Wakako-zake episode 6 – Asari no Sakamushi

While at work, Wakako had to do a presentation to a room full of people. Seeing as how we haven’t seen her interact with a lot of people on this show, I’m going to assume that it was nerve-wracking experience for her. Doing a presentation in the first place would make anyone nervous, but our Wakako looked especially out of her element.

The only way to bring her back to her natural groove is a good warm meal that would match well with warm sake. After a hard day like that, I agree with her. Food always makes things better, but after six episodes I’m starting to wonder about her living expenses and if she’s struggling to get by. It seems like every night she’s going out to food. My younger brother did that and he’s broke. Granted, Wakako has a job and my brother didn’t, but all of this food must be doing some major damage to her wallet. Oh well, I guess it’s a good thing that she lives in the anime world.

On today’s menu is Asari no Sakamushi (あさりの酒蒸し – sake-steamed clams) with some warm sake as her alcohol of choice. After a sip of the warm sake, a spoonful of the flavourful broth, and then a mouthful of fresh clams; our Wakako is fully energized and ready to take on the world.

In fact, we get to see her interact with someone at the restaurant! One of the waitresses asks how work was, which kicks off a conversation between the two. We don’t hear much, but Wakako notices that when she drinks a bit of sake it’s easier to talk to people….

Wakako…Wakako…Wakako. Along with her finances, I’m now nervous about her potential alcoholism. Let’s hope that she doesn’t actually start taking a bit of liquid courage to get her through her workday, because let’s be honest here. She needs to save her money for food.


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