Makura no Danshi ep 5: stargazing with Emori T Ryuushi

“First, please close your eyes. Any light would interfere with looking at the stars.”

That is the first thing that our new Pillow Boy said in this episode and boy did it make me cringe hard. Even typing it out and reading it again brings on the goosebumps of cringe. Thankfully, that just means that we’re back to having the boys be all about you, so I can’t complain too much at that horrible line. Today’s Pillow Bishie is Emori T. Ryuushi, a college student that loves to look at the stars.

I actually love astronomy, but haven’t gone on a stargazing trip yet because…I like sleeping better….no, it’s more that I can’t stay up that late and if I try I’ll end up passing out every so often. I’m a fairly useless person when I’m tired or when it’s nighttime. But I do like learning about the stars, so I did appreciate Emori letting me know some astrology facts after he invited me to share his sleeping bag with him. Not together, of course, because there’d be no room, but let it be known that he did offer.

Makura no Danshi (8)

Some star gazing facts, the width of your fingertip is 2 degrees and in a fist, from your thumb to your pinky is 10 degrees. With this knowledge at hand, Emori keeps dropping star facts here and there and as a lover of astrology, it’s actually quite nice.

Unfortunately for Emori, he’s the type of bishie that has a low opinion of himself, so he stops talking for fear that you’re not enjoying your time. Once he realizes you are, he gets all shy and covers his face. He’s so happy that he’s afraid of getting too confident and asking you to go stargazing with him again.

Makura no Danshi (7)

With that, he’s already asked you but due to his bishie nature, he tries to give you excuses to not go with him. It doesn’t work, so now you have a date to go see the meteor shower. Congrats! Just in time too, since the Perseid meteor show is expected this week.

So, even though this type of bishie isn’t my favourite and I didn’t really care for the look of Emori, I think this might have been the cutest episode thus far. In fact, I think it might be my favourite one so far.

Despite the fact that Emori is super shy and doesn’t think highly of himself, he was the first one to drop a cringe-inducing pick up line and offer to share his sleeping bag with you. That’s pretty big thing to do, considering his character type. This entire episode, save the first bit which is still cringe-worthy, was super cute. Not cute like Ore Monogatari-cute, but cute enough.

I enjoyed this.


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