5-Line Recap: Yong Pal ep 7 – What a Juliet!

I just finished the latest episode of Virtual Bride and wow did it get me angry. The way the mother-in-laws behave on this show is just unbelievable. I’m not married, but I seriously pray that I don’t have to deal with mother-in-law drama when it eventually happens. The frustrated part about this is that the mother-in-laws complained about how their in-laws treated them, but instead of stopping the cycle they continue it.

Anyways, Virtual Bride it’s a fun show, but right now it’s Yong Pal time and I’m sure that once I finish watching episode seven my spirits will go up. I’m really interested in seeing how the hospital theme will continue considering everything that’s happened. Guess we’ll see.

5 – Line Recap:

1. Tae Hyun slowly makes his way to the OR to revive Snowpunzel, since this isn’t a fairy tale and true love’s kiss doesn’t work here.

The body used for surgery still doesn’t look good, but at least it’s not super yellow like before. After using the same injection that he gave the gangster back in episode 2. It’s only a temporary fix though, because he’s losing blood fast and stupidly takes on another surgery even though he really shouldn’t.

I know that nurse respects Tae Hyun a lot, but she should have read the room and noticed the pool of blood forming on his shirt before asking him to do an X-Ray.

As for Snsowpunzel, considering how she’s original a Juliet character she probably won’t come out of her ‘death spell’ until Tae Hyun is at the brink of death. That’s the type of person Juliet is. She waits till her prince is dead or almost dead before coming back to life. Tae Hyun keeps trying to resuscitate her, but I’m left wondering how much damage that is causing to his injury and hers s as well. I mean, her neck is still cut open and he’s applying a lot of pressure to her chest.

yong pal 2

Just as I predicted, Tae Hyun passes out due to blood loss and then, and only then, does our Snowpunzel’s vitals kick in. Tsk, what a Juliet!

2. President Go is an evil mastermind and I think I love him for it, if only because he out eviled the Chairman, who, if you remember tried, to kill his sister.

Chairman Do Joon thought that if he killed Yeo Jin, then he’d have the upper hand and the investors would leave him alone. Turns out that isn’t the case. Now that Yeo Jin is ‘dead’ President Go pretty much blackmails him to a deal that doesn’t really favour him and says, “Thank you for keeping our hands clean.” That’s gotta hurt. But it does show how limited and narrow Do Joon’s vision was when it came to his sister. He only saw her as an obstacle that he could take out whenever he wanted and he never had a backup plan ready.

President Go not only had a plan, but he had several in his arsenal depending on what the outcome would be. That’s being smart and evil (not because of the business aspect, but because he also thought of scenarios where Yeo Jin would die as well).

3. Yeo Jin is now known Kim Young Mi, who is also a coma patient so she’s still going to be lying on her back a lot.

In the beginning of the episode there were two patients in the OR that Tae Hyun was going to operate on; Snowpunzel and the second one who came down with the nurse. Snowpunzel survived, but the other patient didn’t so to keep her reival under wraps they switch bodies.

yong pal 4

Yeo Jin becomes Kim Young Mi and Kim Young Mi acts as the dead body for Yeo Jin. It looks like everyone wins here except for Young Mi’s family who will probably be devastated once they learn of the news.

Tae Hyun still hasn’t woken up and is placed on a bed beside Kim Young Mi. The Chairman comes to pay him a visit. He says he owes him a lot, which makes our Snowpunzel curious about what he means by that. This might make her start to doubt him a bit. Considering how much he tried to save her, I hope she doesn’t start to treat him like a stranger. That would be horrible.

Speaking of the Chairman, he apparently loves Chae Young but knows that she doesn’t love him. I’m a bit surprised by this, because I thought that they had a loveless marriage on both sides. Instead it’s just loveless on one side.

4. The police are back and are back to finding Yong Pal.

I was a bit nervous that Tae Hyun’s former Yong Pal booky would rat him out, but thankfully the gangsters from before basically threatened his life. If Yong Pal is caught all of the gangsters in the country will go after him. Nice!

However, the police here are somewhat competent and got access to his phone records. They now know that Yong Pal is in Hanshin Hospital.

yong pal 5

While this is happening, Chae Young starts to develop some feelings for Tae Hyun after finding out how much he tried to protect her. She calls out all of the doctors to help him get better, which pisses off his frienemy who is annoyed that Tae Hyun is getting all of the attention once again.

5. Tae Hyun and Snowpunzel frolic in a gorgeous place in their mind, because they’re still in the hospital and can’t really leave at the moment.

Seems like the romance portion of their relationship is starting to develop more here, but I think it’s a bit too fast. Near death experiences do bring out lovey dovey feelings in people, but at the same time it’s still a bit too fast. The place where this happens is seriously gorgeous though.

yong pal 6

After they frolic in this magical place, Tae Hyun takes her to the rooftop so they can experience the stars. They’re having fun, but Cynthia comes to ruin things. She’s leaving to America, which makes sense since she can’t really stay at the hospital after turning her back on the Chairman.

Cynthia then asks Tae Hyun to get her coffee before she goes. While he’s doing that, she walks up to Yeo Jin and basically makes her feel guilty that Tae Hyun got hurt because of her. To add further pain, she then says that he lost out in a lot of money for his sister, because he loves Snowpunzel. Right now, Yeo Jin is feeling horrible, so Cynthia delivers the final blow and it’s a knock out.

yong pal

My girl Cynthia is causing problems and I love it! Too bad she’s leaving after this episode 😦 That’s two characters, Creepy Nurse Gothel Hwang and Cynthia, that I liked and are now gone. 😦

This will probably just make Yeo Jin feel like they can’t be together, because of drama issues. She should feel guilty, but she also has money that she set aside for him so she shouldn’t feel that guilty about things. The show better not go into misunderstanding territory with this reveal though.

Preview: Yong Pal is in danger again, while Yeo Jin has another death scare, and the romance ramps up even more. They also seems to be some misunderstanding happening here…*sigh* This is my problem with romance stories and makes me feel somewhat lackadaisical about it.

Hopefully the show surprises me and doesn’t go for a cliched romance route, because I don’t think I can handle that for the next 13-17 episodes. Why can’t they just be friends for awhile and then develop into something more?

I’m going to assume that I’m in the minority with this view though. Right?


3 thoughts on “5-Line Recap: Yong Pal ep 7 – What a Juliet!

  1. Camille W

    Your right about things going a bit fast. It did feel sudden for TH to have developed such deep feelings already. However im thinking its actually not improbable since she really brought out some strong feelings in him: desperation, compassion, empathy, concern etc. He legit likes her. I think the problem with this pacing is that i should have seen the relationship progress rather than have to make it logical in my mind. What I would have wanted to see is the moment he realizes that he’s fallen for her. Instead we get dream sequences and mysterious ‘is he checking her out or just happy for her?’ type of gazes. Honestly, since that spoiler on Soompi *ehem, about pg 178 or so ehem* I think I’ll be fine with whatever happens.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Was the spoiler about the kiss?

      I feel like the writers are telling us that they’re falling for each other instead of showing us happen. It’s weird too, because the pacing has been great for everything else but when it came to their romance it kind of fell flat.

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