Wakako-zake 8 – Goya Chanpuru

Wakako’s skin is too dry and she’s feeling a bit down and I completely understand how she feels. Though, my skin isn’t dry and I only feel slightly dirty after the Makura no Danshi episode…but if you ignore that then I completely understand how she’s feeling.

When you’re feeling that way, comfort food is the way to go, but she doesn’t feel like having meat so she gets Okinawa bitter melon stir fry called Goya Chanpuru (ゴーヤーチャンプルー). Her drink of choice for this meal is an Orion beer.

Even though she didn’t feel like having meat, she does get to have some in her goya chanpuru. She mentions how tuna is nice and pork is good too, but when it has spam she can eat it for days.

I’ve never had spam, so I don’t really know if I agree with her or not, but she does look like she’s enjoying it. She seems to like the ‘questionable flavour’ and the ‘excessive seasoning of salt’ that the canned meat brings to the dish.

Wakako-zake  (4)

But the star of this dish is goya, bitter melon. I’ve never had this either, but unlike the spam which doesn’t look too appealing, goya does. I’m nervous about the bitterness, but I do like the taste of olives, so I’m going to wrongly assume that the taste is similar.

Goya is what makes Goya Chanpuru so special, because if it wasn’t there then this would just be a regular stir fry dish. Plus, the bitterness from the goya is great for ones health and helps you lose weight…allegedly. I’m not sure how true this statement is, but Wakako seems to believe it so I’m going to assume that she’s right.

Goya Chanpuru. If I ever go to Japan, I’m going to have to remember this name so I can try it out with tuna.


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