Arslan Senki ep 18 – two deaths and a retreat

King Karikala II looks like he’s on the verge of dying, so he calls Rajendra over and asks him to forgive Gadevi. He doesn’t want to die while there’s bad blood between his sons.

Rajendra says that he isn’t going to seek revenge on Gadevi, but place him in a temple somewhere, because the most important thing to do is reunite Sindhura as soon as possible. After hearing those words, Karikala says that he’s happy he yielded the throne to Rajendra and then the quickly dies.

RIP King Karikala

The funeral procession has a lot of people there, which proves that King Karikala was a good king. They did casually bring up that he had a drug problem, which was funny to hear, but other than that he was a good king. Considering the fact that his sons are Gadevi and Rajendra, it kind of makes sense why he went into drugs. Then again, his sons might have grown up twisted because their father was so consumed by drugs…

Just don’t do drugs people.

The day after the funeral, Arslan intercedes on Jaswant’s behalf gets him released from jail. Why? Because Arslan wants Jaswant to join his crew. Even though they’re from different countries, Arslan feels like he has a bond with Jaswant due to their upbringing. Arslan even admits that his parents might not be his real parents, which is kind of amazing because he’s so open with saying that now without freaking out. *tear* Our Arslan has grown so much.

arslan senki 4

Before we get an answer, Rajendra invites Arslan to a banquet. The guest of honour isn’t Arslan, but Gadevi, which seems weird because the disgraced prince committed treason. It turns out that in Sindhura culture, you provide a lavish party for the one who will be executed. Think last supper sort of deal.

Gadevi understands this custom very well and freaking out. He begs Rejendra to show mercy, but the new King really wants to kill his brother. I guess his words to Karikala were just for show, but at least this way there will no longer be bad blood between them…right?

Gadevi doesn’t take being cornered well, as we’ve learned in the last episode, so the moment he sees Arslan he goes into attack mode. To him, Arslan is the root of all of his problems, so if he’s going down he’s going to take Arslan with him. It doesn’t work and he ends up getting killed after losing his eye.

I kind of feel bad for him now. He loses one of his eyes after attacking Arslan, gets beheaded before he’s drunk and full, and then has his head on display for all to see.

arslan senki 2

RIP Gadevi

With that out of the way, Rajendra just needs to take out Arslan to get a full win. He sweet-talks Arslan in order to find out information to use against him. It does seem like Arlsan doesn’t really get Rajendra’s ulterior motive, but after 18 episodes I think he’s smart enough to know when someone is planning to kill him. When Rajendra offers to provide Arslan with anything, before the Pars army leaves, Arslan asks for 500 soliders. Rajendra pushes it up to 3000, because 500 is too small. He then says, “We’re brothers at heart, after all,” which should make Arslan worried since he saw how Rajendra deals with brothers.

Rajendra plans on using the 3000 soliders to fight the Pars army from within. After which, Rajendra, along with is army, will come up from behind and wipe the all out.

Since Jaswant heard the plan he’ll probably tell Arslan, who in turn will tell Narsus, who will then create a scheme to fight back. If you’re thinking the same thing, then congratulations! That’s exactly what happened. At this point, I don’t understand why Rajendra would even try something when Narsus is there. No one on this show can beat Narsus when it comes to tactics. No one.

arslan senki 3

Rajendra is soon defeated and just like his first meeting with Arslan, he ends up getting blackmailed into signing a peace treaty. The arc starts and ends in the same way. Fitting too, for someone like Rajendra, who clearly didn’t learn anything the last time he went up against Narsus. On the plus side, it looks like Jaswant has finally joined team Pars.

And with that the Sindhura arc ends. I don’t really know how they’re going to wrap up everything with Hermes in the remaining episodes, especially since they’re so far away from Pars and there’s a lot of plot points that need to be wrapped up. Maybe there will be a season two? Could be possible.


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