Death Note Live Action ep 7 – Light becomes Gollum

Death Note ep 7

This was meant to be out last week, but life got in the way. And by life, I mean I got hooked on playing a game on my tablet…It’s funny when things like that happens. In any case, sorry for the delay.

5–Line Recap:

1. L still suspects Light, since there’s no definite proof that he isn’t Kira.

Say what you will, but L is still smart even though he doesn’t fully understand what is truly going on. Since he’s still not certain if Light is Kira or not, he uses a failsafe plan. He handcuffs Light to himself. Whether this will prove it to him or strengthen their bonds of friendship isn’t certain yet, but it is funny.

With that out of the way, the Kira Investigation Unit can deal with the current Kira; some high ranking executive who is working with the Yotsuba Japan Group.

Light now wants to catch Kira, so L unties him and they shake hands once again.

2. After seeing Light with Misa, L pretty much figures everything out about what happened.

He still doesn’t have enough proof though, but he definitely understands what is going on. He can’t really do anything at the moment, since the current Kira is still killing indiscriminately. Since they know that the current Kira is currently in the Yotsuba Japan Group, they find out that there’s going to be an audition for a commercial there and use Misa as their in.

While this is happening, Light will head to the conference room and install a camera there. He does get trolled a bit by L which is funny.

It should be easy, since the executives are stupid, but they’re working with someone named Babel, who is one of the four great detectives. Three of the great ones is L, so the fourth one is probably Near.

With the camera installed, the crew head back to L’s place to watch the live stream killings. It’s interesting to note that Light has a white shirt on, though it’s not pure white. Since he no longer remembers being Kira, I wonder if this is just symbolism to show how innocent he is now. It’s not completely white, so being Kira probably blackened some part of him.

Death Note (8)

3. Near is Babel, while Mikami gets desperate and confronts Misa about being Kira.

So these are two major changes from the original. L was never in contact with Near and I don’t remember Mikami ever doing this.

4. Matsuda goes on TV to bait the Yotsuba Japan Group’s Kira to kill him.

It’s through this and the fact that the executive contacted Misa that the Kira Investigation Unit is able to figure out who the current Kira is. Not only do they solve the case, but L also gets to see how Kira kills people. L, being the type of guy that he is, still isn’t satisfied until he figures out the main method that Kira uses to kill people.

Even though they know that Higuchi, the executive from Yotsuba, is Kira L still wants to wait to see how Higuchi kills. It’s Light that convinces him to take action by saying that the notebook is proof, so they should go after that instead. So that’s what they do. They stop Higuchi and Light even saves L from being shot at.

Interesting to note, Light is back to wearing all black. I wonder what that could symbolize!

5. Light gets his memories back.

Since Light saved L from the bullet, he’s now proven himself as innocent even though he isn’t. Even if he isn’t innocent, L will feel indebted to Light for going out of his way like this. Even though Light’s version of Kira is back he isn’t doing that great of a job hiding the fact. The way he is holding the Death Note is possessive and very Gollum like.

I mean…he honestly looks like a crazy person. If they spend a bit of time looking at him and not Higuchi, they would have noticed how off Light is looking at the moment. Thankfully L noticed, so perhaps he’s back to suspecting Light again.

Preview: L and Light fight

I apologize for the lateness of this and the fact that I didn’t write too much. This game is really addictive and I’m trying hard to get three stars for ever level, but two levels are giving me such a hard time!

I suspect that [spoiler] L will die in the next episode [/spoiler] so I’m interested in seeing how that happens. Mikami also seems to be making a big move in the next one as well, so I wonder if Light will recruit him in the next episode or not.


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