Gakkou Gurashi! ep 6 – RIP Megu-nee :(

Miki has arrived at school, but hasn’t joined the School Living Club yet. Yuki is there with her when she finally wakes up and it looks like she’s talking to herself even though Megu-nee is with her.

Megu-nee is definitely dead. 😦

Miki doesn’t say anything though, mainly because she’s surprised that Yuki is her sempai. She does watch Yuki speak to the air with a raised eyebrow though. When Yuki takes her on a tour of the school and shows her the music room, I think my mouth kind of dropped. I keep forgetting that Yuki is trapped in her own delusions and doesn’t see the world the way it really is.

The reality is so messed up that I understand why she wants to go into her dream world, but at some point she’ll have to deal with things. She isn’t hurting anyone though and she is keeping her distance from the zombies, but still…the whole thing is just too sad.

I do want her to get better though and I think Miki kind of agrees with me at this point, so when Yuki continues talking to Megu-nee like she always does, Miki asks her who Megu-nee is. Yuki gets a bit of the ol’ crazy eyes here and I’m worried that she might snap.

It would be heartbreaking to watch that happen, but I’m also interested in seeing how she copes as well.

Since Miki doesn’t know the situation, she questions Yuki about Megu-nee and even after getting crazy eyes she doesn’t reply when Yuki tells her that Megu-nee is there. Rii and Kurumi get there in time and tell her, and us, what we already suspected. Megu-nee died.

She got injured and locked herself in with the zombies letting the three girls escape. Yuki couldn’t handle it, so she completely blocks out that incident from her mind and acts like nothing happened. Megu-nee is still alive. Her friends are still around. And school is as lively as ever.

RIP Megu-nee

Miki says that she hopes Yuki gets help, but Rii and Kurumi convince her to play along while at school. According to Rii, “It isn’t about whether or not she recovers. This is different.” How is it different? I don’t know, but this conversation made me realize just how much Rii is dependent on Yuki and her energy. She may not contribute much, but she’s the life glue holding the girls up.

Unfortunately, Miki is new and doesn’t get that yet, so at first she doesn’t really gel with Rii. With tension building between the two, Kurumi dispels the situation allowing Miki to reluctantly agree to play along until she understands Yuki more.

Best way to do that is with a Sports Meet followed by a good meal, so that’s what they do. It works out in the end because Miki not only agrees to join the club, but starts to admire Yuki as well.

Kei mentioned that Miki wasn’t really living when they were in that room and even though Yuki isn’t really living, since she’s trapped in her own delusions, she still feels alive. I think that made Miki understand why the other girls are so protective of her sempai and why they enable her so much. If you live your life just surviving, then you’re not really living. Same goes with life in general, especially when you’re in a rut. That usually changes when you meet someone who helps open your eyes.

Gakkou Gurashi!

In this case, Yuki is their light. She helps them continue living in a world where no one wants to live in. There’s a mutual co-dependency thing happening here, which isn’t all that healthy either but makes sense considering their situation. I’m worried though, because putting all of your eggs in one basket isn’t a smart thing to do and someone is eventually going to snap.

It’s interesting to note that the dynamics for this episode shifted a bit when compared to the other ones. Instead of the first half being cute and fluffy first and the second being heavy with tension, we get the heavy bits first and the school bits later.

All in all, it was a good episode. Sad, but good.


3 thoughts on “Gakkou Gurashi! ep 6 – RIP Megu-nee :(

  1. MadokaSwagica

    I’m glad they finally covered this. I haven’t watched the episode yet, but it was covered in like chapter 4 of the manga, and one can only hold their tongue for so long.

      1. MadokaSwagica

        Overall, I’d say the manga. It was largely the same just in a different order, but I felt a few important bits were left out in regards to the development of both Miki and Yuki’s characters.


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