First impressions The Virtual Bride

What I was expecting: There’s a show on Lifetime that came out not too long ago called UnReal, where it chronicled the lives of the producers and ‘reality show personalities’ for a Bachelor type show. Unlike the Bachelor, UnReal was a drama that was just based on a reality show setting.

When I first heard of The Virtual Bride, I kind of thought of UnReal but with a kdrama spin to it. It won’t be as dark and there won’t be any sex or drug scenes here, but I’m assuming it will show how different the characters behave when the cameras are on and when they’re off.

With 12 episodes and it being a comedy, I’m expecting great things. Out of all of the kdrama summer shows this was the one that I was most looking forward to.

How it really was: It’s the house from My Love, Madame Butterfly! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that place, so it feels nostalgic looking at it again.

Why do some mother-in-laws treat their daughter-in-laws like the hired help? Why do they treat them so badly, even though they thought well of them before they were married into the family? Why do some mother-in-laws act crazy?

That is what The Virtual Bride seems to be about, so expect to get angry at the mistreatment some of the daughter-in-laws on this show, because it’s frustrating to watch. I’m not married yet, but there’s always this stigma between mother-in-laws vs. daughter-in-laws and I don’t really understand why. Is it because they now have to compete over the love of their sons? Is it the fear of being replaced by someone younger (in some cases) than you?

I don’t really get it.

virtual bride

What I do get is that if I was ever in that sort of situation where my mother-in-law was treating me like the mothers on this show treat their in-laws…we’ll I’d be livid. And I don’t think I’d want a life feeling this way, especially if my husband acted like the husbands on this show.

Some kdramas, when the story deals with women, tend to dumb down the guys in order to prop up the females. This trend continues on with this show. Since the story and plot is about the women and their struggles, the guys tend to get shafted and feel pathetic. Instead of acting like men, they act like immature boys who need someone to baby them.

It’s gross.

Thankfully, Myung Suk, the lead male, isn’t like that. He was one of the highlights of the show, because when Dasom’s character, Oh In Young, farts in his car twice on the same day he doesn’t get angry. No, he just says this

Then writes out a math formula about the probability of In Young farting in his car twice, even though they don’t know each other.

virtual bride 4

It’s geeky, but cute at the same time.

Another highlight was See Mi, Myung Suk’s sister-in-law. When we first see her, she’s getting verbally abused by her mother-in-law and boy did it peeve me off. I thought that she’d take it and not say anything, but my girl See Mi isn’t about that and stood up for herself.

By the end of the second episode, the mother-in-law does start to feel bad because her own daughter is going through hell due to her in-law and she feels like she’s doing the same thing with See Mi. The change won’t happen over night, but at least there was some progress. I mean, at least she didn’t bite anyone like another mother-in-law did on this show.

Other than the male characters, my only issue with the show is the comedy. The Virtual Bride is billed as a comedy, but I don’t think it does it well. Instead of laughing, I rolled my eyes because some of the jokes were incredibly heavy handed and not natural. When a show has to resort to multiple fart scenes to illicit a reaction, then that’s not a good thing.

Overall: The Virtual Bride is just okay so far. The good points are just fine, while the weak points are kind of cringe worthy. I do like the idea of a show about the relationship between mothers and their respective daughter-in-laws, but I feel like there’s still a lot of room to grow here.

The reality show aspect of The Virtual Bride is kind of lame in a bad but meaning good kind of way. If it was a real show then I don’t think I could watch it, but when shown here it’s fine.



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