Wakaba*Girl ep 7 – Yukatas and Fireworks

Last episode ended on a slight cliffhanger as we learned that Wakaba has a curfew and isn’t able to make it to the summer festival. Shiba, Mao and Moe all agreed to convince Wakaba’s family to let her go.

Wakaba really wants to go too, since this episode started with her looking up pictures of what people do at a summer festival. The fireworks, the yukatas, the food, all of this looks like a lot of fun but rules are rules.

Shiba, Mao, and Moe head to Wakaba’s mansion to plead their case and thankfully, Wakaba’s sister agrees and tells Wakaba that she can go and that she’ll convince their mother that it’s okay.

Well that was easy!

The girls start by scooping goldfish, which surprisingly Moe does quite well at.

Wakaba Girl (1)

Then they head off to the shooting game where our resident otaku, Shiba, never misses her target.

Wakaba Girl (6)

As for Mao and Wakaba, they’re great at pulling strings and winning plushies.

All that’s left is to watch the fireworks, which help bring the girls closer together.

Wakaba Girl (5)

With that, summer vacation is over and we’re back at school starting next week!

As you can see from this recap, not much really happened in this episode, but that doesn’t really matter. The charm of Wakaba Girl is its simplicity and cuteness, so just watching the girls enjoy their slice-of-life life is fun to watch. After I watch an episode, I’m left with a smile on my face and I firmly believe that’s the most important thing.

I am excited to go back to school though. Even though the summer vacation episodes were pleasant to watch, I think Wakaba’s high points are when she’s at school.


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