Wakako Zake ep 11 – Hokke

Today on the menu is Hokke (ほっけ) which is a type of dried mackerel, which in this case has also been fried. Since she’s eating fish again, then that means her drink of choice has to be sake.

Apparently hokke is quite cheap, so back when Wakako was just a college student she used to go out with her friends and eat this quite often. The young version of Wakako is cute, but it’s kind of weird to seeing her eat with others. Must have been hard for her too, since she couldn’t eat things the way she’d like for fear of looking unmannerly.

Wakakao Zake (5)

I suppose that’s one of the perks of eating by your lonesome. You can eat the way you’d like and not worry if it looks bad. For me, I tend to eat fast. Not so fast that I don’t enjoy my food, but fast enough that I don’t take too long. However, when I go out with friends I have to remind myself to focus on them and not my food so I take longer. I don’t really like talking when I’m eating or eating when I’m talking, so it’s hard (not really) to manage the two when I’m with people.

But when I’m by myself, I can do whatever. Including, mixing my food together. If I have soup, rice, some meat, and other side dishes…I like mixing it together and enjoying the flavours that come from it. Pshhhhhhuuuuuuu! Most people, my family included, find this disgusting. So I don’t really do this all that often. But when you’re by yourself, I go all out. I’m sure everyone is like that though, well, maybe not with the mixing of foods but when it comes to other food related matters. Right? Wakako and I can’t be the only ones who feel this way, or have weird food quirks.

The best part about eating alone is not having to worry about other “piranhas” (Wakako words, not mine) taking the good pieces. Like when you’re out and notice a really great looking dessert, but you can’t take more than one because others are around. Or worse! They eat it all before you have a chance to try it out.

Hmm, I didn’t realize it but I’m starting to feel a real connection with Wakako and her love of eating alone. I’ll still eat with people, because having some social life is good for the soul, but eating alone is quite nice too.


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