First Impressions: Twenty Again ep 1 & 2

What I was expecting: Angry Mom the College Years, but instead of having a husband who is a good guy he wants to divorce you. And instead of having a love interest that is younger than you….by twenty some years, he’s your age…..but other than that it would just be like Angry Mom.

How it really was: Wow…this is a lot different than what I was expecting. I suppose this fits into the college theme. It’s a lot more depressing than what I was expecting, which is weird because the promo pictures for the show seemed like this would be a fun show that wouldn’t hurt my heart.

Ha No Ra’s husband is done with their marriage, her son is fed up with her, and her life doesn’t seem to be going right at all. She decides that the best thing to do is to sign up for university and become the type of woman that would make her husband proud. She even says this:

“You said you couldn’t talk to me and living with me was difficult, meaningless, and woeful for you. Then, if I become someone you can talk to it should be fine. Am I wrong?”

What a naive but heartbreaking quote this is. I know the show is making it seem like the husband is crazy for divorcing his wife, since she’s the lead character and is played by Choi Ji-Woo, but at the same time I do understand where he’s coming from. When you’re not happy, you’re not happy and even if you’re with someone who seems good, it doesn’t change how you feel. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, but he’s just tired of his marriage. I’m actually glad that he’s actively getting a divorce, because if he was mean to her while staying married then I think I would sympathize with him less. Since he’s trying to leave, I don’t view him as the bad guy quite yet.,,,even though he might have cheated.

twenty again

At the same time I feel bad for No Ra. Divorce is never easy and now that she has pancreatic cancer and was told that she has six months to live, then it seems like the world is crashing down on her. That’s a heavy burden to bear and it’s made worse because she’s alone now.

She’s told not to go to university, but after seeing a promotional flash mob for the school she decides to go for it, because you only live once. I’m happy that she made the leap, since it’s never too late to get an education. But are kids these days really this rude? Isn’t it normal to see people of all ages at colleges/universities? In my classes there were people who were older and it was okay. Clearly not here.

So far, the second love interest seems overly rude for no reason and unprofessional. Compared to her husband, he’s a bit of a jerk. Whatever happened between them was in the past, so I don’t get why he’s being rude to her in the class and telling her to leave something she signed up for.

Overall: I really like this show. I hope this is more about Ha No Ra growing as a person and less about being with her husband or her high school friend (possibly old boyfriend). Neither deserves her at this point. Her husband might have cheated on her and her former guy friend is a huge jerkface. The bickering might be cute when they’re kids (it isn’t) but when they’re adults it just makes me want No Ra to slap him every time he grabs her arm forcefully,

The plot seems to follow that familiar story-line where someone who down on their luck rises to the top and succeeds in the end. Since No Ra is at the bottom of the bottom at the moment, I think her journey to become her own person will be a joy to watch. Everyone is against her, so she only has herself at this point. Add in the fact that she doesn’t have long to live, it will be nice to see her living for herself and having fun.

If the story focuses more on this, then I think this has potential to be the best kdrama of the season. All of the elements are there, it just needs to not fizzle out and go the cliched route.

It seems like the old highschool friend will be the main love interest, but at this point I really dislike him. I don’t really think it’s fun to be a jerk to someone just because you secretly like them. Maybe if you’re five it’s okay, but not when you’re close to forty. I think…I think the only way my heart will warm up to him is if he dresses up like this:

liar game8


Oh Lee Sang-Yoon, this picture will never get old and now I have an excuse to post this once in awhile. I have to say though that I’m a lot more impressed with his acting here than in Liar Game. Liar Game was my first show with him and I don’t think he was good there at all. At least here his character has some personality, so we get to see a wider acting range from Sang Yoon. He’s good. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

Random Note: During the flash mob the students said, “We’re not attending university just to get a job”….I don’t really agree with this. I don’t know what the prices are like in Korea, but in Canada if you’re going to pay over 50 some thousand for an education it better be for a job. If it’s just for fun or for the experience, then you’re stupid. Sorry, but you are. Paying that much money, going into debt, having to struggle with the interest rates for most of your life all for an experience?

If you want an experience, then you should go sky diving, take a hike across Europe, swim with the dolphins, go to a safari, dance in the rain, climb Mt. Everest and maybe buy some chocolate fudge ice cream and you’ll still have money left over for other things. But if school costs that much money, then what are you doing wasting it away?


5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Twenty Again ep 1 & 2

  1. Cece

    Thanks for the recap. A nice read. One thing to clarify, No Ra isnt dying of pancreatic cancer. The lab result was for someone else with a similar name. The doc made a mistake but No Ra has yet to learn the truth. She’s due for another doc appt so hopefuly the mix up can be sorted out sooner than later .

    1. Nemo

      Yeah right. I asked my korean friend if the eng subs were correct (in the show it says Han Ora instead of Ha Nora). And she said that she really isn’t dying in the show.

      1. mochirochi Post author

        I initially thought it was Han Oh Ra, since that was how the subbers wrote it at first, but the class sheet was written as 하노라. So it was wrong. The correct spelling is Ha No-Ra, but the subbers did change it for the second episode to reflect the spelling.

    2. mochirochi Post author

      Ah I missed that! Thanks for letting me know. Hmmm, I’m kind of sad now though. If she was actually dying then it would have had more of an impact I think.

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