Makura no Danshi ep 7 – Well I feel dirty and slighty disgusted with myself now

I’ve been having some life issues lately and one of these things got me slightly frustrated. It was then that I remembered Makura no Danshi, because the show about Pillow Bishies is meant to relax you. I mean, that’s what the synopsis says so it has to be somewhat true.

So I pressed play and immediately felt dirty for ever thinking that way. Not so much because they’re Pillow Bishies, because I have no problem with that. But…we were blessed….um…with the shota (young boy) episode.

I’m going to try really hard to get through this recap without cringing, but I’ve already failed. I’ve failed miserably.

We’ve had different kinds of bishies grace our computers during the run of this show, so it was only a matter of time before we got to see the shota. Even though it might make me feel dirty watching it, I won’t deny that there are some fans of this genre. Is it weird? In my eyes yes, but at the same time we also get a lot of lolis in animes so I suppose I shouldn’t feel so weird about it, right?

Yea! It’s not totally weird! In fact, let’s meet our little shota. Today’s episode of Makura no Danshi focuses on Enokawa Haruto, a super energetic five year old….oh dear God the kid is only five years old.

Makura no Danshi (4)

Pull yourself together Mochi! You can do this. Five year olds are cute, just look at this as a cute kid and not a pillow bishie that you’d hug while you sleep… O.O

Okay! Woo! I can do this.

The episode starts with you telling Enokawa to go to bed. He doesn’t want to, so you bribe him with snacks. It works at first, but he still can’t sleep. He asks you to read him a story about the Oden Sentai Seems reasonable. When I was a young five year old I really loved Power Rangers so him liking the Sentai is typical five year old behaviour.

That level of skin exposure does make me feel awkward though. I have cousins who are five and this is normal behaviour. Sometimes the boys will run out of their clothes and stuff, but things feel so different when it’s on this show.

He gets super excited and yells out a move that they do, which gets his dear ol’ grandmother annoyed since he’s being too loud. I guess this means we’re babysitting in this episode? Knowing that his grandmother is around kind of makes me feel dirtier though.

Makura no Danshi (6)

After talking to you about watermelons and some of the stuff he’s into, he’s finally ready to go to sleep and asks you to sleep with him…..he says it’s to protect us if any bad guys come, but that doesn’t get rid of this icky feeling I have.

Then he makes this face as he says good night.

Makura no Danshi (5)

Well Makura no Danshi, I thought Tanaka was the only Pillow Bishie who could creep me out this much, but I was wrong. That face at the end doesn’t make me feel better or make me feel relaxed. It makes me feel like I took advantage of some kid!

On the plus side, we got through this episode in one piece and now I don’t have to worry about it for the remaining episodes. Enokawa is a cute kid, but the whole talking to me when you’re a Pillow Bishie makes me so uncomfortable. *shudders*


2 thoughts on “Makura no Danshi ep 7 – Well I feel dirty and slighty disgusted with myself now

  1. Jamie

    This was both a weird yet cute episode. I made myself forget I was watching a pillow bishie anime and just tried to enjoy the perspective of a little kid again–I can just still remember being sent to nap time and not being the least bit tired! XD


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