Death Note Live Action ep 6 – Yagami teaches us how to be a good parent

This episode deals with one of my favourite parts in the anime/manga, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the live action version is just as good.

5-Line Recap

1. L continues his interrogation of Misa, while Ryuk taunts Light by saying that Misa will reveal everything.

Light calls his dad in an effort to figure out what to do, but since his dad suspects Light already it doesn’t go as planned. L keeps pushing Misa over and over again, but she doesn’t budge. She knows that Light could kill her and she just accepts it. Instead of waiting, she renounces her possession of the Death Note and thus lost all of her memories about it.

Despite being somewhat annoying and short-sighted, Misa does have a strong mental state. She’ll do anything for the sake of saving Light, who she loves, and that love allowed her to not play into L’s hands.

This does seem like a win for Light, since he no longer has to worry about getting caught. Unfortunately for him Rem actually cares about Misa and threatens Light. If he doesn’t try to save her, then she’ll kill him.

2. Light buries one Death Note and then tells L that he might be Kira and to investigate him until they’re both satisfied.

L looks kind of disappointed in Light. When Light first turns himself in he proposes that he might be killing in his sleep. That can’t be true, since the Kira Investigation Unit were watching him sleep and stuff.

Death Note (3)

After six days of confinement and with no killings, this does raise even more suspicion that Light and Misa were the Kiras. Then on the eight day Rem finally makes her move and the Kira murders begin once again, but no one tells Light so he can’t renounce his death note quite yet.

3. The new Kira is an executive who uses the death note to kill criminals and to take out their competitors as well.

Light still doesn’t know about this yet, but after 14 days he finally gets a hint which is great since L decides that this is the best time to use a polygraph test. L does somewhat apologize by saying that while Kira is prey, Light is his only friend.

Death Note (2)

The two have their usual pissing match and then Light gives up his Death Note. This does continue to raise some suspicions with L who feels like the Light from before and the Light after their test are like completely different people.

4. Even after all that L still suspects Light of being Kira, so his dad comes in to bust him out.

The other cops discovered a lead on who the new Kira could be after getting that email from L. Only it wasn’t from him. Near sent it….*sigh* My hatred of the character does even make sense, but I hope I get over it before the show ends.

Death Note (4)

5. Yagami still suspects Light, so to test his innocence he pulls a gun out on him.

That’s good parenting right there. It was all a ruse though and one that Light passed. L now believes that Light and Misa aren’t the Kiras because if they were then Yagami would have been dead already.

The father and son reconnect and Light proudly says that he hates Kira for the pain he caused his father. This is kind of funny, but sad at the same time. Light probably feels this way when he has ownership of the Death Note, but buries it deep down so that he can continue being Kira.

Judging by the previews, the next episode has them catching the new Kira and reawakening Light’s memories of the Death Note as well. That’s a shame, mainly because the preview spoiled everything now.

As for the episode, Light’s plan didn’t seem as amazing as the manga/anime, but I did like the Yagami and Light confrontation in the end. In the original, there was a lot more pleading and yelling and Misa was there as well. Here, Yagami continues to show how tortured he is about Light and the acting, while subtle, shines through. This scene also helped show that Light is a lot like his father in that he’s willing to put his job before his family if it means that they remain safe from criminals. Even though they’ve grown distant, their sense of justice is still the same.


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