Hanshin family it comes twofold.

yong pal5

While this is happening, Tae Hyun learns about what happened the day his mother died at the OR. The Chief was told to go, but was also called in to save Yeo Jin. Every doctor wanted to be seen operating, so they all stood outside her door in the OR and forgot about all the other patients in the hospital. Will this make him conflicted? I’d hope not. But it might make him conflicted about Chief Lee’s fate.

3. Tae Hyun comes home and sees Yeo Jin’s revenge plan come full circle.

That was unexpected, but I like this.

While brooding, he ends up walking into a garden that has been destroyed. The former Chairman did this, but I bet that this is also a metaphor for what’s happening with Tae Hyun. Everything is in shambles, but the lavender is still around. This means that even though his fantasy of life with Yeo Jin is gone, he still loves her.

yong pal7

This also means that he doesn’t blame or hate her for being the VIP that took precedence over his mother’s surgery.

4. The Head Maid says that everyone was a little afraid of Yeo Jin, but because Tae Hyun loves her he just feels bad that she was so lonely.

The power of love people. Thankfully, instead of brushing things aside, due to his love of Yeo Jin, he actually confronts her at dinner. Instead of acting weak, he straight up tells Yeo Jin that he knows what she’s doing and she needs to stop. Not only with her revenge, but when it comes to Chief Lee as well.

It’s interesting to see how similar she is to her father. He tried everything to protect her, even when she didn’t like it. I’m sure he said the same thing to her when she was a child and even ended it off with “I have to do this, because you’re my heir.”

Tae Hyun does try to talk some sense into her, but it doesn’t work. When she says that she won’t forgive anyone, he asks if he should then forgive her people. She doesn’t understand what he means so she shatters a glass. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to think is a Han family tradition or something since everyone keeps doing that.

5. Right before Chief Lee’s execution Yeo Jin stops it from happening.

Meanwhile, Do Joon walks out from the prosecutor’s office and finds out that President Go has died and that no one is picking up his calls. He’s alone now. No money, no power, nothing. Only, Chae Young is there so maybe he still has her? Maybe his new found poverty might rekindle something between them.

yong pal2

I just realized that I kind of love every scene between Chae Young and Do Joon. Even if there’s no mutual love from both sides, there’s still something there that comes across. Their talk on the phone had more emotion than anything I’ve felt from Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin. Just when something is about to happen between them, Yeo Jin’s men come and take Do Joon away.

Do Joon has been a hateful character from the beginning, one that you feel pity for because he has all this anger and resentment in him. But that moment when Chae Young said that she’ll come to him instead of him coming to her kind of softened my heart. At that moment, I wonder if he thought, “I may have lost everything but at least I have Chae Young.”

yong pal3

Tae Hyun will need to do something fast though, because if Yeo Jin continues her revengeful ways then she’ll end up just like Do Joon. And he’ll end up like Chae Young.

The last few episodes I’ve been feeling a bit ho-hum about Yong Pal, but I’m glad that it’s going back to its roots with its storytelling and interesting characters. Hopefully the last two episodes, since the extension was declined by good folks from Yong Pal, continue on this trend. I don’t know if we’ll get a happy ending, but at the very least I’m hoping for a bittersweet one.

That all depends on whether the writers want to make their fairy tale more in the vein of the original darker stories, or the fun Disney ones where everyone lives.

yong pal1

I think my only complaint is that Tae Hyun seems to have forgotten about Chae Young. He should at least inquire about what happened to her, right?


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