Gakkou Gurashi! ep 7

The dew may fall and the flower remains, or the flower may wither before the dew is gone.

The title card changed again and now Megu-nee’s face is removed from the blackboard and instead of seeing her next to the tree, we see her grave. 😦

The episode starts off with Miki walking along the halls and noticing that there are more zombies out. Even though she’s just noticing something that’s an everyday occurrence to her, I think that if I had to live like them I might suffer from a mental break due to hearing their moans all the time. You can’t really escape them either, because the windows are broken and there’s a lot of zombies out there. Just thinking about living like that is kind of terrifying.

Having someone/something distract you from that isn’t a bad thing and I think from that scene alone I understand where the other girls are coming from. It’s not the killing and destruction that gets to me; it’s the relentless moans from the zombies. It’s like in Resident Evil 4. It wasn’t scary, but I hated hearing the moan/chanting of the monk. Walking into a room and hearing them always freaked me out.

Food porn!

While enjoying a hot bowl of hot udon noodles with spring onions, the girls reminisce about meeting Miki. This messes with Yuki’s mind though, because the car that they were in seats four people. So where was Megu-nee?

It doesn’t make sense to her, so she runs to the door where Megu-nee was last seen and has a heart to heart with the good teacher. I think Yuki does understand what is going on, since she said that she can’t remember things clearly and seems to have a working knowledge of the zombies, but she still doesn’t want to let go of her delusions. She’s actively indulging them instead of facing reality.

Gakkou Gurashi! (7)

Miki still wants her to get better, because while she understands that Yuki is their light and helps them get through their day, it isn’t fair to Yuki. Kurumi agrees with her, while Rii doesn’t want to let go. While I do understand where she’s coming from, I think out of all of them she’s the closest to breaking down. Miki has accepted things and Kurumi has too. We haven’t really seen Rii do the same. She does take leadership of the group and helps them out a lot, but if Yuki breaks Rii will quickly follow and that would be a one-two punch to the group.

Hopefully Rii is allowed to vent out her feelings before this happens, so she can be a rock for Yuki when the breakdown eventually happens.

One thing that I noticed is that we see the place where Megu-nee died and there’s only blood. So where’s her body? Is she a zombie?

Gakkou Gurashi! (8)

The rest of the episode is spent to writing letters to the outside world about what the girls want to do after graduation. Just like before, Yuki is the one who suggests this and the girls follow her lead. They use balloons filled with helium and attach the letters to that. Kurumi uses a pigeon, because she’s a boss.

Now that we’ve seen the episode where the balloons show up, I wonder if the intro will change again to reflect this.

Gakkou Gurashi! (5)

Another great episode! Every time I watch Gakkou Gurashi! I’m always left with a mixture of feelings. I want the girls to be safe, but realistically that might not happen. Yet, I’m still hopeful that they’re able to find happiness.

In a way, it kind of makes me think of Gunslinger Girl. Both shows make you really connect with the girls, but there’s still this feeling of sadness but hope that remains with you after each episode.

Gakkou Gurashi! (10)

ps. Rii has some mad art skills. She takes out a green pencil and busts this out in no time flat.



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