Yong Pal ep 8 – Mixed Feelings

For the first time this season, I’m actually nervous about watching this episode because I’m afraid that I won’t like it. I’m really enjoying the show, but now that the romance portion is starting to pick up I’m feeling slightly apprehensive about it. The pacing for the episodes were always fast paced, but they still moved in a good speed. You understood the motivations from the characters and the plot developed nicely. The same can’t be sad about the romance, which feels like it came out of nowhere and is happening way too fast. I’m not saying that Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin can’t like each other, but the word love was thrown in the last episode which kind of gave me whiplash.

So as I hit play I’m nervous, but hopefully Yong Pal continues to surprise me (in a good way) and puts my mind at ease.

5–Line Recap:

1. Yeo Jin is feeling moody after her talk with Cynthia, Tae Hyun’s frenemy is feelings jealous that everyone is surrounding Tae Hyun and not him, and Chae Young is still making ugly fashion choices.

It’s nice to see Tae Hyun surrounded by those who he doesn’t have to pretend with. I’ve mentioned before that he tends to wear a mask depending on who he talks with. With the doctors and nurses, it’s this money grubbing charming persona that he puts forward. With the gangsters it’s all business and no playtime. Since these doctors know that he’s a good guy, he doesn’t have to act around them.

Unfortunately, Tae Hyun’s frienemy doesn’t really like seeing all of the attention that his ‘friend’ is getting. Even though he himself puts on a mask of being a good doctor, he’s starting to show his true colours and believes that his position at Hanshin is a right of his due to his status. The others, like Tae Hyun, don’t deserve to be here because they’re poor and worthless.

As for Yeo Jin, she seems to be shaken up by what Cynthia says. It doesn’t help that she sees Chae Young getting along with Tae Hyun.

All that is fine and dandy, but my favourite part so far is seeing Chief Lee’s dream of Yeo Jin. I really like that the Chairman and Chief Lee are feeling guilty over the ‘murder’ of Yeo Jin. Even though they did an evil action, it does show that they’re still human and have some level of guilt still in them. Maybe this means that they have a chance at redemption? Or maybe it means that one of them is going to snap and get even more evil. Either way, it does show that there is a level of greyness surrounding their characters.

2. After showing an incapable member of the hospital staff, we get to see police officers who seem to do their job well.

It’s good to see them back after so long and see them doing a proper job, even if it means going against their Section Chief’s orders. They’re on the right track though, but since the hospital is protecting Tae Hyun I don’t think the police officers will find him soon.

I suppose that would depend on whether Tae Hyun’s frienmy (sorry I always forget his name) allows his jealousy to get the best of him. What’s interesting is that he’s figured out that Tae Hyun is Yong Pal, but he also knows that Tae Hyun is being somewhat protected by the hospital and the chairman. If he does anything, then that could jeopardize his position in the hospital and he’d probably be fired on the spot. I don’t think he’s an idiot, so I’m sure he’ll use this information when the time is right.

yong pal 2

Meanwhile, Yeo Jin calls herself a crocodile and I couldn’t contain my laughter. She’s angry that Tae Hyun risked his life for her and that she’s now living as someone else. Since she’s no longer Yeo Jin and the Chairman and President Go have teamed up, she now holds no status. I’d imagine that this would be better, because she has off shore accounts that she can make use of and be free enough to get her revenge without anyone noticing. But no, she’s angry so whatever. She wishes she could have gone to President Go, but he was willing to kill her so I don’t get why she’s so angry about this. Tae Hyun correctly calls them crocodiles, but the funniest part is that she says she’s one too.

Oh Yeo Jin, I like you but you’re no crocodile. Not even close. I mean, the Chairman and President Go seem to have killed people before and Yeo Jin can’t even kill herself properly. If she can’t do that, how can she be a crocodile and kill others?

3. The Chairman invites Chief Lee and Tae Hyun over for an awkward dinner party, where the meat was too rare to compliment the secrets that he wanted to bare.

We haven’t seen much personality from the Chairman, but after getting drunk he let loose. He revealed that Sung Hoon died by his hand sand that if the kid only listened to him he’d still be alive. I wonder what he means by that. Was Sung Hoon really a Romeo to Yeo Jin’s Juliet, or did the Chairman orchestrate their meeting so that this could happen?

Not only does he reveal these secrets, but he also lets everyone in on his marital woes. I kind of love Chae Young here, because she plays an airhead really well. But when her husband accuses her of not giving him a chance she just smirks at him. That sort of passive aggressive behaviour must have him constantly on edge, but it’s funny.

4. Cynthia said that Tae Hyun loves Yeo Jin and now Chae Young is saying that he liked her.

He also gets somewhat affected by hearing how much Yeo Jin loved Sung Hoon. Speaking of Sung Hoon, we get to see his death scene again and I’m still annoyed by his horrible erratic driving.

Even though Tae Hyun had a good reason to bring Yeo Jin to the church that she and Sung Hoon wanted to get married at, I kind of wish he took into account the trauma she must feel by going down this road. She never had time to properly grieve or heal from what happened and for him to bring her there and give her flashbacks was unnecessary and cruel.

In fact, I think the entire church scene was a bit too much actually. Tae Hyun brings her to this place that holds a lot of meaning and lets her know that the Chairman will pay for his sister’s surgery. Yeo Jin calls him a bastard who will throw her away now that he got what he wanted, which is stupid. She already threw him away.

yong pal 7

But more importantly, she told him that she’d pay for his sister’s surgery if she was able to leave her tower. She’s free. So why didn’t she wiretap him the money yet? Why is Tae Hyun being rude to her, when he could just let he know what is happening? Yeon Jin is angry, but seems moved when she finds out that Tae Hyun likes her.

Ahhh! This is why I dislike romance stories. Misunderstandings mixed with one party being excessively mean to the other because of their ‘love.’ Bleh. I’m probably in the minority about this though.

Also, Yeo Jin being able to move in her wheelchair when she hasn’t had any physical therapy seems far-fetched. She shouldn’t have that amount of strength in her upper body.

The only plus side about this part of their love story is that it ended quickly and they come back together in the end…..this entire church scene was unnecessary. I know fans of the show will like it, but I didn’t.

yong pal 5


Damn you writers! Dam you!!! Damn you President Go!!! Damn you Chairman!!!!

Why would you do this to me? Who cares about Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun right now! You just killed my Creepy Nurse Gothel Hwang! Her obsessive love affair wasn’t over yet, but…but you had to kill her because only one person can love Yeo Jin at a time. Sung Hoon had to die before the nurse arrived. Now she has to die so that Tae Hyun can take her place.

She was my favourite character and now she’s dead. Cynthia is gone, Nurse Hwang is gone. Please don’t do anything to Chae Young. Let her live and stay on the show till the end.

I’m so sad right now. 😦 RIP Creepy Nurse.

yong pal 6

For fans of the Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin romance, they shared a kiss at the church which seems kind of insulting to Sung Hoon who is currently resting there. I still don’t buy their romance though. Yeo Jin is still reeling from the car ride there and even though she cares for Tae Hyun (I won’t deny that) I don’t know if what she’s feeling is for him or due to her memories of Sung Hoon. As for Tae Hyun, I think his new found love came from almost nowhere and for him to fall this deep so soon is weird for me to watch.

Look, I don’t think moving too fast is a bad thing, but due to the pacing of their sudden romance it seems unnatural at the moment instead of swoonworthy. The fact that they kissed at the church is meant to be symbolic, but I felt bad for Sung Hoon. Plus, it made me annoyed that they’re happy while one of my favourite characters on the show is now dead.

I’m going to need some time to recover from this. 😦


8 thoughts on “Yong Pal ep 8 – Mixed Feelings

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Not really…the comment was made in jest. If you’ve read my recaps before you’d know that I like all the characters, but nurse hwang was my favourite.

  1. Camille W

    Hi chingu!
    I had written a pretty long comment and then something went wrong with my internet connection. So that didn’t go through. But anyway, I don’t think the writer’s strength is romance so I just want back the action. We did at least get more into Do Joon as a character.
    But i have a question for those who were on the other side of the arguments. Is it so wrong to have wanted some nice bubbly romance? I was really looking forward to all the feels and swooning. While I’ve finally made peace with how ep 8 transpired, I still think that the writer was disconnected with the audience. I’m reading comments from Dramabeans, Soompi and Viki. A significant portion of us were caught off guard. I think that’s enough to at least be concerned about. The fact is that a number of us had probably read TH’s action prior to ep 8 as mostly platonic or as doctorly concern. After reading the arguments I went back and had to psycho-analyse all of TH’s actions, facial expressions and words. I agreed that it made sense but where was the FEELING? Where was the build up? I don’t need the romance to make sense, I just want to feel it. As someone who watches most of my k-dramas for the romance, it was something I was looking forward to. But opinions differ and I had to convince myself in light of all the defending done on behalf of the characters. I think the writer could have done better in developing the romance.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I’m actually surprised that a good number of people had the same views as me, since I’m usually in the minority when it comes to things like this.

      Like you, I don’t need it to be bubbly, or cute (though that is a plus) but it just needs to make sense. I have no problem believing that those two will be lovers, as that’s what’s expected, but Tae Hyun went from friend to in love and the only way we found out was through his dream. Once that happened, his eyes went from friend to “in love” as well. It was a sloppy transition and it didn’t help that other characters mentioned that Tae Hyun was in love now.

      I’m over it now, but I was really disappointed by this. 😦

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    1. mochirochi Post author

      Junny! I read that article, but I’m not sure how much weight those allegations are. Sometimes some people will just say “That’s Plagiarized!” when it really isn’t. Some scenes may be similar, but the stories are different.

      Funny note: The City Hunter movie had Kim Hyung Joon as the lead and in Yong Pal there’s an actor who looks like him who beat his girlfriend.

      1. junny

        Haha, yes I remember you mentioning the lookalike in earlier recaps. The comments in the article seem quite certain the last two episodes were out of whack with the six before them, so maybe it does lend weight to the plagiarism accusation. But I haven’t read the City Conquest comic either, so I don’t know how true it is.


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