Wakaba*Girl ep 6 – summer vacation means swimsuits!

It’s summer vacation! And Wakaba is spending her time with style. On Day 1, she brushed her hair. Day 3, she did her homework. Day 5, she sat in front of her big screen TV eating and drinking and enjoying life. By Day 7, she’s bored, because she hasn’t really interacted with the outside world.

I completely understand her predicament. When you’re blessed with vacation, you spend the first few days doing nothing. You’re just happy to free from life. After awhile, it starts to get boring. Even worse is when you start wishing to go back to school/work, because you *gulp* miss it.

That’s why it’s good to have friends and Wakaba has some great ones, who invite her out to go swimming. Yes, we get fan service this week.

wakaba girl 3

So the girls head to the pool and have a great time doing pool related activities. They compare swimsuits, go on rides at the water park, and have fun doing stuff together.

Just like the ice cream trip, Wakaba instantly wants to do all this again and again and again. Going to the pool is too much fun! The others rein her in and say that they should do something for the summer festival. (I wonder if their yukatas will match their personalities like how their swimsuits did here).

It seems like Wakaba and her friends are all set, but once they mention that the meeting time is at 6:30 we learn that Wakaba can no longer go. Something happened when she was younger and now her curfew time is 6:30. Does this mean that the trip is canceled?

wakaba girl 4

Probably not, but the show left us on a cliffhanger so we’ll find if Wakaba is able to go to the summer festival next week. Mao, Shiba, and Moe want to make sure that Wakaba can come, so they’ll get her to the festival one way or another.


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