5-Line Recap Yong Pal ep 5 – Creepy Nurse Gothel Hwang steals the show

Yong Pal is such a wonderful surprise. Not only in terms of storytelling, but the acting as well. Everything about this show is top notch and I can’t get enough of it.

5-Line Recap:

1. “Even if a man’s thing is crooked, he should still pee straight.”

What a beautiful proverb that is said by the resident gangster on Yong Pal. Even though he’s crooked, because he’s a gangster and does shady stuff, he still has a good heart as shown when he got the Kim Hyun Joong look-a-like arrested for gambling. I suppose this proverb could also be used for Tae Hyun. He’s seen as a crooked person, but he still pees straight. And he does it in such a charismatic way.

Speaking of Tae Hyun, his sister isn’t doing too well. She almost had uremia and was brought to the hospital by their dad before things got bad. After knowing how bad the dad is I’m waiting to see if he actually changed or if he’s still a disgusting excuse for a human being.

Tae Hyun asks his dad to leave, while his sister leaves him her dying message. She wants her remaining family members to make up before she dies, but it doesn’t seem likely considering their personalities. He’s not giving up on her though and there is hope out there, but he needs a lot of money for that to happen.

2. I love Chae Young!

She drops into morning brunch? Breakfast? Lunch? Who knows, but the chairman was eating and Chae Young has a hangover that she can’t shake out of. She asks for water, questions who her husband is, and then passes out.

yong pal 2

The Chairman isn’t pleased, but I sure am! His secretary arrives and tells him about a court order and the two rush off to deal with it, but the best part is that my girl Chae Young isn’t passed out. She’s acting! Like a boss!

Since the investors are requesting to see Yeo Jin and have used legal means to do so, the Chairman isn’t all that happy and decides that the best course of action is to kill her. The secretary tries to appeal and gets a class cup thrown on his head.

The cup shatters into a million pieces, which made me instantly sympathize with the dude. But as I was getting the scrreencap I realized that something like that wouldn’t normally happen. A cup shattering that easily due to someone’s head seems odd. Perhaps SBS contacted the window makers from the first episode and used them again to make a cup here.

Anyways, the secretary now has 48 hours to solve things or our Snowpunzel gets bites the bullet. It also looks like some of the staff is working with Chae Young.

3. The many faces of Creepy Nurse Gothel Hwang are terrifyingly good!

She’s angry at Tae Hyun sleeping in Snowpunzel’s room, but he tells her off and says that she basically can’t do anything or he’ll let the Chairman know that Yeo Jin almost succeeded in killing herself during her watch. This makes her rage even more and my god is it scary! If looks could kill, Tae Hyun would be six feet and under by now.

yong pal 4

She complains to Chief Lee, who calls over Tae Hyun and pretty much gives him a high five for knocking creepy nurse down a peg, but then warns Tae Hyun that the nurse is dangerous. Clearly she’s unstable, which is great, because while the two doctors are talking she heads over to Snowpunzel and slaps her.

Then she looks on with regret and apologizes in the only way she knows how. By making Snowpunzel look like a princess.

I’ve commented about how awesome Joo Won is, but Bae Hye-Sun, who plays Creepy Nurse Gothel Hwang, is fantastic. I truly get terrified when she’s on screen, but I can’t stop looking forward to seeing what she’ll do next. She’s just wonderful to watch and makes me want to see more from her.

4. Chae Young is in danger and so is Creepy Nurse Gothel Hwang.

Chae Young, who is awesome by the way, realizes what the investors are doing and is trying to save her dad and Yeo Jin from dying or losing their place. This gains the respect of the chief investor, who I think admires that Chae Young was able to figure things out. Unfortunately, he’s like the Chairman and seems way too trigger happy about letting someone die if it means furthering his place in life. He sends one of his goons out to take care of Chae Young due to her awesomeness.

Meanwhile, Snowpunzel is trying to test things now that she has regained consciousness. She messes with the motion detection, which stresses out Creepy Nurse Gothel Hwang since whenever she comes to the locked room, nothing changed. But when she’s away, her phone alerts her to some movement that is happening.

She doesn’t get any rest. Even when on the toilet, she gets another bing and rushes out to see if our resident Snowpunzel is alright. More creepy nurse is always a good thing, but it’s gross that she brought her phone to the washroom and is checking it while doing some heavy business on the toilet. That’s just gross.

All of this gets to the nurse and she has a mini breakdown because of it in front of Chief Lee, who switches her night shift with Tae Hyun and tells her to go home and sleep.

yong pal 8

I feel bad for her, but even in her sad state she looks unhinged. She’s depressed, but still gives off an air that she’s about to shank someone soon to make herself feel better.

5. Yeo Jin tries to use her power to keep Tae Hyun in line, but doesn’t play that kind of game and let’s her know that.

Yeo Jin kept trying to remind Tae Hyun that she’s the only way he can get the money for his sister’s treatment, so he better listen to her. For other shows, this would keep the one blackmailed in check. Tae Hyun isn’t dumb though, so he keeps talking to her like he talks to everyone and reminds her that he’s her only lifeline to the outside world. This made me smile, because if Tae Hyun allowed Snowpunzel to talk to him like this then that would go against everything we’ve seen from him during the past five episodes.

yong pal 10

Once they start talking on a more even level, they seem to do better with their conversation. Even though Snowpunzel is trying to give off an ice princess kind of image, Tae Hyun keeps breaking down those barriers. Mainly because she’s just acting like a cold ice queen, but also because Tae Hyun is charismatic and would make anyone smile. He even suggests they be friends and she accepts. I’d also accept his friend request if he asked me to. 

Their good times are temporary though, because Creepy Nurse Gothel Hwang came back to the hospital and spied the two new friends talking to each other. Needless to say, she isn’t happy.

yong pal 9

Preview: Crazy stuff is going down as the Chariman’s people try to kill Yeo Jin and some fighting happens in the hospital as well.

Another strong episode that had less Joo Won and more Bae Hye-Sun, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I’m surprised by the depth of all of the actors and the rich story line that still doesn’t have a hint of romance to it yet. The brawl that happens in the preview does seem jarring, but I’m confident enough with the writers’ skill to pull it off in a believable way.

Can’t wait to see what happens in episode six!


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