Makura no Danshi ep 10 – playing find the flower with twins

Makura no Danshi decided to give us two Pillow Bishies for the price of one this week. Meet twins Chigiri Yonaga and Chigiri Yayoi, According to their title card, “they’re hobbyist twins who are filled with wisdom.” Wisdom to troll, wisdom of flowers, wisdom of the cure to cancer? I don’t know. But they’re full of that precious wisdom.

Right off the bat I think I like these two, only because they seem like massive trolls. Along with creepy anime guys, I do love the trolls too so this pair could be my top Pillow Bishie.

Makura no Danshi (4)

Then they play the find the leaf game. The rules are super simple. You place a leaf inside your shirt and someone has to find it using their hands, but they can’t peak. It does trouble me to know that twin brothers like to play this together, but I’m going to assume that they’re doing this to get a rise out of you.

It seems like whenever there are twin bishies they’re always like this in terms of teasing. The idea of twincest without there actually being twincest seems to drive some fans up the wall. Normally, I’m not really into that, but I like Yonaga and Yayoi’s humour here. They kind of remind me of Robin from One Piece who I absolutely love.

After showing you how close they are with one another, they decide to play a game called Hide the Flower, only they’re using a leaf so the game really should be called Hide the leaf but whatever.

So they hide the leaf and find it. Yay! Now it’s your turn to hide the leaf and let them find it…, wait what?

Makura no Danshi (1)

If you were like me and thought, “Ehhh?” Then that is exactly what they want, because getting a reaction like that makes them want to tease you even more. Apparently, looking at you when you’re somewhat freaked out like that makes them lose their minds, so it’s your fault for looking like that.

So the twins look at each other in a way that reminds me of the trollish yokai in other animes and position themselves in the same way this episode found them. Leering over you as you lie on the futon. Only this time they say let’s find the flower.


Actually, my face didn’t look like that when the episode ended. In fact, I had a sudden flashback of Tanaka in the car and I smiled. Wait, before you judge me let me explain. It wasn’t because of the thought of the twins doing that to me, because that wouldn’t happen. I smiled because after watching Tanaka’s episode I thought that this would be what Makura no Danshi would be like. Good, but also with its fair share of creepy moments.

Unfortunately, nothing has really topped Tanaka in the creepy and even though I’ve enjoyed the episodes I do miss that element from the show. So seeing the bishies here act like this was nice, because it’s creepy. Think about it, if it was one of those monsters from Twintails acting like this then…wait, I actually liked those monsters…

twintails (4)

If it was that stupid bum from School Days saying this like this then you’d be terrified and freaked out. Plus, he’d also raise your death flag by coming onto you like this. It might not happen right after the game of find the flower, but it will happen sooner or later.

Thinking of the show like that makes it fun for me, because their bishieness really does hide their creepy and I love it. So I smiled because it was nice to see this aspect of the show again…

Makura no Danshi (3)

*sigh* this show is making me think weird things again so I’m going to end this blog post before I say anything else that will make it seem like I’m a creep loving creep. I’m really not, except when I watch anime. But that’s not a bad thing. Right?



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