Makura no Danshi ep 8 – Sasayama Nao sending mixed signals

Today’s Pillow Bishie is Sasayama Nao, ‘a hip college student that loves smart phones and mixers.’ Hmm….hmmm….I do like his hair, but I’m not really into mixers so we’ll see how this one goes.

He does have great hair though, which is always a plus for a bishie.

So he shows up while you’re at the cafeteria and asks what you’re doing. Obviously you’re eating, so he says, “Well, you’re in the cafeteria so it must be lunchtime.” Smooth. After exchanging some words, mostly on his end since he doesn’t really give you enough time to reply back, he sits down across from you.

The first thing he does is take out his smart phone….

Makura no Danshi (4)

Not that I mind him doing this, because that type of behaviour is written in his description, but if he’s trying to go out of his way to talk to you then I’d like to think that the smart phone would be the last thing he’d be checking out.

He then tells you about his time with the lectures at school. He’s not a fan of them, because they take away his time for mixers, which again seems odd to me. If he’s trying to impress you, then why is he bringing up mixers? Does he want me to think of him as a player? A social guy who likes to flirt with multiple women?

I’m getting mixed signals here.

Makura no Danshi (3)

Thankfully, he brings up the fact that he’s been noticing you around during this time of day. He always catches you sleeping, which is why he probably showed up a bit earlier so he could impress you before you take your afternoon nap. He even offers to buy some popsicles, since they’re great treat when it’s hot out.

It’s time for your nap though, so you refuse. He then invites you to a mixer, which thankfully you refuse because mixed signals are annoying. Sasayama does pull through in the end, by saying that he won’t go to the mixer either since he found something more interesting. *hemeansyou*

Makura no Danshi (2)

Then, like a good Pillow Bishie, he suggests you both go sleep on the grass together. As for the upcoming lecture? Who cares! Sleeping is more important.

It’s kind of bold though, considering this is probably the first time you two have ever met each other, but I guess when you have nice hair you can afford to be a bit bold.


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