Wakaba*Girl ep 10 – Wakaba really is an evil overlord

Wakaba Girl continues it’s cute theme of friendship and the rise of the future ruler of the world Wakaba.

It’s the annual sports festival at school and Wakaba, along with Moe, Mao, and Shiba are doing relay racing. Shiba is the fastest, followed by Wakaba and Mao. Unfortunately, Moe loses her splendid lead and loses.

Moe is feeling down by this, so she decides that in order to conquer her hatred of sports she’ll attempt and succeed at doing a flip around the bars. After a few hours she still doesn’t have it down and it’s starting to get late. We know that Wakaba has to get home before 6:30pm, so if she leaves she might miss Moe’s success.

Wakaba Girl (8)

So she stays. It’s nice to see her do this, because out of all of the girls I feel like Wakaba and Moe are one group and Shiba and Mao are the other.

In the end, Moe is able to do it and everyone is happy. More importantly, there’s still time left to get Wakaba home and this is where the episode takes a crazy turn. In school animes/dramas we know that there’s a gate that closes so you have to get there before it does. Otherwise, you’re late. I’ve never seen it done with houses and yet that’s exactly what happens at Wakaba’s mansion.

Wakaba Girl (7)

After she goes in, the security lights go on and the posh mansion becomes something I never expected to see in this anime.

It’s…wow. Just wow.

What is this family hiding, or what does this family do to warrant all of these security measures? Who is Wakaba?


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