Yong Pal ep 11 – Less Kisses more Business

The last episode ended with a good cliffhanger and one that I was excited to see play out. With Yeo Jin getting up, she’ll finally start her revenge plan. More than anything, I want to see Yeo Jin do something crazy.

5-Line Recap:

1. Yeo Jin acts like she has amnesia, but once alone with Tae Hyun she hugs him and tells him that she has a weapon to use against the Chairman.

Is this weapon herself? She says it’s to save Tae Hyun and since they can’t avoid a fight, she might as well go all out. YES! Yeo Jin. YES! I’m glad she’s finally taking charge of her life, especially since she’s been held captive for three years. Since the Chairman is planning to kill Yeo Jin for good and prepare a funeral and arbitrary, he has Tae Hyun head over to the locked tower and announce Yeo Jin’s time of death.

While the funeral is going on, it would be awesome if Yeo Jin walks in all like “Look who is still alive, y’all!” If she had a drink in her hand, a green dress on, and some killer earrings while saying then then I would be over the moon.

I never realized just how cold the Chairman’s office is, but it’s a lot more noticeable after the Tae Hyun-Yeo Jin scene at the hospital. Her new room there is warm and bright, while the Chairman’s office is cold. There’s lots of blues, blacks and silvers being used in this room, which give it a very cold feeling to it. It’s subtle, but it’s enough of a contrast to show how different the scenes are.

2. Yeo Jin’s funeral is underway and just like the Chairman’s office, it feels cold and lifeless…which makes sense since this is a funeral but still.

I’m not trying to say that the funeral should feel like it’s full of life or something, but it should have some personality where it shows how loved the departed person was. No one here cares about Yeo Jin and her death and it shows. Then again, this isn’t really a funeral but a place where executives kiss up to the Chairman and try to cement their place with the company.

As for Yeo Jin, she’s using her newfound freedom to send taunting messages to the Chairman’s secretary which is causing him to freak out. He tries to get to the bottom of it, only to be told that Chief Lee was the person who switched corpses. With this, Tae Hyun now has the go ahead to do surgery and save Chief Lee’s life. Nice!

yong pal 3

….if only the surgery scenes could be just as good. SBS, you gave them four extra episodes, but we still can’t get a decent surgery scene. *sigh*

3. Chae Young asks for a divorce.

Here’s another subtle aesthetic thing to help make the Chairman’s house seem cold and lifeless. Even though this room has colour, it here’s still no warmth here. The furniture, the floor, and the outfits of the Chairman and Chae Young really make this a dreary place for both of them. They’re not happy and that room shows that.

I think the best scene between the two is when Chae Young explains why she’ll never have a child or sleep with the Chairman. He responds by trying to rape her. Instead of fighting back, like he and I expected, she does nothing. The only thing she does is tell him that he can kill her. Once he hears that, she calmly walks away.

Now this will sound weird, but I really liked how this scene because it really highlights the Chairman’s character. Rape is bad, so let’s get that out of the way. But I liked how this played out when it came to the story. Just like their house, there’s no emotion or life in this scene.

The Chairman grabs Chae Young, throws her on the sofa and tries to forcefully have his way with her. But there’s no real fight in him. He’s doing this, because he thinks this is the only way and how he’ll finally get a proper reaction out of Chae Young. I know this sounds bad, because rape is a horrible thing, but if you look at that scene there’s nothing really there. He’s just blowing hot air and hoping that Chae Young sees just how scary he is. Instead, she shows him just how powerless he is and that’s what makes this a brilliant scene.

yong pal 2

The Chairman is someone who thinks he has power and can do whatever it is that he wants. By Chae Young not fighting back and acting lifeless, she showed him just how much power she has over him. He wants love and she won’t give it. He tries to force her and she just lies there and takes it. When he realizes nothing is working that is when she essentially says, “You can kill me. but you can never have me” and then walks away like a boss. He can’t do anything here, because once again she’s the one with power. Not him.

This scene really showed that the Chairman isn’t a super evil bad guy like President Go. He’s just a coward who has a victim complex. He does bad things and I won’t justify them, but he’s a coward through and through.

4. Tae Hyun kisses Yeo Jin and then reclaims her prison as her throne room.

*sigh* I just can’t get behind their romance. Granted, it does come after Yeo Jin asks him to marry her and become her guardian. This will be the best way for him to protect both of them from the Chairman.

So he kisses her for that reason…Bleh.

yong pal

But on the bright side it was nice to see Yeo Jin walk back into her locked tower and reclaim her kingdom.

5. Yeo Jin finds a goodbye video from her father which provides her with enough of a weapon to take down all of her enemies.

We knew that Sung Hoon, our Romeo, first met up with Yeo Jin through Do Hoon and wanted to use her for whatever reason. That was obvious. I just don’t like how the show has made him slightly bad in order to prop up Tae Hyun and give Yeo Jin a reason to finally close that chapter in her life.

It does make sense, but I kind of wish that he approached her with ill intentions in the beginning, but then fell for her and changed. Yeo Jin’s first love doesn’t need to be tainted in order to show how great Tae Hyun really is.

But no, instead Sung Hoon was a greedy jerk who used Yeo Jin for a secret business and then decided it would be a good idea to screw over the Chairman as well. Once the Chairman found out, Sung Hoon had to die which is exactly what happened. His greedy nature got the best of him. That and bad driving. We must never forget his reckless driving.

Yeo Jin also gets a usb that many people would kill for. With this, she actually has some power to fight against the Chairman and the others who wronged her.


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