Wakako-zake 7 – Potato Salad

On today’s menu today is Potato Salad (ポテトサラダ) and Oolong-Hai (ウーロンハイ), which is oolong tea mixed with shochu.

The rest of the episode is just Wakako savouring her meal, but I’m a bit confused here. After listening to Stuff You Should Know, I learned that oolong is pronounced woo-long and not oo-long, so I kept trying to listen to the difference when Wakako said it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really tell. I think she pronounces it oo-long and not wu-long, so now I’m wondering if wu-long is how Mandarin Chinese speakers say it? Or maybe she did say wu-long, but the “wu” portion of it is just soft so it sounds like “oo?”

I suppose that’s not really important here. The main thing in this episode is that Wakako was able to get everything for 500 yen, 300 for the potato salad and 200 for the oolong-hai. That’s pretty cheap for a meal this good.

It kind of makes me want to make some right now, only I won’t because it’s late and I don’t think I have any potatoes on hand anyways. Maybe tomorrow?


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