Death Note Live Action ep 8 & 9

First, I apologize for not keeping up to date with this. I also apologize, because this blog post will mostly be about episode 9. I have to say though that I find it weird how this version of Light is so transparent when it comes to his emotions. Was he always written this way? Maybe…I think it’s because this version is meant to be a good guy, while the original wasn’t.

Here’s just a quick recap of episode 8, only instead of five lines I’ll do one in three for it.

1. Mikami gets a thug to attack Misa so he can steal the red Death Note, which is a huge change to the story, but one that I’m excited to see play out.

2. Light and L fight each other, all because L starts to write Light’s name in the Death Note., which is another change.

3. Light writes down L’s name in the Death Note, but surprisingly L doesn’t die.

Unlike the previous episode that followed the manga’s story-line fairly loosely, this one changed a lot. Not that this is a bad thigng though. I kind of like that Mikami took matters into his own hands and got the book. I also like the L is still suspicious, even though he told everyone that he isn’t. I think Light is acting a bit cray cray though, which is kind of an awkward transition, but whatever.

Alright, with that out of the way let’s go into episode nine!

5-Line Recap:

1. Light freely admits that he’s Kira after getting cornered by writing L’s name in the fake Death Note.

Good for L, he got to live to see this. He lectures Light about how justice always wins and that Kira was just a murderer. Light doesn’t agree, for obvious reasons, but it’s nice to see L win. I feel like throughout this drama it’s always been a one sided battle, so it was hard to root for Light. (I kind of rooted for him in the anime/manga version)

L was awesome though in that relentless almost unethical way that he was. So yay for L…Oh, spoke to soon.

Death Note (3)

RIP L. Lawliet. With you gone, the Kira Investigation Unit’s IQ has now dropped 10000 points.

L was going to die eventually, so I don’t really mind this, but I do think it was handled better in the manga/anime only because it showed how skillful Light was in manipulating anyone and everyone.

2. Light says, “With L gone deceiving the men in the Countermeasures Office will be a simple matter.”

When he’s right, he’s right. Minus Yagami, the police on this show are really stupid. It’s exactly this reason why Light feels like he can do whatever he wants now without any real consequences. Thankfully, L also understood how incompetent his men were and left a video message behind to help them. Along with the video, he left his data as well and named Near as his successor.

Even though Light knows that Near is super smart and someone that L highly regards, he also underestimates the boy. Light views Near as innocent and naive, when he really shouldn’t.

3. Light reintroduces the Death Note to Misa, which means that he now has two allies instead of just one.

Death Note (2)

Misa is back, Mikami is loyal, and L is dead. Light keeps scoring wins after wins and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. What I find interesting is how quickly he’s developed his god complex.

Even though Light wasn’t as power hungry before, he’s fully embraced his demons and views himself as a sort of god now. He even has crazy eyes too, which is kind of unsettling because he has crazy eyes. Unless you’re Miura Haruma, widening your eyes all the time and making weird faces is a sign of being slightly unhinged.

But no one notices these huge changes in Light’s character. It’s weird, but it’s also nice to see Yagami’s words come to fruition here. He said that a book like this would be a curse and Light is cursed. He went from being disgusted by the book, to wanting to help people, to declaring himself as a god. The change seems jarring, but considering how much time he’s spent with the book it’s clear that he’s been cursed by it.

Even if he realizes that he’s cursed, it won’t matter anymore. To Light, it’s hard not feeling like you’re on top when everything is going your way. It’s kind of like waiting till last minute to do a project and getting rewarded with an A+. The moment that happens, you stop planning your assignments out and make excuses like “I work better under pressure.” It’s a lie, but it’s a lie that you’ve deluded yourself into believe.

That is probably how Light feels right now, only instead of assignments it’s murder. And instead of A+ it’s the fact that he hasn’t been caught.

Death Note (1)

4. Someone kidnapped Sayu and will only return her if they get the Death Note.

Yagami isn’t dumb, so he has to know that the only way for the kidnapper to know about the Death Note is if someone from the inside leaked it out or is behind it. Yagami probably suspects Light though, but even if he doesn’t he knows that it’s someone who is part of the Kira Countermeasures team.

The other cops at the Kira Countermeasures Unit don’t put two and two together, but Near does without mentioning Light. Instead, he just says that this is probably due to the work of Kira.

However, it wasn’t Light. It was someone who is connected to the Kira group, but not Light and his merry murderous men. In the end, it’s Himura, the only female police officer in the group, who kidnapped Sayu. Near probably planned all this though, in an effort to expose Light.

Death Note (4)

5. Near suggests that they give the notebook to Himura, but Yagami struggles with the idea of saving one person at the risk of hundreds.

That’s a heavy decision to make. We all want to save our families, but Yagami also understands that if someone grabs the Death Note then more people will die. The team agrees to give the notebook though and Light goes with them in order to retrieve the book.

The end of the episode has Near watching the second video that L left behind, where he confirms that Light is Kira. I kind of wish the others heard this, but they’re kind of stupid so I understand why he saved this important bit of information for Near’s ears only.

With this, we have two more episodes left.


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