Super Mario Maker unboxing with Miles “Tails” Prower

Even though the tagline for this blog mentions gaming, I don’t really talk about it much. Weird.

Anyways, Super Mario Maker came out today and I decided that the best course of action was to buy it. Considering how badly the Canadian dollar is doing it might be better for me to buy it now instead of waiting for a cheaper price….Games that are popular like this tend to remain expensive and will only go up the more our dollar goes down….*sigh*

So for economic reasons I decided to buy it now. And since Tails lives in my room, which is where I took these pictures, he decided to show up and give Mario his support. It’s been 30 years for Mario and Tails has lived in my room for 3ish years now…so it makes sense for him to be here. 🙂

As you can see above, the game comes in a box. When you open it up you find the game, with its red border (like Mario Kart 8), and a booklet.

Super Mario Maker

The booklet is filled with different pictures to help get your creative juices going for when you make your own levels. It’s kind of amazing the amount of things you can do with this game. I can’t wait to troll other players with my levels.

Another cool thing is that at the back of the booklet we get to see a flashback, of sorts, from when the developers were making the first Super Mario Brothers Game.

super mario maker tails 3

The little notes and drawings actually makes me more pumped up to play this, because it makes me feel like I’m a developer now. This is probably what Nintendo was going for by including this portion in the booklet, but even if it wasn’t that’s what I’ll be calling myself for the next few days.


Mochi Rochi, Developer for Nintendo.

It has a nice ring to it, eh? It kind of makes me want to see some of the planning that they did for Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels, because that game is crazy hard. So hard, that they didn’t even release it as the second game over here. lol.

I’m so excited to make a level that would make Miyamoto and the rest of Nintendo proud….No, that’s not true. I just want to make levels that gets other players to yell out obscenities as they play it.

Ahhh I can’t wait!


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