Wakako Zake 10 – Asupara no Kushiage

Today on the menu is Asupara no kushiage (アスパラの串揚げ – deep fried asparagus skewers) with a cold glass of beer. Kushiage (串揚げ) is deep fried vegetables and meats that have been skewered, but this episode specifically deals with the asparagus (アスパラ) version of that.

The reason why Wakako decided to get this version of Kushiage is because she saw some people eating and thought “Why not get it for myself?” She was only in the mood for vegetables (which kind of makes me happy since she eats a lot of meat and needs some balance) and the deep fried asparagus looked so good that she had to have some.

Unlike other skewers that you get with vegetables, this one doesn’t come with one. The asparagus is long enough to be its own skewer, which kind of puts the other vegetables to shame.

I’ve actually never had asparagus before, so I’m not sure how this would taste. All I know is that it changes the colour of your pee. As for the taste, here’s what I also know, if you deep fry anything in a batter then it’s automatically delicious. It’s not really healthy, but when you deep fry vegetables and eat them you do feel that way.

At least, I know I do. Thankfully, Wakako agrees with my unhealthy mindset. She knows that even though she’s drinking a large glass of beer and the asparagus has been deep fried in a delicious batter it’s not really ideal. However, she still feels healthy because she ate a whole vegetable.

Wakakao Zake (6)

And I just can’t knock that. I mean, as long as you eat your veggies, then it’s okay if it’s just a little deep fried…right?


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