5-Line Recap: Yong Pal ep 6 – The theme is suicide

Is anyone else wondering about what happened to the police officers from the first two episodes? Even though one got transferred, I would think that they’re still looking for Yong Pal and the gangsters, but it’s clear that they’ve given up on it.

Sad. It seems like the only way to solve crimes on kdramas is by using criminals who look good in black suits. OCN, please give us a second season of Bad Guys!

5-Line Recap:

1. Um…this episode started off with a suicide to show how workers, who were unfairly laid off at some electric company, are handling the bad news…they’re not handling it well.

Wow. I do understand that it’s horrible when you get laid off. A few years back, my dad got laid off of his job and he felt like it was the end of the world. Unfortunately, I’m a cold hearted person and can’t sympathize with those who decide to kill themselves due to a company’s bad handling of affairs.

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, but killing yourself means that you’re selling yourself short. There’s more to life than working. You still have your health, your family, and the whole world waiting for you. Anyways, she didn’t die. In fact, she’s the newest client for our Tae Hyun. Once he gets to the site, he goes into Yong Pal mode and deals with the situation at hand.

Ah! I get it now. By dealing with a real life suicide, Tae Hyun is now facing a different kind of suicide due to President Go’s talk with him. We know from the last episode that President Go isn’t someone you should mess with, because he’ll try to kill you. Since Tae Hyun doesn’t have any power, President Go would probably take everything from his life and then kill him.

We also learn that Cynthia is working with President Go and he’s the one who lured Tae Hyun to the restricted area so that he can try to manipulate him later on. Wow, he’s trapped on all sides. I wonder if this is how Chief Lee felt like all this time.

2. The gangsters are still at the hospital and one of them catches Cynthia bring in more gangster looking people in.

President Go seems to be making his move, but before dealing with Yeo Jin he needs to take care of Chae Young. What makes me nervous is that Cynthia seems to be on board with this plan, which is a shame because Chae Young is amazing. Cynthia is playing both sides and I do like seeing her finally making a move, but not when it’s against my girl Chae Young.

yong pal

Speaking of Chae Young, she’s at the hospital again for some one on one time with Tae Hyun. It’s under the guise of needing help for yoga, but she knows that she’s being watched and informs him that Yeo Jin is in danger. She also provides him with an escape plan to save both of them.

President Go knows that if he continues with the appeal that Yeo Jin will die, because the Chairman doesn’t have her he’ll kill her. President Go shares the same feelings; if he can’t have Yeo Jin then he’s willing to let her die as well. No one will notice anyways, because she’s prone to killing herself in the first place.

3. Creepy Nurse Gothel Hwang placed a hidden camera in Snowpunzel’s moves, since she knows that Yeo Jin is conscious.

This will prove to be a good thing, because the Director plans on killing Yeo Jin and you know that she’s not going to be happy about that. Unfortunately, she’s kind of crazy and just stabs the Director multiple times. I suppose that’s one way of saving Yeo Jin, but it’s still crazy. She gets dragged away, which makes me worried because I want to see more from her.

The only good thing that she did was conveniently leave her keys on the ground.

Cynthia seems a bit naïve about things. She believes in President Go and doesn’t think he’ll let Yeo Jin die, but that’s his plan from the get go. She asks Tae Hyun if he’s with them or not and Tae Hyun agrees just so he can hear the plan. He relays t to Yeo Jin, who seems okay with it since she trust President Go more than her brother.

Sadly, Tae Hyun is stuck in the middle of this. No matter what he does, it looks like he’ll anger someone that will use their rage to hurt his sister.

4. Seems like Tae Hyun is already working behind the scenes to do something big.

He told his old nurse friend that Yeong Ae needs to die in the OR tonight, so I think they’re both going to try to fake her death. He also tells Chae Young to meet with them at four in the morning and then warns her to leave the hospital right away.

It seemed like he did something else, but I’m not sure what. Instead we see a very conflicted Chief Lee go into Snowpunzel’s room and use one of the broken glasses to slit her throat.

Cynthia swore on the show! It was in English, but I’m surprised they allowed it considering that word get censored here.

Before anything more can happen, all of the sides being their plans in having Yeo Jin for themselves. Fighting ensues, because that’s just what happens when your prize is Snowpunzel. The fighting even gets Tae Hyun shot at, which is sad. Cynthia also starts fighting and while I wish I could say that it was epic, it wasn’t. You can tell she isn’t much of a fighter, or at least they didn’t allow her to showcase proper moves.

yong pal 4

5. Chief Lee tricked everyone, by making them fight over a decoy Yeo Jin.

Our little Chief is a lot more devilish than I thought. Cynthia and Tae Hyun take the decoy downstairs, where president Go and the Chairman have a more personal showdown.

Tae Hyun seemed to understand what Chief Lee was planning on doing, which is why he told his nurse friend what they should do earlier in the day. With his guidance, she makes it look like Snowpunzel went through cardiac arrest, which would make Chief Lee give up and declare her dead.

That’s exactly what happens. Tae Hyun did say that he’d be back in time to revive her, but the showdown is taking too long so I’m not sure what will happen. A lot of things are compromised though, so I don’t know how the hospital will continue with the way things are. The Yong Pal parts were dropped quickly, so will the hospital setting follow suit?

No preview this time around, but there’s enough of a cliffhanger to make me want the next episode now.

The suicide from the beginning seems weird, but by the end of the show it really puts everything into perspective. Yeo Jin, Tae Hyun, and even Chief Lee are all backed into a corner with no way out, much like the female who was laid off. All are facing pressure from what the higher ups expect and want, without really living. Chief Lee gave in, because he’s a broken man who already killed himself in a way. Tae Hyun is facing career suicide, while Yeo Jin is made to look like she attempted suicide.

Writers, I see what you did here!


7 thoughts on “5-Line Recap: Yong Pal ep 6 – The theme is suicide

  1. Camille W

    Great recap! I didn’t knw the ep’s theme was suicide having watched with partial subs. I really did enjoy ep 6. I liked the pacing but im worried for the characters. I can’t see hw the hospital context can continue in light of these developments. But similarly that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see the nxt ep right nw.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Hi Camille! I’m not actually sure if the theme was suicide or not, but it’s just something I noticed. If it wasn’t, then the beginning portion doesn’t really fit with anything else that happened.

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  3. Honey

    Hi mochirochi,I really enjoyed ep 6 but I read another recap and it seemed like Tae hyun was helping Evil Do joon! Anyways,I’m looking forward to more action from chae young!Thanks for the recap.By the way,are there any other recaps with pretty actors?I’m bored.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Tae Hyun did seem like he was working with Do Joon, but I don’t think he was. He only made himself appear that way at the end, which is why I didn’t mention it.

      As for pretty actors? Um, I’m not sure but Ikurate tends to have a list of recaps on their blog. There should be a pingback link in the comment section.


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