Wakaba Girl ep 11 – Kotatsu and Gold Coins

The girls get their report cards, which means that it’s now time for Winter Break…ah winter break. Wouldn’t it be nice if that could happen right now? *sigh*

Wakaba really likes school though, so she’s not looking forward to it. Being at school means that she’ll be able to see her friends and experience new and exciting things. She doesn’t want to spend such a long time alone without her friends. I wouldn’t mind it though.

Wakaba Girl (8)

Shiba suggests they do something for Christmas, but Wakaba’s family have plans so the four friends decide on New Years. They’ll spend the night at Moe’s place and then head off to the shrine.

I’m surprised that Wakaba’s family allowed this, but I suppose they’re happy that she has new friends. I suppose their happiness was the reason why they made sure Wakaba brought a gift to Moe’s place. The gift consisted of caviar hors d’oeuvres, truffle snacks, and gold…..Stacks of gold….

Who exactly is Wakaba and what does her family do?

Wakaba also learns about kotatsu, those tables with heaters that you see in animes and jdramas a lot. She’s apprehensive at first, because she heard rumours that a demon invented these tables as a means to suck the energy from people and make them lazy.

Wakaba Girl (6)

Considering what we know about her family, which is nothing, I would think that they’d love kotatsu since it apparently came from a demon. Then again, their family might believe that this will cause them to be lazy, which in turn will stop them from conquering the world. I wonder which side is stronger though; demons or the idea of being lazy?

Looks like the demons won out in the end, since Wakaba tries it out and ends up loving it. So much so that she’s even willing to trade her stacks of gold coins for one. Once at home, Wakaba shares her new love of kotatsus with her sister and mother. It turns out that they love them too! So in true Wakaba fashion they decide buy tons of different kinds so they can be installed in every room of the house.

So many rooms….

I’ve never used a kotatsu before, but they do look kind of fun and apparently there are many different designs that you can get.


One thought on “Wakaba Girl ep 11 – Kotatsu and Gold Coins

  1. Chrissy.C

    I Swear this thing is going to get an extended time length Season 2. It`s really popular. And, from what I hear it`s good, since it comes from Hara (Kiniro Mosaic).


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