Yong Pal ep 9 – Everyone is dead

I was disappointed with the last episode and the introduction of the romance that came out of nowhere. I was surprised that I wasn’t in the minority with this view, but I can move past that because I do like everything else on the show.

I’m expecting more romance, because this is a kdrama, but hopefully that doesn’t deter from the other more interesting plot lines in Yong Pal.

5 – Line Recaps:

1. Chief Lee and Chae Young both learn of my beautifully creepy Nurse Gothel Hwang’s death.

I wonder if this will give Chief Lee the means to kick-start his redemption arc. We’ve seen the difference between him and the Chairman in how they’ve dealt with the grief from killing Yeo Jin. The Chairman got drunk, made a fool out of himself, and, more importantly, placed the blame on Tae Hyun and Chief Lee. Even though he ordered the crime, he’s already removed himself from the situation by convincing himself that they are at fault.

With Chief Lee, he’s still reeling from what he’s done. He can’t sleep and is getting more and more paranoid. This means he has a chance to redeem himself, so I’m kind of hoping that happens for him. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, but he’s stuck and feels like no matter what he does he’ll get screwed over. Which is true. Even if he doesn’t get redeemed his paranoia is enough to provide a lot of entertainment value. Since Nurse Hwang was murdered, he feels like anyone of them can be killed next. This will lead to his downfall, but in what way? Will he have a good ending or a bad one? I think he’ll die, but hopefully he’ll have a smile on his face.

2. Chae Young, being my homegirl and all, confronts the Chairman about everything that’s happen.

Chae Young, I love you!

Even though I said that the Chairman has already shifted his guilt and blamed others for what happened to Yeo Jin, I think he might actually have a chance for redemption after hearing his talk with his wife. Once she came in and he stood up, I kind of thought that they belonged together since they’ve both made me side-eye their outfits.

yong pal 2

I guess the saying is true. A couple that’s been together for a while starts to dress alike…

Even though she doesn’t like him, she still has a bit of feeling for him. Why else would she confront him like this and say that she’s worried about him. I think that was the first time we’ve seen her show some emotion towards her husband and it did seem genuine. She had to push the Tae Hyun thing, which was a mistake, but I do think she was genuine when she warned him.

Unfortunately for her, President Go is the one she needs to be worried about. The Chairman knows this too. Man, I kind of pity him. He was in Yeo Jin’s shadow before and now he’s playing second fiddle to an evil man who has no moral compass. If he thought being a shadow was bad, he’ll soon find that being a puppet is much worse.

3. We learn how Tae Hyun’s sister got sick.

It’s sad, because this could have been easily prevented by placing your medicines in a safe place.

It reminds me of this old saying that I learned as a kid. Drugs, drugs, drugs, which are good?Which are bad? Drugs, drugs, drugs, ask your mom and ask your dad.

Poor Tae Hyun, he knew that the drug he was providing was a good drug. But if he asked his parents, who were not at home, he’d learn that it’s only good for adults and not kids.

4. The Director has been murdered.

Oh man! Things just got real. Chief Lee will need to do something quick if he wants to save himself, but he also needs to be smart because President Go is out to find him and kill him.

yong pal 2

I hope they don’t kill him soon. With him gone, the hospital portion of the show will be really lacking. Plus, if he leaves then a lot of my favourite characters are going to be gone. Yes, I do like Chief Lee because he makes for a very interesting character. He’s not totally evil. He’s grey, but with every move that he makes he gets closer and closer to becoming back.

5. Tae Hyun goes into Yong Pal mode to take care of a mother and her premature baby.

I wonder how many people turned away when Tae Hyun stuck the needle on the mother’s back.

It’s nice seeing Tae Hyun as Yong Pal again. It’s also nice to see him dealing with a case that is still illegal, but this time morally okay. He delivers the baby, but the mother and newborn don’t stand a chance if they don’t get proper medical treatment. There’s one place that can help her without giving her up to the cops. Hanshin Hospital.

That’s also the worse place for him to go to, since President Go wants to kill him. He doesn’t know that though, so he smiles at Yeo Jin while in the driver’s seat….which probably means that something bad is going to happen to him.

He won’t die, since he’s the main character, but he’s going to get hurt. If you smile at Yeo Jin while you’re in the driver’s seat of a car you’re going to get hurt. I mean, this is what the show has already established so….

Preview: Tae Hyun says that he’ll kill himself as long as they don’t do anything to his sister.

The funny thing about this whole situation is that with my lovely creepy nurse dead and now the Chairman passing away, if Chief Lee and Tae Hyun die, then that would make everyone suspicious. And rightly so too. But who will the police suspect first? Yong Pal? President Go? Nope.

They’ll suspect the Chairman.

Being a leader with no power is useless and frustrating, but being a leader who is a puppet for someone powerful is a scary thing. If the true leader does something good, it will look good on you. But if they’re evil, then everyone will blame you for what is happening.

The Chairman better think up a plan to use before he loses out on the wealth that he so desperately wanted. The sad part is that if he had allowed Yeo Jin to wake up on her own he would have gotten what he wanted a long time ago. Yeo Jin would have killed herself, probably via faulty a window, and he’d be free of her. Now…now he’s essentially allowed his resentment to trap him in a tower of his own making. Killing Yeo Jin did nothing, because it allowed President Go to take over and re-enforce the walls that the Chairman put up.


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