5-Line Recap Yong Pal ep 3 – From Romeo to Prince Charming

After two strong episodes, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Yong Pal keeps its momentum going till the final episode.

5-Line Recap:

1. Yong Pal makes contact with Snowpunzel and stops her from killing herself.

Even though I like watching surgery scenes in doctor dramas, I think it was a good thing that Snowpunzel met her Prince Charming in this way. One, because both will now be curious about the other. And two, because the surgery that Tae Hyun was doing still looks super fake and really yellow.…this kind of sounds racist, since everyone on this show is Asian, but I mean that the yellow colour on the bodies are just so unnatural.

When Tae Hyun is in his Yong Pal mode, the procedures look more natural. At the hospital, everything looks fake. Could it be that this is what writers are going for? That the outside world is real and lively, while the hospital is fake and unnatural?  Does this mean that the hospital is like the witch’s house from Hanzel and Gretal? Beautiful with riches on the inside and out, but at its core it’s just a trap and someone (a witch) is waiting for the moment when she will cut you out.

The fake surgery dummies at the hospital could be because of this reason, or because SBS just didn’t want to budget in proper surgery scenes. Whatever the case, it’s probably one of these two reasons. I’m sure of it.

2. Tae Hyun tells his shady friend that he’s no longer going to be a Yong Pal and tells his doctor frienemy to become a great humanist doctor, while he continues being a money grubbing one.

Even though Tae Hyun is banned from doing any kinds of surgeries, I didn’t think he’d quit being a Yong Pal right away. The gangster from the last episode seemed to look onto him quite favourably, so I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of Tae Hyun underground dealings. At least, I hope not because those scenes were fun to watch and the medical procedures looked better.

At the hospital, Tae Hyun’s frenemy (whose name I keep forgetting) tells Tae Hyun that the unnamed construction worker made a recovery. He then lectures Tae Hyun on the value of being a doctor and while what he’s saying is honourable and what every doctor should aspire to, I kind of feel like he’s not being genuine.

His lecture seems to stem more from jealousy than anything else. When they were on the same floor it was okay because he looked better, but now that Tae Hyun is higher than him, he’s not taking it well. I feel like even if he understood the true nature of Tae Hyun, he’d still be angry because someone who ignores the rules and is poor got ahead while he didn’t.

I do like that he believes you should operate on everyone, regardless of financial situation, but Dr. Tenma taught me that this view is naive. All that will do is create a little Johan who will ruin your career. Tae Hyun’s frenemy would be wise to learn this too. Then again, since he’s currently jealous it might work in his favour since Tae Hyun would instantly die….let’s just skip over that unsettling detail.

yong pal4

3. The chairman, who I originally thought was engaged to Snowpunzel, is actually married and has a fun wife that he doesn’t like.

Like Tae Hyun, it seems like she wears a lot of masks to fit with who she is talking to, so; with her husband she plays the airhead, with the hospital staff she plays the spoiled rich woman who wants everyone to do what she says, but when she’s alone she shows us that she’s actually quite smart and more than capable of plotting behind the chairman’s back.

Even when he does suspect her, his men quickly drop it because how could someone like her be plotting anything. Hahaha, how wrong they are, since it looks like she’s working with the other shareholders in order to protect her dad.

I really, really, really hope this show doesn’t give us a love triangle, square, googolgon or whatever, mainly because I hate this common trope. But if they do, it seems like Chae Young is the closest to Tae Hyun when it comes to personality. Since she’s looking to use someone working closely with Snowpunzel, we’ll most likely get a lot of scenes of the two together. She’ll tempt him with money and he’ll tempt her with knowledge. Just no love please. 

Oh! Speaking of Snowpunzel, she’s been locked inside her glass tower for 1165 days, so that’s a little over three years. She tells us that the first year she was locked up; she wanted to grant the wish of whoever could wake her. The second year, she wanted to grant the wish of whoever could let her die. Now, after three years, she just wants revenge on everyone who has kept her in this glass prison and those who worked with them. If that’s true, then why does she keep trying to kill herself? That doesn’t punish anyone except yourself.

While this is happening we get another great scene with the creepy nurse eating food next to Snowpunzel. I kind of love creepy nurse. She’s just so deliciously creepy.

4. Tae Hyun gets ostracized by the other doctors, but on the plus side he gets to do some Yong Pal styled surgery for a Kim Hyun Joong lookalike.

yong pal2

The case this time is the girlfriend of a top Hallyu star. After some drinking things turned bad for them and the girlfriend ended up with a stab wound. I wonder how that happened? The funny part is that the Hallyu star kind of looks likes Kim Hyun Joong, the disgraced girlfriend beating hallyu star from Boys Over Flowers and the group SS501. Even if I’m the only one who sees it, I thought it was funny.

Anyways, Tae Hyun instantly knows that this is a crime scene, so he doesn’t want to do anything, but Manager Cynthia tells him that the client comes first. Even though this is a hospital, he’s still dealing with criminals so his Yong Pal days doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Not only does this gain him praise from the Director, but it also lands him the job that he’s been curious about.

Looks like our Prince Charming will soon get better acquainted with Snowpunzel. He just needs to change his hair and clothing first so he can fit the Prince part in all this. Once that’s done he just needs a white stallion to seal the deal. In this case, it’s a white car.

5. Before become Snowpunzel, Yeo Jin was originally Juliet, only she never got to marry Romeo in secret since he died during a car chase.

This explains why she’s so suicidal now. A Juliet without her Romeo killed herself in the original tale, so Snowpunzel just wants to do the same.

Even Romeo’s stupidity is in character. We learn that their high speed car chase only happened because he basically told everyone that he’s getting married to Yeo Jin and her family doesn’t want that to happen. This guy…what an idiot. He should have just stayed hidden and then driven with her later on, but he became impatient and got himself killed as a result. Poor Romeo, bad driving + bad life choices = death for him and we get to see his death scene again to further drive home this point.

Back in the present, Kim Tae Hyun introduces himself to Yeo Jin and the light in her tower comes on. I think this means that her Romeo shared a name with her Prince Charming.

yong pal

Preview: Tae Hyun learns the truth about Yeo Jin’s ‘condition’ and Dr. Lee tells him that working with Snowpunzel is a trap, in the sense that you’ll never be a free person now. Chae Young makes her move on Tae Hyun by asking him to work with her. Lastly, Snowpunzel cries happy tears at hearing Tae Hyun’s name.

Another great episode! I like how this show keeps introducing interesting female characters that are more than just a love story potential. That’s why I’m dreading a love triangle and really hope the show doesn’t go this route, because the characters are great as is.


3 thoughts on “5-Line Recap Yong Pal ep 3 – From Romeo to Prince Charming

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  2. I He Den

    Actually i think before surgery nurses is applying some kind of medicine for desinfection on patient skin. In Russia it’s actually brounish-yellowish, so maybe it is?


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