5-Line Recap: Yong Pal ep 13 – Yeo Jin is revenge crazy

Let’s get straight into it!

5-Line Recap:

1. Tae Hyun arrives at the funeral and tells everyone that he’s now the legal guardian of Yeo Jin.

The 3 minute mark would have been the best way to end the last episode. Oh well. Once Tae Hyun interrupts the ceremony of Yeo Jin leaving, her plan finally goes into motion and Do Joon loses everything. He gets arrested, loses the secretary, and gets embarrassed in front of all those high ranking officials at the funeral.

President Go also gets arrested as well. Also Kim Young Mi, the female worker who committed suicide and then had her identity taken for a bit by Yeo Jin, was honoured at the funeral.

Looks like this funeral ended on a happy note for everyone except those organizing it. My issue with the entire thing is that it takes 10-15 minutes for all of this to happen, but it felt shorter and really, really, really rushed. So rushed that it kind of makes me want to see the Chairman come back and win everything. Or for Yeo Jin to go somewhat crazy for revenge and hurt those who hurt them. For a villain like him and President Go to get done over this quickly, on a show like this…I don’t like it.

It can’t really be this easy for Yeo Jin, but wow did this whole thing feel rushed.

yong pal 5

2. Yeo Jin gets drunk off her power and kicks out Chae Young from the house.

Yeo Jin, you’re officially dead to me. Hurting someone who helped you, just because they like Tae Hyun is stupid. I never understood why Yeo Jin never teamed up with her from the beginning. Even before Tae Hyun came into the picture, Yeo Jin didn’t really like Chae Young all that much. I don’t get it. I’ve wanted to see them be friends and team up and do damage together, but Yeo Jin doesn’t seem to be into my dream.

It’s her loss, because Chae Young is awesome and Yeo Jin would have been better with her than without her. Yeo Jin has been in an induced coma like state for the past three years. She won’t be able to run things without help and Chae Young would have gladly done that for her. As long as her father was okay, she’d do anything. I have a feeling like she’ll mess up soon and have no one around to help her.

Yeo Jin’s ‘sudden’ change isn’t all that surprising, since she’s been planning on revenge for a long time now. She’s out to get everyone who hurt her and everyone who didn’t help. It makes sense and I’m enjoying it, but I’m also a Chae Young fangirl. If you mess with her then I won’t like you on this show.

yong pal 6

3. Tae Hyun loves Yeo Jin, but he isn’t use to all of this attention that rich people have which is stupid because he knew that this would happen when he signed up for it.

Director Min gives some advice to Tae Hyun about being weak in front of the Chairwoman in order to continue his life as a powerful person.

yong pal 3

Tae Hyun tells him not to worry and goes inside his new house to have some happy time with Yeo Jin. It might seem weird that the Director is asking this of Tae Hyun, but now that we’ve seen Yeo Jin make her move I feel like if Tae Hyun does something that comes off as rejecting what she’s doing, then it might make her go loco. She’ll view him as another Sung Hoon and might make another trip to a window.

Meanwhile, my poor Chae Young is alone and drinking at a bar. She even drops a glass there, which shows how far she’s fallen. The Chairman use to do that, but since he’s not around she did it instead.

4. The head maid tells Tae Hyun that he’s staying in the East building, because that’s where guests stay.

Snap son! Even though she said that, he still tells her that she has a tumour and can get it removed if they go to a hospital right away. She’s probably feeling grateful and will stop looking at him like a guest now.

yong pal 2

As for President Go, he stabs his neck and kills himself. The show tried to humanize him a bit by bringing up a son, but it’s a little too late for that.

5. Yeo Jin meets with the board and decides that the best thing to do is threaten them.

Okay Yeo Jin, you’re not completely dead to me because it’s clear you’ve gone revenge heavy. The fun part is that she’ll eventually crash and burn. Going after those who are on your side isn’t smart. It will only make them go to Do Joon and favour him more.

I get that she’s filled with revenge, but she’s cold to everyone who isn’t Tae Hyun and that’s just not right. Judging by the preview, he’s going to learn that his mom’s surgery got passed over in favour of Yeo Jin but I don’t think this will hurt him all that much. He might be sad, but he’ll still love her.

yong pal

But once he sees her in revenge mode, I think he might try to reason with her instead of being weak like the Director advised him to do before. Even though Yeo Jin cares for him, she might lash out and think that he’s just like Sung Hoon.

Overall, this was an okay episode but not as good as some of the previous ones. The pacing felt a bit too rushed here. I did like Yeo Jin’s ‘sudden’ change from damsel in distress to full blown revenge seeker, because she’s bound to fail sooner or later.

There’s only three episodes left, so writers need to wrap up some storylines, but I fear that everything will be rushed from here on out. This episode, with the arrest of Do Jonn and President Go along with President Go’s death, felt rushed already so who knows how the other episodes will fare.

…as long as Chae Young wins in the end, I’ll be happy.


3 thoughts on “5-Line Recap: Yong Pal ep 13 – Yeo Jin is revenge crazy

  1. DDee

    Actually, there are five eps left because of the extension! Not sure if it’s me or the show, but I’m confused, did she give Do Joon the USB with fake info or was it was real info that the prosecutor is now going to hold over Do Joon’s head to bargain for something? And like, she responsible for Pres Go’s suicide, right?

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Apparently the Yong Pal crew decided that they wouldn’t use the extension. So next week is the last week of Yong Pal.

      Not sure what she gave Do Joon, but it could be the real info while she has another one with all of the dirty secrets of everyone. She’s definitely involved with Pres Go’s death.

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