Yong Pal ep 12 – Chae Young is still awesome!

Last time, Yeo Jin learned that Sung Hoon was a jerk and that Tae Hyun is the only guy for her….bleh. She also got a USB that will help her in the fight against her brother.

It’s finally time for Yeo Jin to break away from her princess title and become a warrior. She won’t be Snowpunzel anymore, she’ll become Snowpunzelan? Mulanowpunzel? Mulunzelite? Hmmm. I’ll figure something now so that doesn’t sound like a Sailor Moon villain. I just need more time to properly hash that out….

5-Line Recap:

1. Yeo Jin hands the Chairman’s secretary the USB with all of the information on it.

I hope it was a fake or something, only because I don’t think the secretary is all that trustworthy. Even if he doesn’t go back to the Do Joon, he’ll try to do something himself. Those who get abused this much tend to think of ways where they can have all of the power in their hands. I hope I’m wrong for Yeo Jin’s sake, but I don’t think he’s trustworthy. He’ll probably betray her soon enough.

This is why her marriage to Tae Hyun is important. If she gets locked up again, Tae Hyun would be the true heir and guardian of her. He’ll have more power than Do Joon. The secretary knows that Do Joon can do something again, so he does try to stop her from going to the funeral but Yeo Jin just orders him around and more or less tells him to not worry about it.

As long as Tae Hyun arrives on time her plan will work, but a common tv trope is that he’ll get some roadblocks before arriving. So, let’s see what keeps Tae Hyun from getting to Yeo Jin on time.

yong pal 2

2. Roadblock number one is that Tae Hyun goes into Yong Pal mode.

His loan shark friend told him that there would only be a few people, but it ended up being a garage full of gangsters that all need medical attention. The thing is, Tae Hyun needs to get to Yeo Jin as soon as possible, so this is the first roadblock preventing him from being there on time.

The second roadblock is that President Go had someone tail Tae Hyun from the airport. Now, one their biggest adversary knows that Yeo Jin is alive and will be planning a counter attack against the two. He heads over to the Chairman, who already knows that Yeo Jin is alive. The Secretary dude, who I guess is actually a director, gave the USB to the Chairman. Even though it seems like he betrayed Yeo Jin, I do think this is just smokes and mirrors. He wants to take down the Chairman too, but he’s playing his cards right.

yong pal 4

The USB also gives the Chairman more power over President Go, who is now at the mercy of Do Joon. The Chairman still wants to kill Tae Hyun, but he also wants to lock up Chae Young in Yeo Jin’s prison. Hopefully this allows both women to team up, since Chae Young’s brains will help the two lovebirds more than anything else.

3. Roadblock number three is that Tae Hyun’s loan shark friend gave him up to the cops, who are now coming to take him away.

To be fair to the loan shark dude, he was backed into a corner and needed to save himself. He felt bad about it, since Tae Hyun called him a friend, so he warned him before the cops arrived. That good deed got rewarded by a knife to the gut, since President Go’s thug used this opportunity to go after Tae Hyun.

The police do arrive and help the loan shark guy, but they also get too cocky. Not only does the main police officer get beat up by President Go’s thug, but he also gets saved by Tae Hyun. In the end, this raid yielded no results.

yong pal 5

4. Yeo Jin and Chae Young finally meet.

Chae Young warns Yeo Jin that Do Joon knows everything so she shouldn’t go to the funeral tomorrow. Yeo Jin, who is acting like quite the big shot, says that she’ll go no matter what. She also reminds Chae Young of who she is. I don’t really like this version of Yeo Jin, because her arrogant nature here has no place or purpose. Chae Young is an ally and not a threat, so she should just relax. She doesn’t though.

My homegirl Chae Young is smart though and from this conversant she knows that Yeo Jin has a trick up her sleeve, so she agrees to be on Yeo Jin’s side on one condition. That she gets to have Tae Hyun.


I don’t think she even wants him for herself. Well, she kind of does, but Tae Hyun has complete shut down anything that could happen and she knows that he’s in love with Yeo Jin. If anything, she’s just messing with Yeo Jin for the hell of it. After being told that she should know her place, I kind of love that Chae Young said this, mainly because she made Yeo Jin go from

Ah Chae Young, she’s forever putting those Han siblings in their place with just her words. Dear writers, please don’t kill her!

5. The police arrest Tae Hyun as he’s registering his marriage, but the gangsters from before save him.

yong pal 8

Is that 4 or 3.5 roadblocks now? In any case, Tae Hyun finishes the registration and is now heading to Yeo Jin. Good for him, but is it just me or is anyone else feeling wary of where they place their passport now? Anyone? Just me?

Meanwhile, at Yeo Jin’s VIP funeral, where you need a ticket to get into, our former Snowpunzel boldy stands up and tells everyone what Do Joon did for the past three years. She then requests for protective custody and that they check her medical reports to show that she’s sane.

Unfortunately for her, Do Joon just says that she be crazy and he has evidence supporting this. Since she’s not well, he reminds everyone that he is indeed her guardian and that Yeo Jin needs help. Looks like Yeo Jin underestimated how prepared Do Joon is.

yong pal 9

Unfortunately, we know that Tae Hyun will arrive in time and tell everyone that they’re married, but the episode ends before that happens. Yay for those extra four episodes….

It would have been better for Tae Hyun to show up right at the end, but knowing Do Joon he probably has a plan for that as well. Maybe he’ll say that Tae Hyun manipulated a sick patient so he could have his hands on the Hanshin fortune. If I was Do Joon that’s what I would say. He’s not all that smart though and tends to react more than anything else, so who knows what will happen.

Edit: So I just learned that the extra four episodes are not going to actually happen. The cast and crew both decided this, which I think is best for everyone. The writers can go with their original plan and not have to stretch things out to accommodate the four episodes, which is a good thing. But more importantly, the cast and crew don’t have to worry about working 24/7 for those extra four episodes. Kdrama work conditions are still day to day basis, so the crew would be working a lot more overtime if it was extended.

I may be in the minority with this view, but I’m glad that Yong Pal will end with 16 episodes and not 20.


3 thoughts on “Yong Pal ep 12 – Chae Young is still awesome!

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  2. Dharmie young

    Quite a nice movie but i hope Young Ae has a really gud plan for giving his half-brother’s secetary her USB

  3. miharusshi

    OMO. This is a bit late of a reaction but…

    Kim Tae Hee and Jo Hyun Jae in one more Kdrama?!! It’s like their reunion after 10 years since their last collab! ❤ So KTH is an antagonist here?


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