5-Line Recap Yong Pal ep 4 – Snowpunzel sounds better than Sleeping Beauty

Before starting the recap I want to thank Microsoft Word’s autosave. While writing this my computer randomly shut down. I did lose some stuff I wrote, but the majority of it was saved thanks to that beautiful feature. This should teach me to always save my work, but it won’t.

5-Line Recap time!

1. So the show is calling Yeo Jin’s character Sleeping Beauty, but she still feels more like Snowpunzel to me.

Sure she’s sleeping, but considering how much money she’s worth I kind of feel like her brother, the chairman, wanted her in this position. Not because of beauty, like in the original Snow White tale, but because of them dollar bills. Since he can’t kill her, they’ve placed her in a tower where she’s trapped and not allowed to leave. Plus I think the creepy nurse is kind of like the witch from Rapunzel.

So despite what the show says, I’m still going to call her Snowpunzel. As for the show, Dr. Lee basically tells Tae Hyun that he’s now trapped. Instead of just taking his time, he rushed to the fire and only found garbage instead of honey. He’ll be set for life, but it’s a life where you’re shackled. If you try to leave or do anything, then you’ll be forcefully removed.

Is this the kind of life that Tae Hyun wants though? It might be nice at first, as his sister’s treatment got sped up and he doesn’t have to worry about job or money anymore, but after awhile you’ll end up hating it and wishing you had a life. That’s just human nature.

2. Chae Young and Tae Hyun make contact and share a drink together.

Not sure if something more happened, since Tae Hyun wakes up in a hotel room with his shirt slightly undone, but it’s clear that she wiggled herself into his life now.


It’s interesting to note that she had a big tacky skull on her pink jacket, this could symbolise poison for Tae Hyun and that getting involved with her will cause his downfall. Or, she just has really horrible fashion tastes. Rich people tend to and Chae Young seems to go out of her way to get attention, so this does kind of hold merit. It’s probably a mixture of both though. What a seriously ugly jacket though.

Despite her horrible fashion taste, Chae Young is smart and knows that she has to wait before sinking her teeth into Tae Hyun. Instead of revealing her cards right away, it’s better for him to see how corrupt the hospital is and then suggest a plan. Plus, now that she has a back up plan, so if he doesn’t take kindly to her words she can blackmail him in some way to get what she wants. I really like Chae Young!

3. The girlfriend of the Kim Hyun Joong lookalike wants to blow up the hospital.

Tae Hyun correctly assumed that she is suffering from PTSD, but since this would cause a scandal for the top Hallyu star Dr. Lee squashed that notion right away. Now she’s freaking out and learns of a way to blow up the hospital.

yong pal

Meanwhile, Chae Young visits Tae Hyun again this time asking to see her sister in law. Even though nothing happened between the two of them, she tells him that the cameras tell a different story. Not only does she use blackmail, but she also gives rise to Tae Hyun’s sense of chivalry by mentioning that Yeo Jin is in trouble. I really like Chae Young!

Before anything can happen, Manager Cynthia shows up and tells Tae Hyun to evacuate Snowpunzel. Once she leaves, then everyone else in the hospital can follow suit. That seems super unethical. I mean, I get that Snowpunzel is important, but if there’s a problem that puts everyone’s health at risk then surely everyone else can be notified as well.

After helping Snowpunzel, Tae Hyun uses his wits to figure out what is happening and then rushes to save his sister who came to the hospital to have her dialysis done. Before that happens, he has to see all the rich ‘clients’ and personal leave the hospital, while the children and the rest of the regular people get left behind.

4. Tae Hyun wants to save his sister, but realizes that he has to deal with the main issue and that’s to save the girl suffering from PTSD.

It’s human nature to want to save a loved one first, so I wouldn’t have questioned it if Tae Hyun left to get her. She is in the middle of dialysis though, which would pose a problem, so this is the best option for not only his sister’s health but for everyone else in the hospital.

The girlfriend has locked herself inside of the restricted area room, which kind of makes me question the hospital staff. The fact that she was able to go into the room so easily and then lock them out seems like such a glaring security flaw. Oh well, because this provides Joo Won to really show his acting chops as Tae Hyun tries to talk her out of doing what she’s doing.

Not only do we get a speech that helped open the eyes of the girlfriend, but we also got to learn more about his past which is super depressing. I really loved this scene and have to give major props to Joo Won and his acting here. This is the first time I’ve seen him in anything and he continues to surprise me in this role.

Tae Hyun’s words do get through to her and everything works out, until the room she’s locked in automatically locks and starts pumping helium in it. It looks like she’s going to die, which will be incredibly sad if that were to happen. After everything she’s gone through and her mental state, for her to die like this is…woah there’s an editing error here and there’s another one. Kind of weird for there to be a glitch like this. Glitch?

You know what that means right? There’s a glitch in the matrix, which means that Neo is off somewhere trying to fix the problem. While he’s busy doing that, Tae Hyun gets to see his mom and share a bowl of soup with her.

yong pal

5. Crisis is averted and Snowpunzel is brought back to the hospital and offers money to Tae Hyun.

The episode ends like this, but so far we’ve seen that our Snowpunzel is quite the resourceful one when she wants to be. She only has a little bit to speak to him before the creepy nurse, who I’ll just call nurse Gothel from now on mainly because I forgot her name, comes back.

We know that Chae Young wants to work with Tae Hyun, so she can help her dad. We know that Yeo Jin also wants to work with Tae Hyun for revenge. But I think Manager Cynthia’s role in his life will be an interesting one to see, only because unlike the others she still seems to have some humanness to her. Unlike the other rich people, she did run back to the hospital so that shows that she does have a caring side. And unlike Dr. Lee who has become jaded in his role or like nurse Gothel who just became creepy, she’s not quite like that yet. I think she’ll end up being an ally to Tae Hyun and keep him away from trouble.

If you add in the other two nurses it seems like Prince Charming has already achieved a harem of sorts.

My only complaint about this episode is this scene:

yong pal


Tae Hyun has a near death experience and could be contaminated, so the doctor/worker wears a hazmat suit in order to check if he’s clean or not. Cynthia and that other guy are just standing there with their regular clothes. That seemed a bit weird to me, since all of them were together in the room at the end.

All in all, it was another good episode. The story is still great, Joo Won continues to impress me, and I love how the female characters all have a proper personality that stems from more than just being a love interest.


3 thoughts on “5-Line Recap Yong Pal ep 4 – Snowpunzel sounds better than Sleeping Beauty

  1. mah

    I, too, got confused on why they’re not wearing protective gears. But, probably since they went to get Dr. Kim, they would have exposed themselves already to radiation (had it been present). We might not see but they could have a check up right after him? It’s too glaring of a mistake if it not had been that.

    You should try watching other dramas of Joo Won. I highly recommend Gaksital/Bridal Mask! ^^

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I think the person checking ran into the place with everyone else though. It may be a mistake, but I think most people focused on the two editing errors that we got so no one noticed it lol.

      I’ll see if I can check out Bridal Mask. Thanks for the recommendation!

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