Yong Pal ep 10 – Jealousy saved a life

So…this is late, but let’s just ignore that at the moment because episode 9, while interesting, had some major flaws. The romance felt really forced on both sides. Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin do look good together and have chemistry, but their newfound love for one another still doesn’t ring true to me. Episode 9 was meant to show how these two lovebirds could be if they had no enemies, so I did get what the writer was doing here. But it still doesn’t feel natural. Maybe I’m just being weird though. In any case, I have high hopes for episode 10 so here’s its

5-Line Recap:

1. Tae Hyun learns of the sudden deaths of Nurse Hwang and the Chairman, the disappearance of Chief Lee, and that his sister is on floor twelve instead of heading to the states.

He also gets slapped by his father, which I suppose helps him wake up and realize what is happening at the hospital. He doesn’t work as fast as Chief Lee, but that’s also because he has family to take care of. He’s in no position to leave right away, especially with his sick sister at hand.

He does try to leave, but unlike Chief Lee he’s not smart about it and gets caught easily. Maybe the guards got smarter after losing the former chief? Either way, Tae Hyun can’t escape that easily.

The real highlight here is that Chief Lee looks like a serial killer with his new disguise. That might sound stereotypical, but all I know is that If I was driving and and saw him with his thumb out and a sign that read, “I need a ride, please help” I wouldn’t stop. If I did, I’d feel like I’d get stabbed multiple times. It’s not just due to his look, but his mannerisms too.

2. Tae Hyun begs for his sister’s life to the Chairman and says that he’ll kill himself instead, but the Chairman pretty much lets him know that if Tae Hyun dies it will murder and not suicide.

Even though the Chairman tried to sound menacing, considering that we know that President Go is the real mastermind, it seems weak. Even the Chairman’s secretary seems to have more power than him. I feel bad for him, even though he’s still a bad guy. He’s just a man that’s all bark, but no substantial bite.

That being said, he does give Tae Hyun a way to relieve himself from his upcoming death. He just needs to bring back Yeo Jin from the dead. If he does that, he’ll become useful once again. If they’re smart, they’d get Yeo Jin to make a press conference so the world knows that she’s alive. If she says something ominous like, “I have enemies and they’re trying to kill me. They’ve already tried multiple times and almost succeeded but I’m still here. If I do die anytime soon, then know that these people are the ones responsible.”

BAM! With that she’ll be somewhat safe, but more importantly it will save Tae Hyun and those who are on the hit list….but that probably won’t happen.

3. Tae Hyun’s frenemy hears some unsettling news and lets his jealousy take over, which might actually inadvertency help Tae Hyun so good for him.

Tae Hyun is going to get killed, but since the police are going to get involved due to the frenemy’s jealousy, he has a fighting chance. Tae Hyun just needs to be smart and tell them everything. The police, if they’re smart, will realize that the bigger cheese is the Chairman and President Go and not Yong Pal.

Plus, if the police go after Yong Pal then that would mean that they’ll get suspended or worse, but if they work with him and take down a corporation of bad rich people then that’s a promotion.

yong pal 6

4. Chief Lee is awesome at running away, because he seems to go out of his way to knock down everyone that comes in front of him; unfortunately that doesn’t stop him from getting stabbed.

What is with this show and trying to kill all of the characters that I like? I’m not going to be a happy camper if Chief Lee dies, so I was happy that Tae Hyun got to him at time. Unfortunately, the police had to intervene so who knows how long Chief Lee has now. You’d think that once they heard, “Tae Hyun save me. If I go to Hanshin I’ll die.” They’ll be like, “Huh? What is he talking about? Maybe it’s best to follow them and see what happens.”

But they don’t and even though Hanshin Hospital is far from the airport the ambulance takes Chief Lee there. Speaking of which, I wonder why the police are not starting to suspect something weird with the sudden deaths of Nurse Hwang, the Chairman, and now the stabbing of Chief Lee.

5. Chief Nurse Kang Soo Min visits Yeo Jin and provides her with enough of an emotional kick, so that our former Snowpunzel can become the warrior that she always wanted to be.

I’m glad that the former Chairman was able to get some closure and that Yeo Jin was able to finally hear what he had to say after all of this time. It’s frustrating to see her have all of this anger at those who wronged her, but unable to do anything about it. When Tae Hyun first appeared and the light opened up in her tower, I thought “Yes! Let’s see what you can do.” But due to circumstances, she hasn’t been able to do much. Now that’s he can walk, I really want her to do something.

Unfortunately, we don’t see a press conference, but the episode ends with her back at the hospital. Snowpunzel, embrace your inner Mulan and take down your brother and President Go.

Meanwhile, the police are starting to understand just how messed up the situation is at Hanshin Hospital and I think they’ll probably go to Tae Hyun’s side and help him out. Not without acting like big shots, which will probably be annoying, but at least they’ll get to show their police chops and maybe even get a promotion too.

yong pal

Overall, this was a stronger episode than before and that’s mainly because the romance was kept at a minimum. I’m curious though. We’re ten episodes in and initially Yong Pal was only a 16 or 20 episode drama, so I wonder what’s going to happen next. Not in terms of plot, per say, but in terms of what will be dragged or stretched slightly in order to compensate for the extra 4 episodes. Right now is normally the turning point in dramas like this, but….ah whatever. I suppose it doesn’t matter anyways.


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