Makura no Danshi ep 9 – Mochizuki Shirusu

Looks like today’s Pillow Bishie is the intellectual reader type, so fellow book readers this might be the bishie for you. Meet Mochizuki Shirusu, “the librarian that treasures books and book lovers like yourself.” That is on his title card, so I definitely didn’t make it up. I do have to say that just by reading this I already like him, but that line is still corny.

The episode starts with Mochizuki waking you up. You’ve fallen asleep at the library again and it’s almost time for closing, so he warns that you should hurry to the counter since they tend to get a lot of traffic at this time. At least, that’s what he says his reason is for waking you up, but we both know that this was only part of it.

Makura no Danshi (5)

You see, he’s noticed that you’ve come here quite a bit, since he likes to observe the patrons of the library. He doesn’t do this in a creepy way though. In order to be the best librarian that he can be, he takes note of what everyone is reading so he can then help them discover wonderful new books. He seems diligent and has great customer service skills, which probably makes him a good little worker bee. I respect that he clearly takes his job seriously and cares about those who visit the library.

What makes me like Mochizuki isn’t just the fact that he’s surrounded by books and clearly likes to read, it’s the fact that he notices you reading “23 Ways to Lead an Exciting Life” and then recommends a book about kittens to help you achieve this goal. How can your heart not soften when he’s providing you a book like this? You can never go wrong with kittens. Never.

Makura no Danshi (3)

If that doesn’t help you lead an exciting life, I don’t know what will. But Mochizuki, being the awesome librarian that he is, realizes that this isn’t enough. He also notices that you’re tired and suggests you go to sleep till the end of his shift. Even though the library is closing it’s hard not to take up his offer, especially since he says that this will be another way for you to lead an exciting life.

Books + kittens + more time to sleep. Mochizuki, you’ve officially entered my top three Pillow Bishie. When I first saw him on the title card I kind of suspected that he’d be one of my favourites, so I’m glad that I was proven right.

He may not smile much and come off as very stoic, but Mochizuki is an awesome Makura no Danshi. i definitely approve of him.


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